Going into an abandoned waterpark in the mountains of France on a BMX bike, and my electric KTM freeride dirt bike, to ride, have fun and shoot photos on our trip down to Spain! Riding a dirt bike in a waterpark feels really bulky and might not be the best thing to ride there, but its always fun to try new things! Wanna try with mountain bike next time!
Get a BMX bike here: www.mafiabike.com
Get a Mini BMX here: www.rockerbmx.com

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  • what would of happened if he had fallen from the top? that would be super fun.

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  • Can you do a bike giveaway not a dirt bike just a sick cool normal bike

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    • That would be awesome to have electric dirt bike here!!!!!

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  • If this bike is a Suzuki then you are TRASH!

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  • If this bike is a Suzuki then you are TRASH!

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    • It’s an electric don’t get to hyped

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