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    • A new Kanika was in that blanket The voice I'm writing this before I even get to see who it is I just know it

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  • It kinda shock me when that girl came outta no where

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  • This kid like let go on the trail there is going to be a car and its going to kill them so they should go with there mom so yeah something bad is going to happened so they are going to get a whoopin so they are going to cry

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  • The girl like oh no I’m going to

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  • Those kid's where talking to strangers 😂😂

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  • What do you mean by this issue

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  • The park ranger did seem creepy 😳

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  • Th videos are the best ways to teach kids lessons

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  • roman always gettin her into trouble Imao

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  • We need more mothers like that in this world. The old school strict mothers lol 😆

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  • I love this video

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  • The old lady part was fire👿😎🔥

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  • thank you so much for sending a positive message to the world it should kids like me learn their lesson

  • 7:32 she is so cute

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  • I don’t like the stomach sound

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  • Oh is it spelled kunigru

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  • It’s always Roman’s fault he always convinces them and y’all rlly good actor’s and actresses

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  • I’m a real great fan

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  • “*I mean we are lost but I can’t tell you that*” Me : You just -

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  • this is like the scenes from stranger things in the woods but better

  • Conniver you should do episode 3 of don't talk to strangers

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  • Did you use the restroom for to read