Extreme Obesity | Junk Food Addict Marla Is Eating Herself To Death

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  • I like how they bring her flowers too lmao

    Yair DiamandisYair DiamandisVor 14 Stunden
  • The black women is beautiful Big MAMA AFRICA 🤣😂🤣😂

    othman deokothman deokVor 22 Stunden
  • If you think she freely chooses to do this to herself you know nothing about how the human brain work.

    RaskolnikovRaskolnikovVor 3 Tage
  • Meli by ji nosit zdravy jidlo kdyz uz nemuze mit pohyb. Jidlo by udelalo svy

    Petty MonroePetty MonroeVor 4 Tage
  • This scares me

    Nate EatsCakeNate EatsCakeVor 9 Tage
  • That chicken does look good though...

    Rachel CookRachel CookVor 9 Tage
  • Ye potty kese krti h

    Kuku KukuKuku KukuVor 12 Tage
  • that chicken tender sammich looks delish! 🤗

    Stormy WeatherStormy WeatherVor 12 Tage
  • Fat slob

    Bill ClintonBill ClintonVor 14 Tage
  • I bet she ate those flowers too

    Otro MamboOtro MamboVor 14 Tage
  • Eats 4 breakfast burgers and then makes chicken and chugs a sprite and then there’s the daughter scared abt what’s gonna happen wen she’s the one that causing it

    GTB BrianGTB BrianVor 14 Tage
  • i live in Turkey and food is expensive yall...

    A.B.T. ChannelA.B.T. ChannelVor 15 Tage
  • I'm so happy to be blessed with a great metabolism so I can literaly eat whatever I want and how much I want without ever gaining too much weight - though I would never eat THAT much wtf

    Garajiru ArtGarajiru ArtVor 15 Tage
  • eating food

    Ruth MooreRuth MooreVor 16 Tage
  • Am I the only one who typed “lady fries chicken in bed” into the search bar because I couldn’t believe my eyes the first time I saw it on tv? 🤣

    TheDavisfreakTheDavisfreakVor 17 Tage
  • It's another video of her she lost a lot of weight I seen this video a couple of months ago of last year but she looks great now she lost tons of all that weight from this previous video that we watch now

    Baby girl RiceBaby girl RiceVor 17 Tage
  • How did she even get her nails done????

    Rafael MacielRafael MacielVor 19 Tage
  • Scared of her for what? what she going to do chase u? lol i mean why worry?

    Lady IdounLady IdounVor 24 Tage
  • Also. Marla de-visions.com/detail/video--dsU8pbtr7w.html She is looking fire now. Skinny AF now so girl did the damn thing.

    Shema shalom RamelShema shalom RamelVor 24 Tage
    • Thank you

      BD RampageBD RampageVor 24 Tage
  • Noooo not white bread!

    Crainey FitCrainey FitVor 25 Tage
  • The daughter is like, "anything else you need to clog up those arteries around your heart, mommy?" Side-eyeing: "'Cause Lawdy knows that insurance policy is paid way in advance."

    reformer6666reformer6666Vor 25 Tage
  • Fuck it, that’s the type of woman I’d wanna have a meal with..

    anonymous 81anonymous 81Vor 25 Tage
  • Foods are cheap in usa?

    Artha NegaraArtha NegaraVor 25 Tage
    • Free when you're on welfare.

      Sylvia isgodSylvia isgodVor 23 Tage
  • 0:00 ebsudgd

    tz•zXuan• TÆMtz•zXuan• TÆMVor 27 Tage
  • If u ain’t got what she want she mad 👀

    Money counter 555Money counter 555Vor 27 Tage
  • 헐..

    윈디윈디Vor 27 Tage
  • Whenever i want to watch dis. I just search. Junkfood junkie.. And its der

    Sam CosmeSam CosmeVor 28 Tage
  • Sick

    Adi HAdi HVor 28 Tage
  • Man i want to cry so much right now 😭😭😭😭

    elle. so. coolelle. so. coolVor Monat
  • Is she pantless

    Jamila BekelchaJamila BekelchaVor Monat
  • I feel bad for that woman

    Re-Re The OmenetteRe-Re The OmenetteVor Monat
  • I rather die , than be that big..😳

    Insomniac DreamsInsomniac DreamsVor Monat

    Reynaldo BernalReynaldo BernalVor Monat
  • Bruhh she literally crying abt this chick’s fat ass after bringing half the frozen section straight to her bedside

    Francis LeeFrancis LeeVor Monat
  • Junk foods addiction 😔

    Toh WaneToh WaneVor Monat
  • If she walk it is going to take her 7 years to go to the kitchen

    lil Moneylil MoneyVor Monat
  • Save some for the kids fat fuck

    lil Moneylil MoneyVor Monat
  • Imma junk food junkie🐷

    Niah NationNiah NationVor Monat
  • Fat bitch

    lil Moneylil MoneyVor Monat
  • Um, there’s two fat lady’s in that room 0:03. Why does the camera focus on one and not the other fat lady in the purple shirt as well

    Simply jadeSimply jadeVor Monat
  • First time seeing a black whale on bed.

    AKA whoopassAKA whoopassVor Monat
  • AtLeAsT sHe'S hApPy

  • Glad to update you guys that Marla has lost over 500 pounds and now weighs 180 pounds as of 2019!

    AazralAazralVor Monat
  • She gotta stop eatin!!!! Does she not see herself?! God dammit!

    Silverdragon 9090Silverdragon 9090Vor Monat
  • I feel so bad for her for real though......

    Tiffany's showTiffany's showVor Monat
  • Good Like vedeo 🇲🇨

    makan uimakan uiVor Monat
  • 0:45 bet those gummy vitamins keeping her alive

    Mr. PeanutMr. PeanutVor Monat

    Aimee BradleyAimee BradleyVor Monat
  • "I need to change" *Chugs soda*

    Jed MaegraithJed MaegraithVor Monat
  • 0:33 Marla loves food and I hate food

    Mlp Twilight Sparkle and Glowing FantasyMlp Twilight Sparkle and Glowing FantasyVor Monat
  • I don't feel sorry for such fat pieces of shit. Just die.

    Angrez Ki AuladAngrez Ki AuladVor Monat
  • im a junk food junkie

    lemon juicelemon juiceVor Monat
  • So if she don't get food she gets mad. Umm ok so what she gonna do come catch u & beat ur ass.🙃😒😒

    EsotericaEsotericaVor Monat
  • Not gonna lie that food looks so good I will stay eating that

    Abraham FernandezAbraham FernandezVor Monat
  • Saddddddd

    Tutie LaboyTutie LaboyVor Monat
  • I ENCOURAGE her to be mad and get up to fight. She needs the exercise.

    Mrs. ReevesMrs. ReevesVor Monat

    Lisa CurrierLisa CurrierVor Monat
  • Karlous Miller sent me here

    Josh DaoutlawJosh DaoutlawVor Monat
  • Thats how you know youre fat, if you think jimmy dean is good, hell tf no

    GJ ProductionsGJ ProductionsVor Monat
  • You want one baby

    Pantego HummusPantego HummusVor Monat
  • I watch these shows and tbh I don’t rlly give a fuck if the siblings or the family members are sad or end up crying🙄 ya crying but watching her make a whole thing of fry chicken in her room along wit Other diabetes

    unicorn unicornunicorn unicornVor Monat
  • 0:45🙄

    unicorn unicornunicorn unicornVor Monat
  • Microwave burgers that’s fucked

    Gahdaco RichardGahdaco RichardVor Monat
  • Is no body gonna talk about the fry chicken?? Looks gud

    Lorena GalvanLorena GalvanVor 2 Monate
  • Haha too fat 😂😂😂

    Ernesto M. FajardoErnesto M. FajardoVor 2 Monate
  • How does she get up to pee or poop?

    Queen ChrysalisQueen ChrysalisVor 2 Monate
    • Most likely they use a bedpan or they help her to the edge of the bed

      Pantego HummusPantego HummusVor Monat
    • Queen Chrysalis she poos on her hands and eat it’s and drinks her pee duhhhh

      The rihianna QueenThe rihianna QueenVor 2 Monate
  • the way she's eating that food makes it look so good

    AstridRAstridRVor 2 Monate
  • 0:33 She loves food

    Jx InternationalJx InternationalVor 2 Monate
    • I hate food

      Jx InternationalJx InternationalVor 2 Monate
  • The daughter should fried that chicken in the dam kitchen for her mom..

  • It has been 4 years since this has been uploaded, is she still alive?

    XxHoneybeexX 5XxHoneybeexX 5Vor 2 Monate
Extreme Obesity | Junk Food Addict Marla Is Eating Herself To Death