Dating My Best Friend For 24 HOURS

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  • they’re low key so cute, i ship them

    aubri graceaubri graceVor 5 Minuten
  • I love u guys

    Simera SookramSimera SookramVor 4 Stunden
  • i was not the only one who saw him put his hand on her butt but like he didnt make it obvious so i dont think they planned it. ---Time Stamp: --2:45-- ---

    Ysabella BastoneYsabella BastoneVor 4 Stunden
  • Well this broke MY heart because I want them to date

    Sara CSara CVor 4 Stunden
  • They would be so cute together

    Bella GiorgilliBella GiorgilliVor 5 Stunden
  • I ship this soo much, i wish they would get together

    Auguste PetrauskaiteAuguste PetrauskaiteVor 6 Stunden

    bunny Gachabunny GachaVor 7 Stunden
  • Y’all should date for a week

    Nora HargroveNora HargroveVor 8 Stunden
  • 2:43 the way he grabbed her butt

    Autumn AdamsAutumn AdamsVor 9 Stunden
  • Legenda em português por favor PLEASE

    Adria Ramos RamosAdria Ramos RamosVor 12 Stunden
  • I’m not the only one who seen this like 4 times...

    Idgaf ThankyabyeIdgaf ThankyabyeVor 13 Stunden
  • When they were in the car and Tayler had his hands on her thigh and she had her arm around his neck 😩😩😍😍

    Beauty Nation 1XBeauty Nation 1XVor 13 Stunden
  • But yet u touched her but and her thigh

    Kira RogersKira RogersVor 13 Stunden
  • Taylor you touched her butt

    Adamaris RodriguezAdamaris RodriguezVor 14 Stunden
  • Did you guys notice when kellyann said babe can you take to starbucks and take tayler touch kellyanns but slow it down

    Shery S SolivenShery S SolivenVor 15 Stunden
  • Tayler : "uhhh Kellianne" Kellianne : "your not getting married to me" Me : your right, he just wanted to get a full view before the games began 😂😂😂

    jada cokejada cokeVor 16 Stunden
  • Even mama shIPS

    Moirae Ay-yadMoirae Ay-yadVor 21 Stunde
  • They never broke up so they are still dating (btw I know she has a boyfriend)

    Thalia GhantousThalia GhantousVor 22 Stunden
  • Awww you guys are so cute

    Brianna, marteBrianna, marteVor 23 Stunden
  • yall look so cute date plz

    Lexii PenaLexii PenaVor 23 Stunden
  • I guess Taylor acting on that brat show didn’t really help his acting because he really sucks at acting like he’s not secretly In love with kelianne

    Faye DanielsFaye DanielsVor 23 Stunden
  • We all know they liked it 🙊🎉

    Alayna ChanceAlayna ChanceVor Tag
  • Just wish this was real 🥺

    Jessica RiveraJessica RiveraVor Tag
  • Omg tbh tho they would rlly be a good couple

    John PiresJohn PiresVor Tag
  • Grab

    Genesis RonbinsonGenesis RonbinsonVor Tag
  • Are we just gonna ignore how he gained her but when she asked for Starbucks

    Genesis RonbinsonGenesis RonbinsonVor Tag
  • Kellyann hugs her guy friend tayler mumbles she has a boyfriend

    Josephine ApihaiJosephine ApihaiVor Tag
  • Such a cute Couple

    Jaillah BellJaillah BellVor Tag
  • How do you look so cute it has a couple

    KyleeKyleeVor Tag
  • If they really were dating then taylor would have been all up kellie

    Mavis RamdinMavis RamdinVor Tag
  • ive never shipped moreeee

    Lilly Cate SmithLilly Cate SmithVor Tag
  • I'm dying

    Lori HLori HVor Tag
  • 2:46 Taylor touch her butt

    Dayana MartinezDayana MartinezVor Tag
  • You too are so cute

    Sherlyn Gameing videos MartinSherlyn Gameing videos MartinVor Tag
  • What the he'll

    zack njeruzack njeruVor Tag
  • 2:45 he touched her ass 😂

    Hena UzunovicHena UzunovicVor Tag
  • 2:42-2:47 look at taylers hand

    Melania DifuscoMelania DifuscoVor Tag
  • I’m disappointed in my self I’m a 15 yo male watching this shit

    Trxced XTrxced XVor Tag
  • Actually guys you look so pretty with together

    zre diyarzre diyarVor Tag
  • 2:46 Tayler touches Kelliane’s bum she doesn’t say anything this is goals !!!

    Amanah TAmanah TVor Tag
  • Giulia PGiulia PVor Tag
  • I ship them so much

    Emilee SalazarEmilee SalazarVor Tag
  • Yes KAYLER

    Carla R JostCarla R JostVor Tag
  • Im dead over laughing when he said ok now get the fuck off me LOL

    Sosefo PuletauSosefo PuletauVor Tag
  • Kellianne: He's gonna fall in love Tayler: I'm already in love with u baby I LOVED THAT

    Karra HunterKarra HunterVor 2 Tage

    Karra HunterKarra HunterVor 2 Tage
  • Then I died when she said u gonna open the door for me he’ said babe in rich as fuck it opens it self

    Jordan FelicioJordan FelicioVor 2 Tage
  • Then kelianne said he gonna fall in love he the fuck I’m already in love with u baby I died then he geez it’s are first day dating and u already trying to sleep with me I fuckin died

    Jordan FelicioJordan FelicioVor 2 Tage
  • 5:40 8 couldn't lol 😂😂

    Camdyn ZeebCamdyn ZeebVor 2 Tage
  • 𝙆: r u gonna open the door for me 𝙏: babe I'm rich af the door opens it self I cant lol 😂😂 3:27

    Camdyn ZeebCamdyn ZeebVor 2 Tage
  • He touch her ass

    Sucely PerezSucely PerezVor 2 Tage
  • Y’all seem like naturals 👁👄👁 I- I n t e r e s t i n g

    Averi BrockAveri BrockVor 2 Tage
  • Do a part to plz

    Aneesha KaurAneesha KaurVor 2 Tage
  • He is actually really loyal asf

    donuts_ avanidonuts_ avaniVor 2 Tage
  • 1:57 Tayler: I'M ALREADY IN LOVE WITH YOU BABY! Me:👁👄👁 😮

  • This is too cute I cant🥺

    Lacie GulinoLacie GulinoVor 2 Tage
  • eh

    Luweene MenezesLuweene MenezesVor 2 Tage
  • Did anyone see that tayler touched her butt at babe can we get Starbucks

    Hannah JohnsonHannah JohnsonVor 2 Tage
  • You guys should actually like date forever, because I shipped Kaylor more than any couple.🤞🏼

    Lendita Zeneli-MehmetukajLendita Zeneli-MehmetukajVor 2 Tage

    allaineallaineVor 2 Tage
  • Get in to it

    Aminah AlzeinatAminah AlzeinatVor 2 Tage
  • im was the video ended

    Alicia LeeAlicia LeeVor 2 Tage
  • Hi Chris on you

    Lupe ChavezLupe ChavezVor 2 Tage
  • hell the L word was so fucking funny 😂😂

    Christina KChristina KVor 2 Tage
  • Ok look at when kelliane asked to go to Starbucks and she grabbed his arm. TAYLOR TOUCHED HER BUTT

    Caroline HopkinsCaroline HopkinsVor 2 Tage

    Makayla NelsonMakayla NelsonVor 2 Tage
  • 2:44-2:46 Wtf?? 🙄😂

    Ani SoziashviliAni SoziashviliVor 2 Tage
  • This is my favorite vid of yours

    BTS_ X_ARMYBTS_ X_ARMYVor 2 Tage
  • Everyone who likes this comment died when Tayler said he hasn`t practised the "L" word. Kelianne: "It`s our fist date we`re not in love Tayler : "No, Loyalty".

    Bliss-ana JeanBliss-ana JeanVor 2 Tage
  • 2:45 no one seen taylars hand on kelianne but

    Joy reynoldsJoy reynoldsVor 2 Tage
Dating My Best Friend For 24 HOURS