ESPN’s Adam Schefter Talks Watson, Brees, Wentz, Roethlisberger & More w Rich Eisen | Full Interview

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter and Rich Eisen discuss how the Doug Pederson/Carson Wentz relationship deteriorated in Philadelphia, Ben Roethlisberger’s uncertain future with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the latest on the Deshaun Watson/Houston Texans standoff, which players might be surprising cap casualties in what could be the biggest buyers’ market in the history of NFL free agency, and the chances Drew Brees will put off retirement and play again in 2021.
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  • I don't understand Major League baseball can trade a player and his contract other teams the football can't the squealers could pay some of his money he's owed and another team to take roethlisberger off his hands just to get rid of the cap

    Mg SchMg SchVor Monat
  • I like Tua but that boy Watson is a young beast not many make it to his level & hes still not peaked

  • Did Schefter just have a stroke?

    GerardW76GerardW76Vor Monat
  • Philly has the most toxic , cancerous fanbase

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  • The coach who won us a a super bowl 3 years ago isnt there. The would be MVP in 2017 isnt there anymore. Yet the GM who drafted Jalen Reagor and JJ Arcega Whiteside right before Justin Jefferson and DK Metcalf is....SOUNDS F'ING INCREDIBLE. At least we got the first pick next year.

    CATOCATOVor Monat

    Samuel RosaSamuel RosaVor Monat
  • More media = more hysteria. Simple as that. ... P.S. Fans are fickle.

    ChildOfThe1970sChildOfThe1970sVor Monat
  • My Broncos should give up 3 first and Lock.

    Michael CaffreyMichael CaffreyVor Monat
  • Nihlism! That's what the environment the eagles ,Seattle are all around.

    Dadson worldwideDadson worldwideVor Monat
  • Colbert made himself look bad by saying what he did!

    Matthew NMatthew NVor Monat
  • Eagles have just had 15 of 20 winning seasons. Many teams wish for that.

    ErixozErixozVor Monat
  • m Shathimer is the Kathy Scruggs of the Sports bgroadcasting world

    Prince OfpeacecorpsPrince OfpeacecorpsVor Monat
    • Did you have a stroke?

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      Dadson worldwideDadson worldwideVor Monat
  • BBBB: Big Ben Baller Brand 💪

    Tommy2shoe811Tommy2shoe811Vor Monat
  • BBBB: Big Ben Baller Brand 💪

    Tommy2shoe811Tommy2shoe811Vor Monat
  • Honesty and transparency... from a man that doesn’t disclose his „sources“.. rich..

    TL HomeTL HomeVor Monat
  • So many more people should be listening and subscribing to Rich Eisen’s show. The man is intelligent, inquisitive, funny, and provides a good entertaining environment.

    Patrick NilanPatrick NilanVor Monat
    • How can anyone take a "life long, die hard, jets fan" seriously?

      From North JerseyFrom North JerseyVor Monat
    • @Sam Wooten I reckon Pat McAfee is long, long way ahead of everyone one right now.

      Brian CollBrian CollVor Monat
    • More people? He's literally the most listened to radio sports reporter, possibly of all time...

      Sam WootenSam WootenVor Monat
  • Eagles are going to regret hiring Siriani, the guy is absolutely clueless.

    Maier YancovMaier YancovVor Monat
    • You sound clueless.

      ErixozErixozVor Monat
    • Why is he clueless? Now they dont have distraction for qb spot. And you cannot expect him to say something then later everyone bash his head for his words.

      Marko SekulicMarko SekulicVor Monat
  • Pittsburgh is weird. I mean it's one thing to be ready to get rid of Roethlisberger - but, what the hell's their option? They've done nothing to prepare. Hilarious.

    Kevin BrinkKevin BrinkVor Monat
    • So a qb with 65% completion and a qbr of 85% isnt good enough?

      Richard McKinneyRichard McKinneyVor Monat
  • Where’s the Go Blue!? Go Blue!

    Michael DavisMichael DavisVor Monat
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ESPN’s Adam Schefter Talks Watson, Brees, Wentz, Roethlisberger & More w Rich Eisen | Full Interview