Experiment: Coca Cola and Mentos!

What happens if you mix cola and mentos in bottles?
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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  • So this is the way to clean a toilet!?

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  • It’s Not even coke that you poured into the toilet, you can see a green tint and it’s a completely different level, Fucken clowns

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  • 1:16 the toilet poops🤣

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  • Made by a professional huh?! Yet you stick your bare hand into a glass tank with a pressurized fire extinguisher, kinda dumb.. Need some kevlar gloves or something in case that glass breaks or worse explodes, could of cut you up real bad... Just saying, this ain't no pro.

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  • Your channel is soo good

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  • 1:44 elephant toothpaste!

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  • 5:07 the moment we waited for

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  • How will this Earth end......... when there will be a collision of a truck of Coke & mentos.....💥💥

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  • 5:50 Mom wouldn't give me so many toothpastes n matchsticks to do this😅😅🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

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  • Y wasting food ....go give to poor

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  • I can imagine this guy going to a store and grabbing a whole box of mentos while the cashier is on the side just staring and gaping

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  • is it harmful to drink cola with mentos

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  • 1:15 toilet whip cream

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  • The first part where you Put mentos in the toilet and Coke was so satisfying

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  • Am I the only one that thought it was cooler that the bark was moving off the tree when he was hitting the car?! 😂

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  • When you're on the toilet after eating taco bell: 0:11

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  • Once, i put about 3 mentos in my coke and then started drinking it I almost died that day

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Experiment: Coca Cola and Mentos!