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    • The thing to text you says I have to be 13 or older but I'm almost 13 soo shucks for me

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    • The first thing the spirit box said was run away

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    • "Your wish is our command"

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    • You should do a part 2 at this house

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    • I tryed texting you and it didn't work

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  • The face of constipation

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  • holy shit. u guys have almost 5 million followers. i remember when u guys had 1M ahhhhhh

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  • This is so weird because I just learned this with my teacher today with all the tours of how she made the house

    Zachary MongeonZachary MongeonVor 6 Stunden
  • This is so weird because I just learned this with my teacher today with all the tours of how she made the house

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  • How do I text you from uk

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  • It won’t let me ad myself in the texting community because I’m not 13 yet

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  • Anyone else really fuck with Corey rocking Cuban Links

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  • I forgot the book but I read it back in elementary school. It was about a girl who lived with ghosts. They would kill her and make her go crazy if she didn’t continue to build the home. I will google some more stuff.

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  • Just sayin I saw a face

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  • I cracked my head open 3 times

  • My lucky number is three

  • Yeah I have FaceTime

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  • at 39:06 you can actually very clearly hear the female voice

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  • When ever they say shhhhhhhhh i will fu*king hold my breath for 99409009943669999998666678776666554433322112233455min

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  • Was that a girls voice when Sam said “us” 38:36

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  • Fun fact.. the restaurant that’s across the street from there is where my boyfriend asked me to be his girlfriend🥰 we also did 2 tours of that house the regular and the one where you have to have a helmet on

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  • Where's Sam and Dean Winchester? :3 Any Supernatural fans out there...?

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    • I am a fan! Also although I haven't finished SPN I am I have 5 more seasons left then I will be finished.

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  • When did you guys start making videos about Taylor Swift? Lmao #13

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  • i recommend fear factory in utah it has a creepy history with someone dying in a terrifying “coal crusher” check and what some people think is the root of the fear factory’s problems is it’s address 666 W 800 S, Salt Lake City, UT and as you know the number 666 is the devil’s number

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  • Where u 2nd thing do u have to do it after a month or how long but i just wanna know because I might go there

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  • “Did you hear that?” *LOUD ASS MUSIC* w h o s m a n s

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  • I want to text to but I dont know how like in messenger I am 8 so of corse I wont know I dont haveba phone t broke and if I say dis to my mum she will say no :(@

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  • I went here 2 years ago!

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    • @Dragonkitty Mm, i personally did not have any haunted experiences. It was really fun and i enjoyed it! but it was also a tour,, so i wasnt alone like they are. We visited like 30 rooms and thats it. I actually stood in all the rooms (besides one) where they were at!!

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    • Was it actually scary in real life?

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  • when they were doing the seance my dad sneezed from upstairs and i thought it was coming from the vid i jumped so hard

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  • THE GANG IS BACK!!!! you have no idea how happy this has made me feel xx

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  • who are those people at 19:30 arent u guys the only one here?

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  • I’m already scared cuz the lady has the same name as mine o.o

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  • 16:33 the reflection in the mirror of corey looked like a pony or something 😂

    • *cough* PoNy bOy! *Cough* lol

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  • I can’t feel scared or dead laughing from jake singing that 🤣

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  • This channel is basically phasmophobia but in real life

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  • Intrusive thought or what ever. Well um me but ok

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  • Making artwork out of hair is an american past time. People used to collect the hair of the people they were close to and make things out of it.

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  • So just to be clear, if I text the number Sam or Colby would actually text me back themselves?!?

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  • 18:17 I heard a woman saying hello that´s creppy!!

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  • What if someone sc the members only videos and post it on PH; would that be pog

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  • Her favorite number is 13 bc she had to do 13 floors but she was getting to tired and old so the ghost didn’t have a choice but to but to take her life bc she didn’t complete the task for her life to go back to normal

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  • you should go to the Oliver's mansion might be haunted don't know

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  • 5:56.....I’m 13🤟🏼✨

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  • hi im your editor

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  • Did anyone else notice that the quality dropped a little bit as soon as they walked into the house?

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  • my house looking pretty hauted😉

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  • Omg you guys are so funny

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  • Jake = funny,silly,brave. Colby = good style , quirky , positive. Sam = pure weirdo,serious nice. Cory = scared , weird , funny

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  • was it just me r was there a vortex between 3: 25 and 3:30? might be because i went on a spree of haunted vid tho so..

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    • why does the camera make them wired noises? its like a static noise

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  • Is it just me or does Jake look like a real life cartoonist drawing? Like the ones you get drawn at a carnival..

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  • 40:57 me just thinking that it wasn't the real security bc like its that exact same they said its your last chance lol thats just what i think

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  • u guys should go back to the queen marry

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  • This is a wierdess haunted house EVER

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  • And I also got a stuffy nose

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  • I'm not feeling the weather changing Santa going to be here when the weather's thinking it's making me call him I hope your videos go good hopefully you don't get spooked and you don't get demonetized like everyone is hope your doing good cuz I'm not get online I've been coughing a lot when I first woke up my foot was hurting from coughing and I've been coughing a lot and I don't know what to do

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  • 🤒😧😧😧😧😧😧😧🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒😢😢

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  • Hahaha

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  • The reason the most haunted room is the most haunted room is because the reason her daughter died was because she fell from the window and died after being left unattended

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  • You guys should come to Salem

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  • Thank you guys for saying the backstory because my teacher put work on the Winchester house and I got everything right because u told us the back story

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  • At 29:47 on the spirit box I swear I heard run come out not positive tho

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  • Next you guys should go to Ed and lerrans house they have a little museum in there houses they are both dead no but they have the Annabelle doll lol I prob didn’t spell they name but I well I would love to watch that ❤️p.s love you guys so much my friends and mad at me for talking about you guys all the time 😂❤️

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  • you guys were all in San Jose a MONTH ago and I had no idea

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  • You are cool

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  • You are so cooooooooooooooooool

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  • Not me watching this at 3:00 in the morning knowing damn well that I have school in the morning and won’t be able to sleep

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  • I read in a book that the reason there's random doors and windows around the house is to trick the ghosts and that she would sleep in a different room each night so that the ghosts won't find her

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  • those random scary pics/videos freak me out

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  • Watching this video after have me a nose bleed and made me dizzy

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  • Anyone else think Jake is suicidal

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  • What if Sarah was really a witch

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  • Me and I'm friend heard something in are trailer park near the entrance like running at use but nun there

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  • At 1924 you can see a figure between the two white poles

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  • Did anyone else hear that reaaaaaaa at 33:52

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