Dwayne Hicks yells at Drake to move out fast!

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  • It's the gunfire and music that makes it sound like "marines." Honestly though, "Marines we are leaving" would have been the better line.

    CHIGGS 58THCHIGGS 58THVor 4 Monate
  • Someone change it to "Britain,WE ARE LEAVING". Fuck the EU. Im sick to Death of all the Shit now.

    UKpitbullUKpitbullVor 6 Monate
  • Any Aliens fan should check out the Aliens flash game on Newgrounds. It lets your replicate the three major engagements from this film, with all the marines available. It's fun taking on the queen with a full complement of marines.

    FelisDestructicusFelisDestructicusVor year
    • Wow that place is still around? Good times in 2001

      Inquisitor SquishInquisitor SquishVor 3 Monate

    poalkin 198poalkin 198Vor year
  • for about 20 years I thought it was Marines we are leaving. But it is clearly Drake. gutted.

    Graeme KilpatrickGraeme KilpatrickVor year
  • Drake! We are leaving!

    Jacob RamirezJacob RamirezVor year
  • When that last teammate won't get on the f*cking dropship in Overwatch:Retribution.

    The Blue MorphoThe Blue MorphoVor year
  • Put it on slow motion and it saids Marines we are leaving

    Alejo 88Alejo 88Vor 2 years
  • This line is hilarious to me for some reason

    Jake The TitanJake The TitanVor 2 years
  • I used to play paintball with a friend of mine who's last name was Drake. You bet your alien(s) loving ass I used this line all the god damn time! One moment especially...capture the flag..him, me and a friend were in enemy territory. We had the flag...all other teammates were gone and he (of course) was laying down cover fire. My friend and I wanted to make a run for it but he kept laying down cover fire......I said it ......"DRAKE WE ARE LEAVING!!!!!".....I want to say we scored..I want to say we won..but no...when he went to leave with us the enemy hit us and hit us hard...we lost.......BUT GOD DAMN DID SAYING THE LINE PUT A SMILE ON MY FACE!

  • NO. There is an OBVIOUS 's' at the end of the first word. He would NOT say, "Drakes". He is saying, "Marines! We are leaving!!" "Drake" is the incorrect word some people think he said.

    Paul GeePaul GeeVor 3 years
    • Bill Dee Yea if you put it on slow motion you can hear marinea

      Alejo 88Alejo 88Vor 2 years
  • I think he is screaming that the dress is white and gold "WEAVING" , not blue and black "SEAMING".

    Jay BrownJay BrownVor 3 years
  • The eternal debate. I will swear blind every VHS copy of the movie I saw he said 'Marines' but on the DVD and Blu Ray he clearly says 'Drake'

    Scryer 808Scryer 808Vor 3 years
  • Pity Drake didn't pay attention.

    Stefano PavoneStefano PavoneVor 3 years
  • Gonna say marines ..listened to this a million times and he makes an s sound at the end ..if it were drake it would be Drakes ! so there you go settled once and for all ! you can thank me later .

    Robert Fryar 3D ArtRobert Fryar 3D ArtVor 3 years
    • No s on the end. pulse rifle makes you think it. Its "drake we are leaving" you can thank ME later

      DigitalPrimeDigitalPrimeVor 3 years
  • did you know that Drake and Vasquez were conscripted from prison? basically they joined up rather than spend life behind bars. I found it interesting seems to me that the characters in this film are some of the greatest ever because they had a depth to them which really came across on film

    Eclectic GamerEclectic GamerVor 4 years
    • yes

      Poo Ape ChimpPoo Ape ChimpVor 2 years
  • PRAYYY we are lifting

    SSaudioworksSSaudioworksVor 4 years
  • I always thought when I was a kid he said "Marines we are leaving."

    Tattoo LiverpoolTattoo LiverpoolVor 5 years
    • Also, he's calling back to both Drake and Vasquez, ordering both of them to hustle, not just one. As such, he'd say "marines"

      megoblksmegoblksVor 2 years
    • It's definitely Marines we are leaving. Several places you can download a high-quality clip of only audio. It's clearly an "m" with no "k" (Marines, not Drake)

      megoblksmegoblksVor 2 years
    • Fuck, you can have it both

      Schnake EyesSchnake EyesVor 2 years
    • it's definitely Drake lol

      Eclectic GamerEclectic GamerVor 4 years
    • +Tattoo Liverpool I'm sticking with "MARINES!, we are leaving!"...In fact, I'm gonna find a few ways to sneak it in, when I commission in the Marine Corps lol.

      Saku19Saku19Vor 4 years
  • "Ripley, we are BLEEDIIING!"

    SGTBizarroSGTBizarroVor 5 years
  • It's Drake, not Mehreens

    Heaven Piercing ManHeaven Piercing ManVor 5 years
    • Marines we are leaving is so well entrenched that people block out drake

      Jason SanchezJason SanchezVor year
  • Some of you have had some very worn VHS recordings if you possible hear "Drake" as "Marines". I've seen the movie 20+ times, and have had this very line as a wave file for Windows shutting down, so I will guarantee you 100% that he shouts "Drake, we are leaving!"

    DezanteDezanteVor 6 years
    • "had this very line as a wave file for Windows shutting down" that got me good

      sam mesam meVor 2 years
    • he clearly makes an s sound at the end ..it's drake not drakes so makes me think otherwise !

      Robert Fryar 3D ArtRobert Fryar 3D ArtVor 3 years
    • @blitzstrk Yes, that is the very least. I agree.

      trha2222trha2222Vor 4 years
    • @blitzstrk You're just jealous because Serena Williams turned you down when you asked her to the homecoming dance.

      trha2222trha2222Vor 4 years
    • @blitzstrk That doesn't mean you can beat me in tennis, though.

      trha2222trha2222Vor 4 years
  • Are you sure he doesn't say marines?

    rexattack18rexattack18Vor 6 years
    • Yep, and Drake is the one that the camera goes to right after Hicks says that, and Drake responds to Hicks before turning back to fire some more. de-visions.com/detail/video-nIVediB0sZo.html

      OpenMawProductionsOpenMawProductionsVor year
    • It's "Drake". I have the Alien Legacy (DVD, 1999) and the Alien Anthology (Blu-ray, 2010). In both versions the subtitles and closed captions say "Drake, we are leaving".

      John SmithJohn SmithVor 2 years
    • +rexattack18 It makes sense that he says "Drake" since he was the one pulling up the rear with Vasquez while everyone else was getting away.

      Lex ExpressLex ExpressVor 4 years
    • @***** Yeah, you are deaf, dumb, blind and probably a mamby pamby liberal fruitcake.

      trha2222trha2222Vor 5 years
    • @***** Really? lol, and that debate there is way too long. It IS 'Drake' because you hear a word with one syllable (yes I'm going there) and marines has two. Plus, his mouth doesn't make the right shape for the 'm' sound! ;)

      krizan1krizan1Vor 5 years
  • Ripley should've pop that APC in reverse. Drake survives. Maybe.

    BearWalkenBearWalkenVor 6 years
  • Wow, I really thought he said Marines!!!

    Brooke JohansenBrooke JohansenVor 6 years
  • Wow I'm surprised people on here thought he said "Marines" we are leaving! To me it sound clearly he said Drake, even if you can't here him clearly. I can just tell by the camera shots he was speaking to Drake he was the furthest one out and there will only a few marines left.

    Lastly MoreLastly MoreVor 6 years
  • posthumous promotion.

    grooveclubhousegrooveclubhouseVor 6 years
  • Spoiler alert. But it's been out since 1986, so I guess it's no longer a spoiler.

    knives4cashknives4cashVor 6 years
  • I’m sorry. My obscene comment was not directed at you intentionally. meant for i andrews. Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you. Lord have mercy

    320bigcrosby320bigcrosbyVor 6 years
  • im pretty sure your fucking wrong

    320bigcrosby320bigcrosbyVor 6 years
  • I laughed giddily when they said the same thing in Prometheus.

    pb19111pb19111Vor 7 years

    albusron3490albusron3490Vor 7 years
  • Yes, thanks for the heads up. But its kinda hard to use the standard Corporal Hicks, Private Hudson name without using some numbers or other shit like that. So I went for something different.

    CorporalHudsonCorporalHudsonVor 7 years
  • Your username says CorporalHudson... you are aware he is a PVT right?

    BabalonkieBabalonkieVor 7 years
  • If I remember correctly its the dvd.

    CorporalHudsonCorporalHudsonVor 7 years
  • If the subtitles say drake why Michael Biehn says Drake too?

    CorporalHudsonCorporalHudsonVor 7 years
  • I watched this film yesterday and he says marines but the subtitles say drake

    amoon monkeyamoon monkeyVor 7 years
  • wttff i always thought it was 'marines' not Drake. wow.. life has...no more meaning..

    ToiletClogger1945ToiletClogger1945Vor 7 years
  • Drake is the furthest away, so maybe he felt he was a priority, to remind him of the fact that they are leaving.

    Qwertyuiop1999Qwertyuiop1999Vor 7 years
  • Its Drake. Not marines.

    farimir120farimir120Vor 7 years
  • It's "Marines!" because Vasquez is there to. No reason to focus only on Drake if Vasquez is fighting along beside him.

    KalaidaKalaidaVor 7 years
  • The ones you see at the end for a fraction of a second.

    JC95JC95Vor 7 years
  • Wayne: Drizzy, we are fucking leaving!!!! YMCMB.

    riddim3456riddim3456Vor 7 years
  • When I have a kid im naming him drake just to quote this line .

    BlackSwordsman42BlackSwordsman42Vor 7 years
    • The funny thing is that is exactly how I got my middle name: my dad really liked this character (and this movie) and decided to give it to me after I was born (a couple of years after this movie came out). It's a cool name anyway.

      Joshua MJoshua MVor 2 years
  • So that's where that line came from...

    TheRockerStudiosTheRockerStudiosVor 7 years
  • One marine didn't like this video. XD

    mixjon76mixjon76Vor 7 years
  • David, we are leaving!

    UsernamehereUsernamehereVor 7 years
  • DAVID, WE ARE LEAVI-- Oh wait wrong movie.

    DrAssGoblinDrAssGoblinVor 7 years
  • I'm pretty sure it's "marines", not "drake."

    Andruw TylerAndruw TylerVor 7 years
  • because your childhood is fragile

    RequiemFrostRequiemFrostVor 7 years
  • Any of you noticed in Prometheus Holloway says "David, We are leaving!"

    spudy1216spudy1216Vor 7 years
  • I swear I always heard "Marines we are leaving". Wtf why does this video break my childhood?

    Guy ManGuy ManVor 7 years
  • Its funny cause whatever word i think before hand i hear come out of his mouth so i think marines he says marines i think drake he says drake

    LastWeekBuzz420LastWeekBuzz420Vor 7 years
  • Me too! Now it totally sounds like Drake.

    ThisIsAChannelThisIsAChannelVor 7 years
  • I wish I knew someone named Drake, just so I could yell it to them.

    ilovebeinagirlilovebeinagirlVor 7 years

    Rayne ChesterRayne ChesterVor 7 years
  • I think he wants Drake to leave.

    OOVor 7 years
  • It's Drake. 1) Marines doesn't start with a "d" and 2) YOU CAN SEE DRAKE IN THE SCENE AT THE VERY BACK!

    That AussieThat AussieVor 7 years
  • Its drake. Marines doesn't start with a "d"

    That AussieThat AussieVor 7 years
  • All I hear is marines we are leaving I don't hear Drake at all

    carnage247mayhemcarnage247mayhemVor 7 years
  • Ok i can lip read the first letter that comes from his lips in an M

    Recoil86UKCMRecoil86UKCMVor 7 years
  • he wasn't calling u a 10 year old he was calling Crimsonblood a ten year old. Dummy

    Oodlepoodle PukeOodlepoodle PukeVor 7 years
  • You can say, "Drake!" or you can say, "Marines!" Either way, Drake didn't get to leave....

    alexhortdog95alexhortdog95Vor 7 years
  • What the hell?! There must've been a release that had 'Marines, we are leaving', how can so many people have it miss quoted? myself included...mind wiped

    uncleseanouncleseanoVor 7 years
  • Mother of God. It is Drake... :| Mindfucked. :|

    Camilla EsméCamilla EsméVor 7 years
  • Right... that does it. I'm putting the film on and finding out. >|

    Camilla EsméCamilla EsméVor 7 years
  • EAT THIS!! -Blasts pony in mouth with shotgun-

    That AussieThat AussieVor 7 years
  • LET'S ROCK!!!

    LukeMM95LukeMM95Vor 7 years
  • Don't know, lets just shoot the fucking ponies with our M41-A pulse rifles.

    That AussieThat AussieVor 7 years
  • Damn, I can hear both! D:

    DHGameStudiosDHGameStudiosVor 7 years
  • You can easliy see its Drake. The first time I saw this I heard Drake.

    bulma12345678910bulma12345678910Vor 7 years