DaBaby - ROCKSTAR (Live From The BET Awards/2020) ft. Roddy Ricch

Dababy - Rockstar (ft. Roddy Ricch) [BET Awards Performance]
Listen: smarturl.it/DaBabyRockstar
Spotify: smarturl.it/DaBabyRockstar/spotify
Apple Music: smarturl.it/DaBabyRockstar/applemusic
Director: Mike Mihail
Producer: John Lathan, Arnold Taylor, Garrett Williams, Mark Bridges, Fatima Washington
Production Company: Guerilla Hollywood

#Dababy #Rockstar #BETAwards

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  • DeBaby uses his creativity and platform to bring awareness to social justice and I'm here for it. Here's a band doing the same. de-visions.com/detail/video-8YhlQVFzvg8.html

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DaBaby - ROCKSTAR (Live From The BET Awards/2020) ft. Roddy Ricch