Do Head Gasket Sealers Actually Work (FULL 2yr TEST with Engine Teardown)

Replacing a Head Gasket can be difficult and expensive. Sometimes your car is not worth fixing and this is where a head gasket sealer in a bottle comes in handy. Do these head gasket sealers actually work? How long do they last? How do they work? What does a bad head gasket look like? Do head gasket sealers clog radiators?
In this video I show you how to use a head gasket sealer to repair the head gasket and test it for 2yrs and 10,000 miles. I then tear down the engine and show you how the headgasket failed, how the sealer worked, and if the radiator got clogged up with sealer.
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  • So it was brought to my attention that my house phone number is on the oil analysis sheet. I am waiting for DE-visions to blur it so in the meantime, please dont call it...

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    • Most people would have not noticed it if you haven't pointed it out

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  • thanks heaps...1M$ worth of info..

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  • He hides the plates but funny thing is, in Jersey, you need both plates displayed at all times.

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  • How do you think the head gasket sealer will work with a block heater/hose heater?

    Mathias WintherMathias WintherVor 5 Stunden
  • I wish for my car to have a leak so the pistons get nice and shiny.

    mario mendezmario mendezVor 6 Stunden
  • Amazing truly amazing Chris 👏👏👏

    Ryan EslavaRyan EslavaVor 10 Stunden
  • Don't the sealers suggest flushing the cooling system before adding the sealant?

    RMXRMXVor 10 Stunden
  • Lol a week after this video was posted my truck head gasket blew 😂😢

    RobloxMasterRobloxMasterVor 13 Stunden
  • I used Blue Devil on the engine in my 2007 PT Cruiser. It did help but never fixed it.

    Ernest CurryErnest CurryVor 16 Stunden
  • My 2003 Toyota Highlander with a 2.4 L 4-cylinder engine is leaking bad almost directly under the engine block. Took it to a Toyota dealer and paid $200 to get this diagnosis…”pressure test and found coolant leak down right side of engine block under intake manifold. Suspect threads pulled out of block causing head gasket leak. Recommend used engine.” The quote is $6500 for this repair.. My tailpipe doesn’t emit white smoke and the engine oil is not milky. Would a gasket repair kit work in this case since you noted the solution hardens on contact with hot combustion gases? Could the leak be just directly leaking from the coolant holes/channel to the exterior of the intake manifold? If so would it be worth it even to try the gasket repair kit? plan to scrap car if can not be repaired although the engine runs great and the rest of the car is in good condition. Thanks.

    Robert YuRobert YuVor 17 Stunden
  • You’re the man. Thanks Chris.

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  • What were you using to keep track of the temperature while driving?

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  • Dude, most thorough video ever. 1/4 of the way through I realized this isn’t really the subject I was after, but I couldn’t stop watching. I always hit like for your vids but this one made me click subscribe. Very good pocket knowledge to have.

    erowley462erowley462Vor 17 Stunden
  • Many thanks for the long term nature of that test, and thorough analysis. Gives folks a better idea of what to expect, but still shows that it mainly defers the repairs actually needed. This treatment is well known (or suspected) in used cars that have to be dumped. I was up front with the buyer of my Firebird, and told him the engine had less than a year of life in it. However, he resold it without telling the next person.

    Ed TurnerEd TurnerVor 18 Stunden
  • I have read some of the comments. I will just say this. I have a 06 Forester 270000 miles it runs great water pump was replaced and oil pump with timing belts. Had head gaskets changed guess what after 20k they started again. Did research went with blue devil pour n go. The key is follow the instructions to a T no more head gasket leak been 30k miles.

    William ShimaWilliam ShimaVor 19 Stunden
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  • Any suggestions for a cracked block?

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  • I wanted to see him just throw more sealer in it and see how much longer it would go lmao

    Long scallopLong scallopVor Tag
  • The copper CRC works great, sealed many bad heads etc ... never plugged the heater core either.

    hallzhallzVor Tag
  • Have a 02 DeVille blown head gasket causing it to overheat constantly by letting air into coolant system. Used blue devil brand sealant. Drove over 20k miles since including some long drives. Has held up 👍💪

    Izak YermanIzak YermanVor Tag
  • The head gasket sealer seals up head gasket leaks, it also clogs up coolant systems. Use this at the end of the car's life. If it's a car you are going to keep, replace the head gaskets.

    Fred GarvinFred GarvinVor Tag
  • The best automotive channel on youtube

    annoythedonkeyannoythedonkeyVor Tag
  • was ur dads car also mifirering cylinder 1 misfire

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  • My car overheats faster now after doing this.

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  • $5950 for labor. Damn America is expensive

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  • Hi, Chris, This is a great video. I may have head casket leak between cylinders 5 and 6. They have 20-30 misfires every time when I start the engine. I can see the idle speed is down to 400-500 / minute and the car is losing power. Would it seal the leak by adding a few drops of the Bar's liquid in the cylinder? Thanks. David

    David ObamaDavid ObamaVor Tag
  • I have none of those symptoms, but coolant is disappearing with no leaks except at over 45 50 mph it'll spray a little stream of coolant at my windshield (hood off because it broke my windshield) I cannot find the leak or pinhole sized hole where it's coming from. My coolant disappears faster if I drive faster, if I drove slower no spraying. Not heater core, not clogged either, car overheats at higher speeds. I'm guessing coolant system leak or cylinder or head gasket. Which sealer should I use? 2005 civic 1.7l coupe non VTEC

    ShadoeFax1986ShadoeFax1986Vor Tag
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  • I had a dodge caravan I used the bars on and I removed the thermostat and I re- torqued the head bolts a little higher and I drove it for two more years and then sold it and it was fine!

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  • I'm going to pick up a block tester tomorrow but I'm 95% sure that I have a blown head gasket. I'm not fixing the motor in it. I already planned on buying a new one because the truck is in too good of shape. Looks like I'm probably trying a head gasket sealer to get by until summer when I get my car out

    Mike CurryMike CurryVor 2 Tage
  • Jaguar was a cool car....but n known for reliability

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  • I had a friend who worked for GM back in the 70s and 80s. They put a small amount of Barrs stop leak in every vehicle from the factory

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  • That dealership is straight scamming lmao. An average head gasket job at a shop should be 1500-2000

    Aaron JonesAaron JonesVor 2 Tage
  • How long will those head gasket bottle fixes last

    Joseph AlfonsiJoseph AlfonsiVor 2 Tage
  • I get something in my oil small traces of white liquid on my dip stick only in the winter cold under 40 degrees do I have a head gasket leak I have no other issues with the engine

    Joseph AlfonsiJoseph AlfonsiVor 2 Tage
  • What was the funnel test how did you get the fluid out didn't get that test at all

    Joseph AlfonsiJoseph AlfonsiVor 2 Tage
  • 2003 ford explorer used blue devil @ 160,000 miles and she hasn't missed a lick or spiked up In temp in over a year

    Nathaniel GarrityNathaniel GarrityVor 2 Tage
  • I fixed my problem same. No white smoke. No oil bad. No gearoil cooler leak but I have milky reddish formation. So I tried it his and got it that flue gases mixing. Well done Thanks a lot

    LalitkishorJprLalitkishorJprVor 2 Tage
  • Brilliant

    LalitkishorJprLalitkishorJprVor 2 Tage
  • Drove a 90 Ranger 4 banger with HG sealer for years...I don't remember the brand was many years ago, but the ones that work have what the old car dealers use to call "liquid glass" in it...when the stuff hits fire, it turns hard as a rock. Anyways attention to detail is important when using any of these...when I used it, I flushed out the system with vinegar first, then after putting the stuff in, and heating it up, completely drying out the cooling system...I used compressed air first, then hooked up a wet vac to the system, on the blow setting, and just left in on there for hours. I got 80,000 miles out of it, till the head gasket finally gave away so much, sealer wouldn't work. Machinist I gave the head to, to machine it laughed his arse off at how many cracks were in the head, completely unusable. My Dad had overheated it badly years ago, and those 2.3 cast iron engines were bad about cracked heads

    Kevin CozzoKevin CozzoVor 2 Tage
  • Hahaha everyone fell for it, i immediately realized because of the font difference. Plus i think it’s safe to assume your real full name isn’t Christopher Fixtopher

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  • White smoke could mean a bad EGR Cooler too! Not everytime a headgasket. They are the same with smoke and the coolent

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  • The first step if possible is re torque the head. Very often a small tube of alumasesl or bars leak is all that is needed.

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  • Awesome report

    David DaltonDavid DaltonVor 3 Tage
  • I used the blue devil it worked its way into the water pump shaft seal hardened up and tore it to shreds also ruined the thermostat the only reason I used it was I was finding a tiny amount of oil in the antifreeze it also clogged the heater core engine began to sputter a few weeks later after wasting $70 on the blue devil it went down hill from there I should have never did it .junked the vehicle a month later they promise to refund if it doesn't work they would not

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  • So what do you do to repair the warped block?

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  • I used Bar's stop leak and I am very impressed, it worked well.

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Do Head Gasket Sealers Actually Work (FULL 2yr TEST with Engine Teardown)