Crypt - St. Crypt (Official Music Video)

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This Christmas I wish,
I wish for one gift,
that I could do me,
and no one opens their lips,
I said this Christmas I wish,
the world would just quit,
judging me for things I've done
and listen to St. Crypt,
I said this Christmas I wish
to be known as the GOAT of the flow and the rhymes from the depths dome,
and the guy that can spit it quick, full of synonyms,
or the guy that can rap it really slow,
and speak it to the people,
hear no, see no, be no evil,
painting pictures with my words
the pen's the brush,
this track's my easle,
and I do it with it ease,
move to the beat,
doin' whatever I please,
say what I want,
groovin' they feet,
moving your mind everytime that I speak,
call me corny, all you want,
Kentucky men don't stop,
cause when you but that heat under a kernel (colonel),
boy you know it pops,
All this fame's been kinda new since I started to use my tongue,
People tell me I'm a nuisance, like Houston, problems have come,
Maybe I should make a noose since I plan to hang 'till I'm numb,
but I've got new sins I ain't prayed for, and I ain't taking a plung,
This Christmas I wish,
I wish for one gift,
that I could do me,
and no one opens their lips,
I said this Christmas I wish,
the world would just quit,
judging me for things I've done
and listen to St. Crypt,
I said this Christmas I wish,
Christmas I wish,
Christmas I wish,
That they would zip their lips,
I said this Christmas I wish,
Christmas I wish,
this Christmas I wish
they’d listen to St. Crypt
No one notices your tears,
no one notices your pain,
no one notices your sadness,
but they all notice your mistakes,
and everybody laughs about it,
and it never seems to go away,
until the day the tables turn,
and they get mad when you treat them the same,
I ain't got time for these people that acting so friendly but behind my back they're not,
I'm just focused on my own vision,
20/20 is a perfect time to plot,
I gotta cut off the baggage that's weighing me down,
and I gotta do it quickly,
and I won't feel bad for outgrowing people that had a chance to grow with me,
cause I am tired of rowing a boat with my bros but when I am not looking they drilling some holes,
and when we start sinking they pointing their fingers at everyone's face but they own,
and I'm scared of being alone so I let toxic people join my journey,
But I gotta stop myself, Crypt you can't drink the poison because you’re thristy,
I gotta learn my lessons,
and sometimes I learn them hard,
I wanted to make some new memories, but memories turned to scars,
Now I keep my circle few,
cause that's the safe thing to do
fake people don't surpise me anymore, real people do.
This Christmas I wish,
Christmas I wish,
Christmas I wish,
That they would zip their lips,
I said this Christmas I wish,
Christmas I wish,
this Christmas I wish
they’d listen to St. Crypt

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  • Merry Christmas everybody! Full Lyrics In Description! Available on all streaming services here:

    CryptCryptVor Monat
    • Fire, part of the hook is missing in the lyrics at the every end.

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    • #crypt. This is a dope as video and song. Keeping doing your thing home boy.

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      Fourth Quarter LegendFourth Quarter LegendVor Monat
    • Banger,,fire

      IchiSun JujuIchiSun JujuVor Monat
    • This song is fkn fire. And speaks truth.

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  • Our favorite man (full of lyrics) turns into Santa after Christmas. Love it

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  • Would you collab with us? Heres our newest track, get at us! Would love to make a vibe together. Much love to you❤

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  • No offense but stick to reactions please your not a good rapper sure u got some Ok bars here and there but you can’t portray the person your saying to be in the rap you just sound like a baby sorry but imma keep it real with you

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  • this was actually insane.would yo diss me if i diss you ?

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  • The wackness is real. You're a ripoff of Keeloz. He rapped the old TMNT theme. You're a fucking moron nigga

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  • It gives me NF paid my dues vibes

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  • Dude for a Xmas song this shit is fire


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  • Raps quick, each bar isnt A bar, is confident nothing is someone must like logic. I told you you stole cinemasins content just to get the most views you would ever get. You got way more views on those videos and it was about A week ago on em vs nick cannon yet, you have an actual music video and you dont even have 100 k views and you have about 700k subscribers and these videos were made about the same telling. Whether you think im rude or not, its TRUE. You're better at stealing content or you seem better with someone elses content (because their content is clearly more entertaining) than you are with your own stuff.

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  • my apologies for being late but I just got the notification...

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Crypt - St. Crypt (Official Music Video)