EARTHGANG - Up (Official Music Video)

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Just another day in these filthy sweet Atlanta streets, back on a green bag hunt.

One for the money and two for the loot
You want to run with bulls best tie your shoe
I make all your dreams and nightmares come true
I've got all that I want now I've got you
Now get back on your feet like giraffe, elephant,
kangaroo, can't come through these apartments, unless your cool, less you know The Who's Who. (HA)
You're in my world now.
I make the rules
I say who lives. I say who dies
I push the button, I save the kids
Delete your crew, Call me John Q.
Call me Oluuuuuuuuuuu
Bitches I've arrived, feeling on a high
Flexing in the sky. Make whoopy make way for the motherfucking guy. Well alright (well alright)
See I go loco for my freedom, it’s the only thing that’s real these days, no fear no shame matter fact let’s get this straight I ain’t no rapper. See triumph comes from dying some and joy comes from crying, sometimes healing comes from killing.
Rich shit, nigga shit, climb on up, there I go.
Rich shit, nigga shit, climb on up, never fold
Rich shit, nigga shit, climb on up, there I go
Rich shit, nigga shit, climb on up, never fold.

Yeah I’m up, you pussy thought that I was down, no no no
Yeah I’m up, I got it got it, I got it got it got it, I got it got it, I got it got it got it,
Said I’m up, La La La La La La La La La
Said I’m up, yeeeeeeeah

Ok roll the dice. Baby need a nEw pair of shoes.
Famous over night?
Nigga them people don’t care about you.
Came up in the jungle.
Gotta get me potnas out zoo.
What’s the price of love?
Can’t think about that my taxes due.
I Ok roll the dice. Baby need a nEw pair of shoes.
Famous over night?
Nigga them people don’t care about you.
Came up in the jungle.
Gotta get me potnas out zoo.
What’s the price of love?
Can’t think about that (x3)
Paid dues. No more fake news.
Ima do every thing that the said that I can’t do.
Miss me wit that artificial baby I ain’t fooled by the filters or the angles.
You don’t know yourself. When you come into some wealth you the type to let it change you.
All I’m saying make money don’t let money make you.

Muh fuckers love to talk about everything they ever wanted like that ever mattered.
While the opp sit back and collect the data.
Oh I bet you thought yo ass was educated.
Oh I bet you thought that you escaped the master.
Lying to yourself you’re the gr8est actor.
Round of applause (2x)
Gemini two faced Cancer got claws.

Life is cartoon I did not draw.
I’m taking Hiatus word to Nai Palm
Always had a certain Jai ne sais quoi
Pull up onna bitch like excuse my French
Fuck what you thought.
voulez-vous coucher avec moi
Take no days off. Ain’t no problem that I can’t solve what you made of?
Music video by EARTHGANG performing UP. © 2019 Dreamville/Interscope Records

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EARTHGANG - Up (Official Music Video)