Eddie Hearn: Anthony Joshua vs. Tyson Fury could be possible | Ariel Helwani's MMA Show

Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn joins Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show to assess Tyson Fury's knockout victory over Deontay Wilder. Hearn, who promotes unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, says a fight with Fury is contingent on whether or not Wilder exercises his rematch clause. He also shares his thoughts on a potential crossover fight between Manny Pacquiao vs. Conor McGregor.
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  • Eddie is about as shady as it gets.

    Jamie WilliamsJamie WilliamsVor 19 Tage
  • I just love how amazing the Heavy weight division of boxing has become recently. Thank god for all this drama and absolute warriors with charisma and talent, a combo that elevates any sport to its deserved height.

    Red Canvas LTDRed Canvas LTDVor 22 Tage
  • John Fury said he wants 250 millions for each fighter on the table. Otherwise, the champ doesn't chase!

    wrestlingfan87wrestlingfan87Vor 29 Tage
  • Fury is definitely the king of the division until someone proves otherwise. Idk what Eddie is talking about

    Financial GameFinancial GameVor Monat
  • Money on fury ko later rounds

    Big MacBig MacVor Monat
  • Sorry to disappoint you guys but AJ vs Fury will happen in saudi. They have already indicated that they will pay £400m, which is £200m for each fighter, as hearn and warren agreed 50/50 split. Vegas or London won't match that, but they may dig deep in their pockets if the fight lives up to the hype and there is a re-match.

    mikiy84mikiy84Vor Monat
  • Aj vs Fury is fight of the century

    Blackrock RugbyBlackrock RugbyVor Monat
  • Fury is the Goat.

    Thomas KerrThomas KerrVor Monat
  • Fury put it on him but you cant just say that blue print... fury another level.. if aj trys that he will get hurt by wilder.. ur all mad

    Jimmy StoneJimmy StoneVor Monat
  • Hellwhiney, you know squat about boxing too you wannabe

    Teacher ChrisTeacher ChrisVor Monat
  • Conor vs anybody who's not a top 5 155 pounder in the UFC makes no sense and will hurt his chances at a Khabib rematch. Khabib doesn't think Conor deserves another shot so if he wants one he needs to prove it.

    007007Vor Monat
  • If you want to see your boy Joshua take a beating put him in the ring with Fury. And don't call this one of the biggest fights of all time because Joshua isn't good enough to be in one of the biggest fights of all time. Fury is going to put your boy out of contention.

    007007Vor Monat
  • Those calls are trolling hearn Tyson said he does it on purpose calls and puts phone down lol

    Den BergkampDen BergkampVor Monat
  • He is probably just pissed off because every time he tries to call, your on the phone to Joshua

    Fucky McfuckfaceFucky McfuckfaceVor Monat
  • Dana white disregards rankings, title fights and ego to put on the fight everybody wants as often as he can. Eddie is a boxing promoter, I don’t really need to say anything else

    Ill SalivaIll SalivaVor Monat
  • we need bokhadir jalalov to fight the heavy weights

    alan chowalan chowVor Monat
  • Hands down the most well-spoken promoter in the game.

    A OA OVor Monat
  • Wilder was bewildered

    Dt AbyssDt AbyssVor Monat
  • Eddie wanting to sports wash Saudi again.

    Russell NewtonRussell NewtonVor Monat
  • Who cares what diva Hearn thinks, We are still celebrating the Gypsy King (The Peoples Champion) rise to the top.

    Jo JoJo JoVor Monat
  • Ariel " Fair Enough " Helwani.

    Tejay MathersTejay MathersVor Monat
  • Eddie should stop thinking about money for once. He should accept that all the potential he counted on, with AJ being the truly undisputed superstar is gone. Tyson won over American audience before AJ could. If you make AJ & Fury fight now at least one of them will lose which will hurt British boxing.

    dfpguitardfpguitarVor Monat
  • Money

    Random person you don’t knowRandom person you don’t knowVor Monat
  • I disagree with Hearn on the Pacquiao vs. Mcgregor fight, I think that would be the fight for the true fight fans and honestly I actually hated how Floyd and Conor promoted there fight, i'm not saying it was wrong but it was tasteless and now it's been done already, if Conor goes in the ring again it needs to be with someone else, another fight with Floyd will not sell even CLOSE to the first one, he needs to change it up and fight Pacquiao

    Ryan EvansRyan EvansVor Monat
  • Eddie Hearn can sell snow to eskimos

    The Sweet ScienceThe Sweet ScienceVor Monat
  • Eddie ‘AJ called me yesterday’ Hearn

    Ali HassanAli HassanVor Monat
  • Let’s be honest we wanna see the Press conference for Eddie v Fury.

    Ali HassanAli HassanVor Monat
  • Could be possible ??? If it was up to dana we would have the press confrence sorted for saturday ..boxing is a bit of joke love the gypsy king tho ..

    Mike HasMike HasVor Monat
  • Fury and AJ are the two most mentally strong boxers in the game. It’s gonna be a fantastic fight.

    Marcus BelangerMarcus BelangerVor Monat
  • Mr Heddie Hearn! 🤣

    David DackDavid DackVor Monat
  • Joshua got a decision in the rematch against Ruiz after being demoralized in the first fight. He would have to k.o. Ruiz and Wilder back to back before they could consider that fight. Beating Joshua adds almost nothing to the legacy of Fury. Joshua’s ship sailed last June.

    Justin FloodJustin FloodVor Monat
  • Finally wilder was dethroned of that belt the 🇺🇸 did everything to keep it . When Wilder said yes to the first fight that was his mistake ( he chose an overweight , ex drug user with mental health issues ) and they did Fury the injustice of a Draw which was the 2nd mistake ( he just got beat up for 7 rounds on bambi legs ! Which he blames on his costume !!! ) the 3rd mistake will be to ask for a 3rd fight we 🇬🇧 have all the belts plus Ring magazine I think the next fight to make is Joshua v Fury , I’m a Joshua fan but right now Fury is ranked #1 and rightfully so Not hating on the 🇺🇸 at all , I mean like Hearn said 4-5 months when you guys had all the belts . But I see a 🇬🇧 unifying and keeping them all for many years to come and that man is Fury .

    Mr HunterMr HunterVor Monat
  • LMAO @ Hearn not signing Fury. Wow. Flushed millions.

    Justin LeeJustin LeeVor Monat
  • I was surprised he doesn’t know how to ask a “true or false” question properly.

    Jay RawlingsJay RawlingsVor Monat
  • Fury will ko aj

    Maleco SatyamMaleco SatyamVor Monat
  • Hearn is the worst promoter out there. He's professional but has a million lies in his back pocket

    Silver BackSilver BackVor Monat
  • You can hear him gaslighting wilder into taking the rematch haha

    K. C. WK. C. WVor Monat
  • Boxing is a circus

    Nexus_808Nexus_808Vor Monat
  • Should’ve talked about the GOAT jake Paul

    Kyle RilesKyle RilesVor Monat
  • I also represent Manny now.

    The Florida Man Of YT CommentsThe Florida Man Of YT CommentsVor Monat
  • What happens if Wilder comes back & beats Fury with a knockout all the dreams will be shattered. Remember both Fury knockouts were one behind the head & one to the stomach of Wilder. Fury vs Wilder will be happen guranteed

    UK Bhangra Group AlbumsUK Bhangra Group AlbumsVor Monat
  • Do it. Do the right thang. Tyson v Joshua. X.

    TheButcherkevinTheButcherkevinVor Monat
  • Joshua vs Andy Ruiz rematch , then winner with Wilder to fight the Gipsy king 👑

    Gio SangGio SangVor Monat
  • Wilder will invoke the clause day 29, 23rd hour just to spite Hearn.

    Beyondthe CrowdBeyondthe CrowdVor Monat
  • Wilder will invoke the clause day 29, 23rd hour just to spite Hearn.

    Beyondthe CrowdBeyondthe CrowdVor Monat
  • Bro when hebplays furys clip that was hilarious.

    L GL GVor Monat
  • Never knew who this guy was. Turns out he’s a boxing promoter LOL

    SkankHunt42SkankHunt42Vor Monat
  • Cannot afford Tyson. Joshua Wilder is about right. Lineal triangle created

    halilbullehalilbulleVor Monat
  • The world wants Joshua-fury

    SanderSanderVor Monat
  • "Could be Possible" Eddie "Im gonna lose my golden goose again" Hearn

    Think unthoughtful thoughtsThink unthoughtful thoughtsVor Monat
  • Offer pulev the belt.. Let him have it...either one of fury or a j will pick it up after...we want fury AJ...

    Brian DoyleBrian DoyleVor Monat
  • If Hearn takes the Fury v Joshua fight to Saudi Arabia then I'm done with boxing as the sport will be dead to me and I'll never watch it again.

    DarkArterialGoreDarkArterialGoreVor Monat
  • dont get me wrong, I want this fight more than anything, I love eddie hearn and what hes about, but hes wrong when he says the king of the division is between aj and fury, we aren't even sure who the best is between aj and ruiz, fury is king all day long, so aj is the one trying to take that lineal status

    Kurt ClarkKurt ClarkVor Monat
  • I don't know who's excuses are worse, Wilder's, or the expert analysts that are now trying to defend their poor judgment...

    paul Johnpaul JohnVor Monat
  • If eddie puts this in Sadi or somewhere oil money driven British Boxing fans will never forgive him , As he said this type of fight may never happen again. It has to be in the UK

    Big John FuryBig John FuryVor Monat
  • Wilder looked exactly the same as AJ when he went into the first Ruiz fight. They both looked a bit overwhelmed and like they didn't want to be there before the fights even started.

    Kevin SmithKevin SmithVor Monat
  • "Two people in charge of Tyson Fury: Bob Arum and Mtk global" - Eddie Hearn This cocaine connoisseur does anything to get a sly dig into Frank "fish eyes bullet hole head" Warren

    John DoeJohn DoeVor Monat
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥 1:56 🧡💯 👇👇❣

  • I'm a supporter of any fighter that fights with the colours behind him. Joshua and Tyson both my champs. But let us be real... That Tyson Fury I saw would demolish anyone in the scene right now, simple as that!

    Tea N BiscuitsTea N BiscuitsVor Monat
  • It won’t happen unless the money is at record levels.Just to say if it was to actually happen the fury’s would want it in Uk 🇬🇧 so good on them supporting the British public.Hearn don’t care where it would be as long as is wallet gets fatter.

    SMLSMLVor Monat
  • 100% guarantee this fight will not happen in the uk

    Wilbert WilbertWilbert WilbertVor Monat
  • Wilder looked at the ref when he went down like a bully who gets punched back for the first time.

    ErikErikVor Monat
  • AJ v Fury in Wuhan, make it happen Eddie

    Fakhri AunurrahimFakhri AunurrahimVor Monat

    Vasko D ESOVasko D ESOVor Monat

      Vasko D ESOVasko D ESOVor Monat
  • Joshua is a fighter of course He wants the fight, Hearn (nope) he knows Wilder will ask for the rematch, so his talking the big game all the while knowing the cash cow is safe. For Now.

    DeezyDeezyVor Monat
  • Get him on regular

    MOS Manchester U.KMOS Manchester U.KVor Monat
  • Great to see Eddie on the MMA Hour. Hope to see more of him on it.

    LR266LR266Vor Monat
  • Wilder is such an awful boxer I think an mma guy could beat him in a boxing match

    Brandon RojasBrandon RojasVor Monat
  • Eddie Hearn. I remember in the 1980's when he fought Sugar Ray Leonard for the welterweight strap.

    AhPhoeyAhPhoeyVor Monat
  • “One of if not the best fight promoter” ... Dana disagrees

    XplicidXplicidVor Monat
Eddie Hearn: Anthony Joshua vs. Tyson Fury could be possible | Ariel Helwani's MMA Show