DC & Helwani (November 30, 2020) | ESPN MMA

Daniel Cormier & Ariel Helwani are back in your lives following an action packed weekend in combat sports. Anthony Smith snapped his two-fight losing streak in impressive fashion... is Lionheart back in title contention at light heavyweight? What is next for Curtis Blaydes & Derrick Lewis after their bout was canceled. Plus, What did the guys make of Mike Tyson & Roy Jones Jr's return to the ring?
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  • 30:46 DC: Everyone agrees with me. Jones Vs. Curtis Chat Replay: Woody : ​blayed and jones? GTFO lol Adam Jo : ​jones blades would do 150k ppv Kris Williamson : ​curtis blades doesnt deserve jones Vanillagorillaaustin Cain :​Jon vs ngannou or stipe Diego REACTS :​DC might be high Aurora Lupton: ​curtis blades vs jones is a joke Big Boss :​D CTE Mercilesman: stop it DC Diego REACTS: ​DC is trolling lol

    Matthew MelangeMatthew MelangeVor 17 Tage
  • The easy cheek spectroscopically strip because windchime arguably force around a ugliest pail. psychotic, periodic throat

    Dave BatistaDave BatistaVor Monat
  • I just figured out khabibs plans A co fight promotion between ufc and eagle mma. GSP vs. The EAGLE 🦅 Anyone want to bet that this happens🐄🦅👍🐐

    Wally MorganWally MorganVor Monat
  • Where is this weeks?

    Jon BoucherJon BoucherVor Monat
  • " Journalists " were reporting Kamsat had Covid ? They should check their sources, that is a Fail in Journalism.

    Roger WeathermanRoger WeathermanVor Monat
  • What a duo

    DefeatedPuppyDefeatedPuppyVor Monat
  • DC high af ! 😂😂😂😂

    Michael BonetMichael BonetVor Monat
  • Fook ESPN Fook Disney and Fook China.

    jeannette fjeannette fVor Monat
  • Why is DC looking like a juiced up Michael Jackson in the thumbnail

    Peace Lovin CriminalPeace Lovin CriminalVor Monat
  • jake isn’t boxing conor but if he did what weight would it be?

    RicardoRicardoVor Monat
  • Wish it was longer

    K MK MVor Monat
  • Why does DC have long hair in the drawing or is that not DC?

    B3nkeiiB3nkeiiVor Monat
  • Live in the moment everyday every month of every year

    Steven WhiteSteven WhiteVor Monat
  • Why does DC have to repeat himself so much? No Arial Arial Arial listen Arial Arial. Why does DC have to repeat himself so much? No Arial Arial Arial listen Arial Arial. Why does DC have to repeat himself so much? No Arial Arial Arial listen Arial Arial. Why does DC have to repeat himself so much? No Arial Arial Arial listen Arial Arial. Why does DC have to repeat himself so much? No Arial Arial Arial listen Arial Arial. Why does DC have to repeat himself so much? No Arial Arial Arial listen Arial Arial.

    Ray SissumRay SissumVor Monat
  • STOP BEING DC and let the man say what he wants

    Ethan BrayEthan BrayVor Monat
  • DC looks like he's getting ready for a mug shot 🤣

    Ant Jonez 218Ant Jonez 218Vor Monat
  • Ferguson vs oliveria is gonna be awesome! Watch it get canceled... smh. To me it’s a toss up. No tellin who will win that with oliveria’s improvement in his striking and keeping in mind how brutal Ferguson’s last fight was... after that war he went through with Gaethje I wouldn’t be surprised to see him digress. A fight like that is tough to bounce back from

    Supa CGSupa CGVor Monat
  • Why does it look like Ariel is on a videovisit with his uncle in county jail?

    TrevorTrevorVor Monat
  • 23:15 dc saying luke is more "natural" at 185... he def on da juice

    Trevor KovitsTrevor KovitsVor Monat
    • Natural meaning at home and isn’t ballooned up

      Damon HillDamon HillVor Monat
  • league of legends is a moba game ariel. i think you mean legends league!

    Anik BoyAnik BoyVor Monat
  • Does anybody else try and stretch these videos out over the week until the next one comes out? Like I’ll smoke up and listen to like 7/8 mins then repeat the next night hahaha

    Edward HearnEdward HearnVor Monat
  • This show has become stale.... STALE! Wait how to do you even spell that word? Think it’s right.... STAIL... nope that’s not it, yea just googled STALE is correct, k thx.

    Daniel WDaniel WVor Monat
  • They’re an awesome team lol. DC kills it.

    Michael SaballosMichael SaballosVor Monat
  • All they were talking about is Vettori Vettori Vettori .... keep disrespecting the joker.

  • Ariel would be remiss if he didn't mention the word remiss every podcast.

    Zoo KeenyZoo KeenyVor Monat
  • my guy DC sounding bitter towards Izzy commentary work

    FreakzDontSleepFreakzDontSleepVor Monat
  • Owie ducky!

    krn106krn106Vor Monat
  • Can anyone confirm if it was "Mason Jar Day"

    Limited InfinityLimited InfinityVor Monat
  • people still watch this PRE-RECORDED FAKE WRASSLIN SHOW? also, STOP PUTTING TWEETS UP DURING THE FIGHTS ESPN. nobody cares about what joe blow from alamo has to say about the fight, his incorrect scoring, or THE MISSPELLING OF FIGHTERS NAMES, ESPECIALLY WHEN THE LAST NAME IS LITERALLY RIGHT NEXT TO WHERE YOU PUT THE TWEETS. example: some donk spelled her last name SCHEVCHENKO, and you donks put it on tv.

    John JohnsonJohn JohnsonVor Monat
  • 5 minutes into a show with nothing but adverts.Ram it,I won’t be back😡

    Jon WalkerJon WalkerVor Monat
  • I don’t like the Lewis vs Curtis matchup but that doesn’t mean I want Curtis vs Jon ... imagine Curtis being the guy that defeats jones that would be the worst thing for mma ... Curtis vs rozenstruik and Lewis vs jones sounds a bit better since Derrick has a bigger name anyway and it’s a better fight for Jon less risky I would say either this or jones waits for a while

    K 99K 99Vor Monat
  • I would be remissed has conditioned me to expect the unexpected.

    Calvin PerkinsCalvin PerkinsVor Monat
  • Yooo i dont think they knew metta world peace is RON ARTEST... and hes old now but he would put up a better fight than Nate dont sleep DC and nosewani 👃

    Hasan HaroonHasan HaroonVor Monat
  • Probably drives Ariel up a wall that he knows D.C probably has so much info regarding the company itself and other fighters, but refuses to give him any "breaking" headlines lol.

    Michael FranzeseMichael FranzeseVor Monat
  • DC- Bootlegs a charity shirt and then tells you how awesome his effort is. Yeah nahh bro, soft.

    Sonic PornoSonic PornoVor Monat
  • Stop crying about the draw humans, this was about having fun and helping those in need of money and mentally❤️💯 that’s why Tyson got lit asf before the match😎🤙🏾🔥

    Afro SensiAfro SensiVor Monat
  • Come on man!!! Leon EDWARDS went and found that corona instead of that beat down he was bout to suffer! On the flip side I called this one!!!

    livewire livewirelivewire livewireVor Monat
  • DC's matchmaking is terrible.

    Siddhant RaoSiddhant RaoVor Monat
  • First week of December the last week of November

    taaj howelltaaj howellVor Monat
  • Chandler had better aim up given the special treatment he receives

    Mick NewtonMick NewtonVor Monat
  • D.c. awesome fight call. Jones blades, make alot since. J. Jones gets high ppv #'s no matter who he fights at H.W. Hate jones, but makes since. Go Blades.

    Anthony StefanelliAnthony StefanelliVor Monat
  • Khamzat fight is scrapped!!!!

    stringsnarestringsnareVor Monat
  • I completely agree with D.C and his Jones vs blaydes and Lewis vs stryke (not attempting to spell his name off the top lol) idea.

    colby rodgerscolby rodgersVor Monat
  • Now I see these thumbnail creators purposely trolling us

    stringsnarestringsnareVor Monat
  • DC’s matchmaking sucks

    Saul GonzalezSaul GonzalezVor Monat
  • I remember DC got knocked out by Mike Kyle way back in the day at AKA

    corwin scorwin sVor Monat
  • If Jones cant beat Blaydes, he shouldn't even be playing with the HW's, image what Stipe would do to him , negative mindset from Young Ariel

    Dom PearsonDom PearsonVor Monat
  • I agree completely with DC, Mike was controlled with his punches.... it was just hard sparing...Would of liked to see some more head shots

    Rob MillerRob MillerVor Monat
  • It looked like pride 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️

    Amir SkellyAmir SkellyVor Monat
  • DC is coming out of retirement to Main-Event WrestleMania for WWE World Heavyweight Championship

    Karabo MoleleKarabo MoleleVor Monat
  • “Stewart Scott straight out the ESPN shop Sports Center watching” The Goat made that line on the Carter 3 🔥🔥🔥💯

    Strip 4GxxdrichStrip 4GxxdrichVor Monat
  • How does Jake beat Dillon in a boxing match? Dillon is a legit combat athlete..

    slipknotsk8ter89slipknotsk8ter89Vor Monat
  • I would love to see Marvin Vitori vs Daren till

    Steelo BSteelo BVor Monat
  • Rockhold vs Till at 185 for me

    Lewis HoggLewis HoggVor Monat
  • Happy mason jar day everyone!

    poopstainhotdog1poopstainhotdog1Vor Monat
  • The LHW division is not in good hands. If the 185lb champ can come up and get a title shot without anyone saying "Hey, what about so and so". Its not a good look on the health and depth of the division. For crying out loud, the top ten has former 185ers in it.

    Kingdom CitizenshipKingdom CitizenshipVor Monat
  • It’s the biggest fight Dillion can get

    Pro NoiaPro NoiaVor Monat
  • The coolest thumbnail 2020 by the way

    AhmetistaAhmetistaVor Monat
  • this show is the best thing happen for human kind

    behzad_bhribehzad_bhriVor Monat
  • If or when hermansson and vettori scramble and jack catches his head/neck like Karl Roberson did in the scrambles.. and take vettori's back but get his hooks in.. and reverse like Roberson did at times.. Joker will choke him out eventually imo

    chris blanchardchris blanchardVor Monat
  • Ariel vs Schmo exhibition match gogo

    NewbportNewbportVor Monat
  • Wait did I miss the reason why DC was in Washington DC for this show? If so, or if anyone happens to know, would appreciate it!

    Ben VincentBen VincentVor Monat
  • Ariel always pointing to the wrong side of the screen. I guess they don't review the footage of how they are placing them for viewers.

    Mighty SavageMighty SavageVor Monat
  • DC & Helwani rocks 😎😎👍👍

    Adam JamirAdam JamirVor Monat
    • Ofc,buddy. They are pretty amazing 😊😊

      Amakla PongenAmakla PongenVor Monat
  • Watching this on the first week of December DC!

    Marlon GudinoMarlon GudinoVor Monat
  • MMA show starts 17:22

    Tumi MbasaTumi MbasaVor Monat
  • First of all, dc is wrong. Blaydes is not liked by the fans. They feel he has a boring style. He trashed ufc and fans was very critical about his last fight. The ufc will never give him Jones or a title shot. They will john finch him

    biym6969biym6969Vor Monat
  • We feel you DC 🤣

    Dean BaylissDean BaylissVor Monat
  • These two need a podcast just to banter about daily things. Great dynamic between DC and Helwani. ESPN get on it!

    abirch2014abirch2014Vor Monat
  • Ariel asking the real questions like "why is Chandler being a douche?"

    Brad RozyckiBrad RozyckiVor Monat
DC & Helwani (November 30, 2020) | ESPN MMA