druck s2 but its just matteo

season 2 of druck but its just matteo/scenes hes in/scenes hes mentioned in!!!
plus... a lil something i couldnt possibly exclude
enjoy!!! also follow me on tumblr @cloutiedavid
all of the credits for the subtitles go to drucktranslations.tumblr.com/
also i dont own any of this or the rights to any of this including the music, show, content, ect. please dont sue me lol

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  • Is matteo and david are lover's in this episode already?

    a jay 12a jay 12Vor Monat

    Leah GrechLeah GrechVor 2 Monate
  • season 2 matteo: süß und traurig

    cheap as chipscheap as chipsVor 2 Monate
  • my new favorite video

    Samy GutierrezSamy GutierrezVor 3 Monate
  • 11:58 I'ts David?

    Vitoria AguiarVitoria AguiarVor 3 Monate
    • Yep, left that bit from s2 in!

      Emma HEmma HVor 3 Monate
  • Thank you, thank you!! I'm really happy I don't have to watch the entire S2 to get my Matteo fix!

    Ylva GranathYlva GranathVor 3 Monate
    • exactly why i started making these videos! sometimes i just dont have the energy to watch an entire,,,, season 2,,,,,,,, for just one character lol!

      Emma HEmma HVor 3 Monate
  • im so thankful for this vid, ily

    Zuza S.Zuza S.Vor 4 Monate
  • You must complete the lord's work when season 4 is released. Hopefully there will be lots of Davenzi in the background♥️

    Mel ZemouritMel ZemouritVor 4 Monate
    • i will! uploading s3 but its just david p1 tonight or tomorrow!

      Emma HEmma HVor 4 Monate
  • Turtleneck boy looks cute . What's his character and actor name ?

    KGDKGDVor 4 Monate
    • You mean, the boy at 11:42? That's David Schreibner, and his actor name is Lukas von Horbartchewsky.

      dark_angel123dark_angel123Vor 3 Monate
    • KGD haha i have no idea

      Emma HEmma HVor 4 Monate
  • It's very interesting to see his character development but what surprised me more was to see Sara here. I had watched the prior seasons when they came out so I know she is a part of the show from day 1 but I forgot that she like actually talked.

    Oisky PoiskyOisky PoiskyVor 4 Monate
  • le pueden poner subtítulos en español

    Thaily CambroneroThaily CambroneroVor 4 Monate
    • Thaily Cambronero unfortunately i don’t speak spanish and i also didn’t make the subtitles on this, sorry!

      Emma HEmma HVor 4 Monate
  • we stan david

    Mikaela SaskiaMikaela SaskiaVor 4 Monate

    Dalma VillanuevaDalma VillanuevaVor 4 Monate
  • What was 9:08 all about??? Like the whole damn scene??

    Sapphire The FourthSapphire The FourthVor 4 Monate
    • Sapphire The Fourth yep!

      Emma HEmma HVor 4 Monate
    • @Emma H ohh like what people said about matteo? Thanks. I was proper confused since I watched s1 and s3 but not 2

      Sapphire The FourthSapphire The FourthVor 4 Monate
    • Sapphire The Fourth pretty sure from what i remember they were reading comments written anonymously from other students for the yearbook or something like that!

      Emma HEmma HVor 4 Monate
  • You're doing the lord's work

    K DK DVor 4 Monate
  • Oh wow.. he’s character development is on another level... in season 1 he is like a regular happy go lucky teenage boy then here in season 2 i see his transition from that happy kid to a depressed teen that I know from season 3...im glad i watch this... thank you for making this!

    Gu HaiGu HaiVor 4 Monate
    • And then in the middle episodes of season 3, he became a happy boy again but more mature and free. We see him growing so much, as in his behavior and personality. What's not changed about him are his confidence, his uneducated knowledge with certain things, and his cool/cold exterior and chill/laid back personality.

      dark_angel123dark_angel123Vor 3 Monate
  • Thank You sooo much for this video ❤️❤️❤️❤️👏🏻

    To Be You It’s To Be FreeTo Be You It’s To Be FreeVor 5 Monate
    • you're so welcome!!!

      Emma HEmma HVor 5 Monate
  • thanks for ur service

    njxzfulnjxzfulVor 5 Monate
    • njxzful u are so welcome

      Emma HEmma HVor 5 Monate
  • The 3 seconds of David gave me my rights !

    Elise MElise MVor 5 Monate
    • Elise M david gave us all rights so naturally i had to include him

      Emma HEmma HVor 5 Monate
druck s2 but its just matteo