Dax - "POPPIN" Freestyle [One Take Video]

Fire? or nah?
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Shot by: Logan Meis
#freestyle #poppin

Killin this beat off the top of my head
Ima cut it and freestyle it just like my dreads
Dax is a topic when it comes to popping they mention my name inside all of yo threads
We never met but I’m showing respect if we did I would bet we would probably be friends
I don’t know if this song is a hit but if
Dax did a verse it would do 20 milli instead
This shit is child’s play, rock the beat before I kill it and tuck it in bed
I’m the front with the gang to my
Left and my right got a couple of side men
They cannot erase my pen
I do not break I bend
I got a L if they call me L when I put them together I win
We don’t got beef if I’m vegan
I go church when I pray on these beats swear to god man it feels like I’m preaching
They call me janitor that means that I can’t be trash because I’m the one cleaning
Stacking my paper this verse is my thesis
This is a resurrection of beat that I killed I think should rename is to Jesus
I need a millimeter from minimeter to conserve my drip
I got fire department on call I jus burnt this bitch
I’m bringing to much Experience
I heard that you was nigerian
This me calling a trues
Life is to short to be serious
So let me take the beat and make it a typhoon
No speed limit when I rhyme I ZOOM
I heard you got a album out soon
Ima rap god when I rap boi we all know that shit isn’t fair
I could put a beat in a suplex stand up then scream out WOOOOOO like ric flair
Feeling like Willow when I WHIP my HAIR
I’m like a ghost I’m here but not there
This here is a toast I don’t mean to boast but I think we both know this is my year
Throw the pass to me I don’t miss you can be my John Stockton
We’ll play patty cake and everyone will think that we’re boxing then hit Logan and have tea and do a show on impaulsive
And play Pokémon to show these kids that we’ve been evolving
He say, she say drill it like UK
I was made inside of a factory like cheesecake
Please say I may KSI they know that I will not win cuz you don’t like me
I flow like A guy who’s mind may be stuck in a computer without life aid
They can’t buy me
Own or sign me
I bring heat but my wrist stay icy
Hot hot hot just like the DABABY when I rap Im bringing the bop bop bop bop
I don’t feel gravity my skill level never drops
I don't got time less I’m using a watch
Y’all probably thought that because I love janitor references I was gonna take the next bar and figure out how I could rhyme it with mop,
If your walking down the road and you see someone
Coughing cuz nowadays coronavirus has fearing a silly common little cold (as in PARANOIA from any cold, NOT the coronavirus)
I am not human I’m not from the globe
That is why I am never wearing clothes
Please do not try say this is a diss because Its delivered in a serious tone!

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  • Hi. DM me on IG saying "janitor" for a chance to win an exclusive Dax mop. @thatsdax

    DaxDaxVor Monat
    • Wth

      KyleDoesEverythangKyleDoesEverythangVor 22 Tage
    • Hi

      Yash Gamz and SkitsYash Gamz and SkitsVor 27 Tage
    • Dax you lost

      Taylor ParkeTaylor ParkeVor Monat
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    • Is it your hair

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  • didnt you wanna box him

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  • Dax Give me faster rap pls

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  • Super cheesy

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  • Super cheesy

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  • Super cheesy

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  • Super cheesy

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  • Super cheesy

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  • Super cheesy

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  • Even if you can rap. It doesn't mean you can make songs. You just don't have the "thing" they look for in Hollywood.

    A HA HVor Tag
    • It was better than ksi

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  • this fire hes legit better than eminem

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  • fire, i love this

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  • Dax favourite movie must be disney’s let it shine

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  • Trash

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  • LL = LL not w unless u flip one which isnt an a L just a regular 90 degree angle

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  • Pro calm down you speed youre launcher any way Wich earth you come form bro you alien

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  • I'm surprised just how well he synced his body movements to the beat than his verse

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  • when a circus clown starts to rap 1:15

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  • This was sick honestly don’t know why KSI didn’t like it

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    • @Vivan -_-

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    • His ego is too large for him to like it more than his own trash music

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  • Beatiful!!♡♡

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  • Clout chasers

  • This is really good but for some reason the production quality was lower on this one?

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  • JJ : This is not worth the gold star, I mean it's not trash..

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  • its good bro

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  • Fire

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  • Imagine skipping the video to see how far he went

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  • Dax would be one of the best actors in America, cant change my mind.

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  • Ric Flair=🐐

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  • This was so chronic it left me dazed and confused..... DAYUM!

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  • Referencing Coronavirus and worrying about getting some little cold, that was legit bars man. Very cool, Dax. Keep crushing it in the music game.

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  • Take a shot everytime he says "janitor"

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  • Does he always wear a white vest in all his freestyles😂

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  • It's DAX!

    GolemGolemVor 6 Tage
  • Dax i think it would be sick if u made a freestyle where u start as a janitor and then change clothes to lit rapper . I actually like that u put janitor in many songs its makes you unique

  • clown

    AnubAsTheCowAnubAsTheCowVor 6 Tage
  • Where you was. There was shirt music

  • U ruined poppin

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    • Andre Kemboi well i respect urs as well

      PhaseSwiftyPhaseSwiftyVor 6 Tage
    • PhaseSwifty I respect your opinion but I think dax flowed pretty well on this track, nothing special tho. To be fair, Poppin was a good hype track

      Andre KemboiAndre KemboiVor 6 Tage
    • Andre Kemboi ill admit idrc for poppin Like good song is over excagarating But still I dont like dax Just my opinion

      PhaseSwiftyPhaseSwiftyVor 7 Tage
    • You can tell that dax is barely even trying but this little freestyle is still 10x better than poppin.

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  • The only rapper whose flow got worse

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  • Start making your owns beats instead of rising off people like Eminem and KSI for your titles

    eube 24eube 24Vor 8 Tage
Dax - "POPPIN" Freestyle [One Take Video]