We brought out the hands like OBJ, Antonio Brown and Julio Jones for these DB vs WR 1on1's ! Somebody got exposed..
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  • Should we make this weekly? What should we do next video? Best idea gets a follow back on IG 👀

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    • Who thinks Deestroying should make longer videos like if you do

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    • Sup

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    • Flag football with dockery Troy beans and everybody else

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    • Honestly you should do a kicking king of the hill. But you should make a trip to Arkansas for some 1 on 1s. But aye ily bro keep on working😤

      Collin AshcraftCollin AshcraftVor Monat
    • Come to East Ridge Glen ridge

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  • “Lamar Jackson be like”

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  • Destroying is goatee corner back

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  • I think king Troy is a bitch

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  • I went to follow u on ticktok and I was already following u

  • You are the best

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  • hes out of bounce half the time but only acknowledges when ur out of bounce hes a fuckin idiot

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  • we need another dockery video i hate that guy

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  • Plz do more

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  • The guy in all white dresses how I dressed in third grade

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  • 10:16 - 10:23 got me dead bro🤣🤣🤣 “I don’t know what the heck he talkin bout” 🤣🤣🤣

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  • King back aye know the vibes from the tiddel I thought he was lying

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  • You should make a football team

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  • Oh my god Troy got his ankles took the first route that route to deadly

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  • He is the only youtuber I know that puts in his mistakes

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  • Bro come to Vegas let’s do 1 on 1’s I’ll get you for sure 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

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  • The tall guy in the orange look like the guy from get out

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  • 9:03 to 9:08 watch it one step without possesion

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  • You cant stop me once if you on D....#challenge

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  • Dang it’s winter in Ohio and these negros just causally playing football. 😩

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  • Winner pick out a pair of cleats that they losers have to pay for

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  • You needa cut boyyy

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  • 1000000000000000000000000$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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  • Why the qb wearing 2 gloves tho😂😂

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  • Feels like nothing has changed , good to see the squad together

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  • That boy in all white lookin like a un used tampon. Smh

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  • U should get drafted

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  • Slide to the palm beach county all star game at Jupiter high school it’s gonna be great talent dec 14th at 5:45

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  • you troy back ohh shit day one nigga

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  • do more of these video's there so gooddddddd

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  • Dude lookin like lil nas x over here

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  • Bro.... Your boy Mr. King is punting for my STL BattleHawks!!!! 😯😯😯 Get you some tickets I'll meet you at the Dome my dude!!!

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  • I saw ab story on snap chat

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  • reply if you wanna 1v1 a national rugby player

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  • Is me or dude in red look like teddy Bridgewater

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  • I mean he was on the royal Caribbean

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  • I saw beans on the cruise he went on the mariner of the seas

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  • I live in Brownsburg

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  • Browns better than the dolphins 😂😐

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  • Love watching this dude but anybody notice how he breathing in his face

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  • still surprised you haven't been signed by an nfl team

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  • Who else low key mad bout the smug in his camera??

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  • Hursey 😭

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  • You should go for QB for the eagles

    Fornite Pack of punch is my favorite streamerFornite Pack of punch is my favorite streamerVor Monat
  • Not the cowboys or patriots

    Fornite Pack of punch is my favorite streamerFornite Pack of punch is my favorite streamerVor Monat

    • NJ. VILLXIN yessirrrrr

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  • Thank u I asked for a month

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  • Why did javante run like he was in slow motion bruh

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    • Ken McLaughlin I set people up by not running full speed! I read the DB

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  • i was on a cruzs

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  • *Rip ankles*

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  • The whole squad!!!

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  • Dude can play multiple positions professionally

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  • play soccer again but with a fan

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  • *taken*

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  • Yes make it weekly

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  • Cowboy: I don’t even play DB Me: Deestroying plays kicker bruh

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  • Umm u Literally Mossed these kids lol

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  • Y’all I love this video ⭐️ so yea

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  • What happened at 8:51

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    • Javonnte Hursey you were killing him

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    • Dang can’t believe you responde to me

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  • Destroying my friend wants to verse you he is in Florida right now for the elite team Like so he can see

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