Experiment: Cola, Mirinda, Pepsi and Mentos Underground

#MyExperiments #Mirinda #Cola #Mentos

Hello Friends, in this video I will mix Cola, Mirinda, Pepsi, and Mentos underground.
We got a big multi-colored foam ball.
I hope you enjoyed the video !
Thank you for watching.
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    • I only liked you cuz no one like. Not because I agree.😂😂

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    • Yolanda Lewis That's not how that works. Just because something isnt dangerous to us doesnt mean its not dangerous to animals. For example we can eat chocolate fine but its like poison to dogs. Also, whether something is dangerous or not can change when mixed with something else. You know how salt is NaCl, or sodium cloride? Well both Sodium and Chlorine are dangerous to humans.

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    • So was that you first video???

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Experiment: Cola, Mirinda, Pepsi and Mentos Underground