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  • The snow man is adorable! And your so festive! How do you do it! And the the dress!

    Lucky& Fortunate FamilyLucky& Fortunate FamilyVor Monat
  • Oh how I miss the christmas candy

    Bryce NelsonBryce NelsonVor year
  • I enjoy watching your videos. I don't know why.

    Emma LeyvaEmma LeyvaVor year
  • awesome video ! stay away from the walmart sugar cookies lol i bought some from there befor it was kinda nasty and dr pepper candy canes hmm i wonder how they taste

    AceTrainerJayAceTrainerJayVor year
  • Hey just recently start watching your videos loving it

    Asma Khanom # LondonAsma Khanom # LondonVor year
  • I Love the way you call your Paper Plates your Fine China.

    Jackie BarnesJackie BarnesVor year
  • That Walmart is absolutely cleaner than the one I work in :P

    Amber HatchAmber HatchVor year
  • Have you ever thought about giving up the processed/pre-packages meals and making everything from scratch? I started this about 6 months ago and I feel amazing. The inflammation in both of my legs is almost gone. These big companies put so much fake stuff in processed food, it makes us sick. Today I am buying fresh steaks and cooking them in real butter at home. For dessert, I’m having whipped heavy whipping cream with whipped cream cheese, cocoa, and Stevia. Combined it makes a healthy chocolate mousse that won’t spike my insulin. (By the way, insulin spikes is what keeps us overweight and out of breath.) But I’m not judging or being critical of you in any way. Love watching you. God bless.

    bradenevans514bradenevans514Vor year
    • JungleFeversome Thank you very much. I appreciate your wonderful advice. God bless you.

      bradenevans514bradenevans514Vor year
    • Braden you have a good start there. But dairy also is detrimental to the health. It gets your hormones all messed up for one. There are far too many hormones in it including growth hormones intended for calves to grow into big, strong cows, not for humans! Dairy also clogs the arteries. And causes inflammation. Stevia and artificial sweeteners still spike your blood sugar levels and are super bad for you keeping you fat. I used to use them and was very unhealthy. I was also at my heaviest and not losing weight. I’m all good now. You need to cut back on meat as much as possible. I culled it all. Concentrate on legumes. Try whole grains. Reduce sugar but still better to have brown sugar than artificial sweeteners. For deserts try dairy free. You can make awesome choc mousse using coco powder, dark chocolate, avocados, coconut milk or cream, vanilla essence, some sugar, whizz in food processor and chill. It tastes rich and amazing. You eat some, then you put it away when you have had enough. Unlike deserts containing chemicals and dairy. Dairy has casein which pulls you back for more and more portions. It makes you addicted to food and overweight. Replace cheese and meats with nuts and seeds. Superfoods. And you can make some awesome tasting healthy meals. I notice Crystal hardly uses good fats like olive oil but eats tons of animal fat in cheeses and mayo, tartare sauce and miracle whip. Not good. A stroke or heart attack is around the corner. She’s too beautiful a soul to let that happen. We need people like her in this world. Good luck beautiful Crystal. xx

      JungleFeversomeJungleFeversomeVor year
  • I dont know why but im love your vlogs. Wish you a happy new year. Big greets from the Netherlands 🇱🇺🇱🇺🇱🇺🇱🇺🇱🇺🇱🇺🇱🇺🇱🇺🇱🇺🇱🇺🇱🇺🇱🇺

    D E B B I ED E B B I EVor year
  • Hailey's dress was adorable in this video.

    Just SayingJust SayingVor year
  • Ive never seen a CVS store.

    Joann WilsonJoann WilsonVor year
  • Hello I enjoy your channel

    nadia enadia eVor year
  • Dont get the soda flavored candy canes they dont taste good :( the sour patch are good

  • Haley's dress is So cute

    Shi ShiShi ShiVor year
  • Greetings from Germany!:)🇩🇪

    Taylor CubbageTaylor CubbageVor year
  • The reeses trees are sooooo yummy!! Let me know how the candy canes tasted, I love Dr. Pepper! Lol. Love your vlogs! ❤❤

    NinaMarie14NinaMarie14Vor year
    • Okay I definitely won't buy them then! Thanks for the response!

      NinaMarie14NinaMarie14Vor year
    • i did not like them at all

      Pink FairyPink FairyVor year
  • Enjoyable 😃 video for the end of a stressful day for me 😭

    Plissa BarrettPlissa BarrettVor year
  • Hayleys dress was so cute she is a beautiful girl just like your mama aw

    Melissa KernsMelissa KernsVor year
  • Wishing u merry christmas from my family wish u and your family merry christmas and happy new years from west virginia love your videos as well

    Melissa KernsMelissa KernsVor year
  • I love your personality and sense of humor...keep being you cause you're good at it! ;)

    Libby MoralesLibby MoralesVor year
  • Greetings from Thailand. You are fun to watch.Have a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year!

    Paloma SavaengcharoenPaloma SavaengcharoenVor year
  • The dress is cute, it reminds me of the movie elf

    meghan r6ameghan r6aVor year
  • I love the big fork...very nostalgic too me.🙂 The young ladies dress was sooo cute on her, tights & shoes!😊 Love a festive girl & family.❤

    Z ZZ ZVor year
  • I am in love with that necklace. Walmart?

    Mindy VaughnMindy VaughnVor year
    • dollar tree

      Pink FairyPink FairyVor year
  • This lady is just too cute!!

    Tracy BTracy BVor year
  • Fun shopping with u

    420 Latina Jay420 Latina JayVor year
  • I always feel more festive after watching you! Loving that tree light necklace ❤️! I bet Christmas in your house is wonderful 😊.x

    Zoë WZoë WVor year
  • Love ur videos! Cool snowman⛄

    Joy CairnesJoy CairnesVor year
  • You all have such a sweet family.It's nice to see you all out and about together!Dress is to cute!

    Cat MCat MVor year
  • Love your Videos Pink!

    Linnie 47Linnie 47Vor year
  • Yummy looking food

    Martina Lola fraserMartina Lola fraserVor year
  • Awesome haul. Very nice gifts for Christmas!

    Betsy WetsyBetsy WetsyVor year
  • Haley's dress is so cute..the shoes and her black tights adorbs! Loved going shopping with you. I got some good ideas of stuff to buy!! xoxo

    LizzyLimeLizzyLimeVor year
  • Awesome video ❄️ really enjoyed it!! I love Christmas so much!! You got some really cute stuff also!! Love the nutcracker 🙂❤️ Hayley looked adorable in the dress as well!! And food always looks yummy 😋🥰

    LuLu AnnLuLu AnnVor year
  • I loved Haley's dress. She looked so cute.

    Barb WalkerBarb WalkerVor year
  • I bought me the same snowman! Had to buy display because they sold out 🎅🎄⭐⛄Cute dress Hailey 🎅

    Creative Chica HaulsCreative Chica HaulsVor year
  • Hi Crystal, we are at 30 degrees here, freezing. Love ya, you make my day girl!! BTW, Love to you sweet Hayley!!

    LoveLifeLoveLifeVor year
  • I love you Pink Fairy 😙

    Varz LarVarz LarVor year
  • Frosty is adorbs!

    Simply ShondaSimply ShondaVor year
  • You are such a happy and inspirational person. I'm always happy to see your videos!! BTW I had to go to the market and buy me some ground turkey...2 packages. You should be a sponsor for ALDI, seriously! You're making me want to go and it's not even close to my house. I should send ALDI a nice email asking them to sponsor you, even if it's a ton of gift cards from there.

    Susan YuSusan YuVor year
  • greetings from florida! wishing you and your family so much holiday cheer

    amelia c:amelia c:Vor year
  • It's 65 here in NC today, was 71 yesterday...I hate it! This fat girl needs some cold air, Hayley's dress!

    Barbi KaylerBarbi KaylerVor year
  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💕💕💕💕💕

    Iluv2watchutube1981Iluv2watchutube1981Vor year
  • Love the snowman Crystal, Hello Hayley love love the dress.

    Heather HarrisHeather HarrisVor year
  • Hey pinkfairy and fam hope y'all have a blessed day.

    Amy WagonerAmy WagonerVor year
  • Hi my name is Bunny from Virginia we eat with you and watch your vids all the time love ❤️ you 💕💕💕💕

    Iluv2watchutube1981Iluv2watchutube1981Vor year
    • Where did you find the snowman Christmas tree🎄🎄🎄

      Iluv2watchutube1981Iluv2watchutube1981Vor year
  • Aloha and love Haley's dress! Love chicken sandwiches!

    ayame Nakaayame NakaVor year
  • Hi Crystal! Greetings from Sweden! It's so nice watching your videos. You seems to be very happy.

    KE RoseKE RoseVor year
  • Funny

    heidie sendoukheidie sendoukVor year
  • Haley looks adorable in her elf dress. Very cute.

    Christie AChristie AVor year
  • You right fruitcake is disgusting lol.

    caramel475caramel475Vor year
  • LOVE! Your channel! Most, women LOVE shopping all day; and eating all day. I'm a new subscriber by the way! I wish you and your family, a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope, everybody gets something they want!

    Jennifer CarterJennifer CarterVor year
  • Positive vibes :) y'all are amazing

    Princess MommyPrincess MommyVor year
  • Your supermarkets are way better than our here in England #newsubby

    Rachel RuffleyRachel RuffleyVor year
  • Haleys Christmas dress is adorbs.just like she is!!!! Your family is the BOMB!!!!!!love you all..💜🌈🌈🦄🦄💚🎄

    Sheila WellsSheila WellsVor year
  • Really loving your nail polish girl! Those pillows look like good quality. Your Christmas light necklace always makes me laugh. Hayley was so cute holding that big bear! Really love the Nutcracker! Deviled eggs; Yum! Not sure what Cranberry pills do; I will look it up. Fun shopping with you! Hayley's dress reminds me of this pretty Christmas dress that my oldest sister wore figure skating when she was younger. I also like your Santa and Snowman on your counter; I wonder if they are cookie jars. Have a really great day!

    Y C GreenY C GreenVor year
  • You’re t shirt looks so pretty on you crystal great haul love to you all 😘

    Sonia PageSonia PageVor year
  • Hi great viedo Hayley's dress is lovely she is such a nice girl so glad for the people that are getting nice weather it's rainning cold here in Bonnie Scotland 💖🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

    Catherine HaleyCatherine HaleyVor year
  • I love your videos

    bryanna westfallbryanna westfallVor year
  • Hayley is such an adorable kid. U and Tim are doing a great job raising her. Love u guys.

    Sunshine LoveSunshine LoveVor year
  • Hey Chrystal..nice video.dosent Haley want to show her face? She's very cute she should.can we see your tree.I would love to.have a nice day

    silvia livicksilvia livickVor year
  • Enjoy your shopping..😘😘

    gina combalicergina combalicerVor year
  • nice vid

    ibiibiVor year
  • Adorable 👗

    Rhoda StoneRhoda StoneVor year
  • That plate was healthy and appetising! In my opinion going shopping especially when you`re not in a hurry is so relaxing looking for presents and decorations! Hayley is a beautiful girl God bless her! Regards to FANCY !!!

    Frances GrechFrances GrechVor year
    • @JungleFeversome Yes you`re right, but at least it wasn`t a pizza. I like to prepare healthy food as well. Starting by fresh vegetables and fruit as i do my utmost not to use canned food.

      Frances GrechFrances GrechVor year
    • Frances that plate was anything but healthy. I wish I could cook for her to show her how food made from scratch is fast, easy, yummy and good for you. She deserves someone to pamper her with good stuff that’s nutri9nal and good for her body.

      JungleFeversomeJungleFeversomeVor year
  • Love your snowman tree and Hayley’s dress was sooo cute.

    Viktorya HartViktorya HartVor year
  • Crystal will you adopt me please? I'd love to be a part of your family 😊💖😊

    Miss BeeMiss BeeVor year
  • Hey Crystal... Glad you had a NICE DAY WEATHER WISE... Was NICE HERE TOO (Vancouver... Canada) but a bit CHILLY🌝🌬... Love the video... Love Haley's dress... Love the hauls...Love that FANCY!! 😍😊❤

    Heather Joy MannHeather Joy MannVor year
  • Today was so beautiful, I wish it would stay for awhile!!

    The Steve and Nina ShowThe Steve and Nina ShowVor year
  • Nice haul

    Sheila RichardSheila RichardVor year