Coronavirus: Trump extends US guidelines beyond Easter - BBC News

President Donald Trump has said federal coronavirus guidelines such as social distancing will be extended across the US until at least 30 April.
He had previously suggested that they could be relaxed as early as Easter, which falls in mid-April.
"The highest point of the death rate is likely to hit in two weeks," Mr Trump said.
He appeared to be referring to peak infection rates that experts fear could overwhelm hospitals.
White House medical adviser Dr Anthony Fauci had earlier warned that the virus could kill up to 200,000 Americans.
Dr Fauci said that it was "entirely conceivable" that millions of Americans could eventually be infected.

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  • Oooh

    Rohit KumarRohit KumarVor 22 Tage
  • Everyone's quarantined for like 4 weeks now its obvious no one is sick, how many days do you need to fight a flu 🤣 pathetic also I haven't seen a ambulance once!

    Spiritual LaneSpiritual LaneVor Monat
  • The United States is 40 times larger than all of Europe so we will have a much higher number in both positive cases and deaths. I also want to add that Mr Cheeto also ignored the warnings and then let the separate states take action. The Governor of Texas doesn’t know wether to scratch his watch or wind his butt. Governor Cuono has what it takes but he isn’t president just the governor of New York....lucky bbs

    Nora Lacey MUANora Lacey MUAVor Monat
  • Trump is an idiot

    Michael JanuszewskiMichael JanuszewskiVor Monat
  • "It's important we remember the true meaning of Easter," says the Archbishop of Cadbury

    mulli mullimulli mulliVor Monat
  • Here's a message of HOPE just in time for Easter

    WHY Kingdom MinistriesWHY Kingdom MinistriesVor Monat
  • World needs

    Is It SoIs It SoVor Monat
  • America Israel India Europe army taylorism

    Alex VictorAlex VictorVor Monat
  • America dishes world television

    Alex VictorAlex VictorVor Monat
  • Singapore, hong kong, taiwan and south korea manage to control the cases with measures in place and not exploding in like now in America. Thats why it is important to have proper leader and proper procedure to have been placed before it explodes. Amercia should have gotten ready way way way ahead given they are suppose to be a 1st nation omg

    Aqilah Banu Abdul MajeedAqilah Banu Abdul MajeedVor Monat
  • Am from India.. I'm really sad about your situation because the American people and the government are not serious .. Please stay home. That's the only way to save your life. Do not eat from the outside and cook for yourself. Not delicious. It's just food.. Please don't take any chance

    pubg playerpubg playerVor Monat
  • Stay at home and change your life forever. It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” .. Change your life this period. Use this to manifest your dreams in this period of time.

    Milo VentimigliaMilo VentimigliaVor Monat
  • Dr. Nicole Apelian:"With the recent spread of the coronavirus a lot of people have been reaching out to me asking what herbs I am using to protect my family and myself during this pandemic. For herbal remedies I outline below what I use in my home as natural antivirals. Please note that this is not medical advice - I am a Ph.D. not an M.D.; this is what I am doing for my family as an herbalist."

    amirhossein kazemzadehamirhossein kazemzadehVor Monat
  • DON'T BUY. China created this thermometer with a fake temperature to fool US people. Don't buy anything from China during this period.

    還香港自由還香港自由Vor Monat
  • 2:35 - maybe with pretty pictures or cartoons?

    P MiddletonP MiddletonVor Monat
  • Because trump ignores on starting

    Simple ReviewSimple ReviewVor Monat
  • Trump is idiot fool

    Simple ReviewSimple ReviewVor Monat
  • We have done a good job . Yeh right , 1 week ago you said the virus will be away by Easter. Your a joke trump do us all a favour . Pass our country to someone who has a brain ...

    Gary McintyreGary McintyreVor Monat
  • I bet Bill De Blasio doesnt feel any guilt for telling New Yorkers that Corona virus was nothing to worry about and for New Yorkers should get out and celebrate. Why won't the BBC report on De Blasio "Back flip"?

    Rory The RedRory The RedVor Monat
  • Trump fuck his own country ..America always wanted to war now Killed their own people trump really made a America great

    Ali AmirAli AmirVor Monat
  • Stay safe my fellow humans. Stay inside, Care for one another if possible, even if you don't know them. Stay strong.

    annag coclannag coclVor Monat
  • As an American, we are drowning. I’m in Seattle, ground zero, it’s a ghost town. Not enough hospital beds. I’m being denied care for my autoimmune disease and I’m really sick. My appendix is in early appendicitis and I can’t get surgery. It’s because of COVID and our lack of preparedness. I hope I don’t die.

    BreBreVor Monat
  • The Brazilian President, will Kill you???

    Free Gaming CasinoFree Gaming CasinoVor Monat
  • The Republican Party, has Failed the USA!!! It should be Desolved???

    Free Gaming CasinoFree Gaming CasinoVor Monat
    • A 13 year old died from covid-19...

      annag coclannag coclVor Monat
  • Things are going to anarchy soon! Time to go back to the medieval ages ... The plague is back...

    blandanteyblandanteyVor Monat
  • now may 4th and then beyond that and then another, two years maybe for a vaccine for people who do not have it, if you do then it willnot do you any good. Come Lord Jesus

    Linda SangerLinda SangerVor Monat
  • This is all being set up for the antichrist, so he has less people to control. I often wondered how he would control everyone maybe he wont. most of population will be gone. I am a Christian and I see what is going on and going to happen. Read your bible people.

    Linda SangerLinda SangerVor Monat
  • we the USA have not even gotten to the worse of it and then months to get to the curve. months away if not longer people. wake up , some people are just wishful thinking.

    Linda SangerLinda SangerVor Monat
  • Stop to take decisions trump please give judges to take decisions

    Ajaz BaigAjaz BaigVor Monat
  • God the bias is frustrating af

    EmtronVengerEmtronVengerVor Monat
  • So, a "Big Brother" style society? Like...China?

    butti fdftbutti fdftVor Monat
  • 11:24 I still remember western media joking about the chinese building a hospital in 2 weeks...

    Yurigan SmithYurigan SmithVor Monat
  • Did Britain run and hide from Hitler?! Is this the extent of the British spirit now -to live cowed and in fear...millions of Brits as lame soft prisoners hid behind curtains for weeks/MONTHS on end?? Sweden and Belarus have got it right, NO extreme restrictions, rather - intelligent and adult measures! ...'Better to die on our feet, than live on our knees!"

    Muz WotMuz WotVor Monat
  • Easter 🤣🤣🤣

    rashidaqrashidaqVor Monat

      butti fdftbutti fdftVor Monat
  • I would say this is chemical warfare but .... This is an extermination.

    Joy CastJoy CastVor Monat
  • God bless Dr. Fauci.

    Ali ChaganiAli ChaganiVor Monat
  • Shocker

    Amani IslamAmani IslamVor Monat
  • As you can see fake media is against virus mesurements. Like they want ppl to die...

    Bojan SimonovicBojan SimonovicVor Monat
  • A 13 year old died from covid-19...

    Meme EmpireMeme EmpireVor Monat
  • How ironic that the USA is so hard hit by corona virus!

    Roy CropperRoy CropperVor Monat
  • There dying the now and the have ventilators so why do they keep saying ventilators ventilators

    Karen JarvieKaren JarvieVor Monat
  • USA is not that developed there health care system is not first world class at all

    arranmc182arranmc182Vor Monat
  • It would of be late of any president in the hill any Obama Clinton etc any

    Janice LeightonJanice LeightonVor Monat
  • Fake news. trump is lying. this is a complete hoax..

    abdul rehman Afzalabdul rehman AfzalVor Monat
  • Bro why does that dude keep saying America is the most developed country in the World it literally isnt lmao

    Kitten HermitKitten HermitVor Monat
  • Hungary is once again showing us how it's done

    Pink DiamondPink DiamondVor Monat
  • 4:55 AND this is why it matters..... and the reason that I have a dumb phone that I leave at home. All those people who say 'what does the government want to know about me and what I do?' this is an example.

    Nicky River NeneNicky River NeneVor Monat
  • +++

    Connor HDConnor HDVor Monat
  • Less people will make it easier to use facial recognition esp if the targets are not wearing masks. Just saying Go Vegan 2020 :)

    Nicky River NeneNicky River NeneVor Monat

    Tim MorakTim MorakVor Monat
  • This link is to a video that shows the cause of Zoonotic Viruses. (Not for the faint of heart) To eliminate Zoonotic diseases Go and stay Vegan 2020 and end animal exploitation of ALL species.

    Nicky River NeneNicky River NeneVor Monat
  • with respect to the beach comment, when you said all those cases on the beach you didn't mean the virus but all the mobile telephones on a beach. What did you mean by cases in that sentence. Not very clear.

    Jackson BlazeJackson BlazeVor Monat
    • Since the rest of us were staying at home it made the cases easier to spot..... smart phones eh

      Nicky River NeneNicky River NeneVor Monat
  • This PLAGUE is killing ANYBODY anyone can die, unless you live as a recluse you are at risk without the power of the HOLY spirit of Almighty God 🤔🙏🏽❤😇

    Awake Last chanceAwake Last chanceVor Monat
  • Why is nobody talking about the Chinese who kept the coronavirus a secret from the world?. we are all in this mess because we were kept in the dark until it was too late!.

    Mark's REmarksMark's REmarksVor Monat
    • @Nicky River Nene: no, i'm suggesting that the Chinese government deliberately withheld information about the outbreak.

      Mark's REmarksMark's REmarksVor Monat
    • @Mark's REmarks Are you suggesting the US gov didn't know about the breakout at the olympic village of Wuhan?

      Nicky River NeneNicky River NeneVor Monat
    • @Nicky River Nene: why are you bringing up 37 soldiers?. The Chinese government prevented doctors telling the world about the outbreak.

      Mark's REmarksMark's REmarksVor Monat
    • @Mark's REmarks How could 37 US soldiers puking and dying in a hotel be kept a secret, they managed it somehow.

      Nicky River NeneNicky River NeneVor Monat
    • @Nicky River Nene: the point i am making is, that the Chinese were infected and deliberately kept it a secret. and now the rest of the world is paying for it.

      Mark's REmarksMark's REmarksVor Monat
  • WUHAN virus 🔊🔊📢📢

  • BBC are China shilling, talk about their actions before the Chinese New Year, then talk about cell phone data in America, what about the 21 million sudden dead cell phone accounts in China then? Idiot media, hypocrites and liars.

    ForswornForswornVor Monat
  • XRP !!!!!! research it now ! it is going to fix the worlds liquidity crisis we will be facing after this pandemic! financial freedom the biggest wealth transfer in history is happening now!

  • Yet everyone in Trump's address is sitting very close, not observing social distancing at all.

    Erica ArmstrongErica ArmstrongVor Monat
  • Why unbelievable to build hospital within 2 weeks? Haha this just goes to show certain Governments are just dragging their feet by introducing a bunch of bureaucratic red tape..Can it get anymore obvious then this? Lol... As the old saying goes " when there is a will, there is always a way " pity that it has to come to this only Governments decides to act on it. 🤭

    Yong Yew Kuan AndyYong Yew Kuan AndyVor Monat
  • Ooooohhhh China need to be held accountable for this! And needs punishment! Its ruinined too many lives and families for their not to be. Start producing your own phones, computers and medical supplies. Boycott China in the long run and this will never happen again. Use ur brains government.

    ninjaninjaVor Monat
  • JUST IMAGINE HOW BAD India 🇮🇳 WILL BE! :( I feel really bad for them. They'll lose ⅓ of their population by the end of the year.

    Ninja SushiNinja SushiVor Monat
  • For the last, I don't know, something like two decades, people have been looking at the Internet and social media networks to broaden their information horizons. And we've all concluded, mainstream media is a BIG part of the problem. The last thing we need is more mindless drivel from the BBC. Look, I'm a TV presenter, I work for a private corporation pretending to be a public service provider, my job is important and secure because lots of people think they will go to prison if they don't buy a TV licence, this virus is really serious just not here in our studio, it's transmitted from humans to humans easily but I can't speak without a mask so I'm not wearing one, Britain is nothing like America so don't imagine the royal navy sailing up the Thames.... Just pack it in alright it's insulting.

    Mark BowdenMark BowdenVor Monat
  • what's the cost of lies? lives.

    Christina RichardChristina RichardVor Monat
  • Another 100,000 deaths and Americans might be able to wear masks.

    Dennis MitchellDennis MitchellVor Monat
  • Pls SUBSCRIBE my youtube channel and WATCH videos ON CORONA VIRUS how poor labour dying in lockdown

  • If they consider lockdown effective, why is their example China? Couldn't they find an example that didn't go draconian on its people? Plus, since when are official chinese numbers reliable?

    inotaishu1inotaishu1Vor Monat
  • I am a widow on SSI I have no way out of this Help Please

    Ann LargeAnn LargeVor Monat
  • My God let America get catch up

    Ann LargeAnn LargeVor Monat
  • Why does the BBC frequently confirm Chinese coronavirus stats, but I noticed Sky news always questions those stats when they report China’s numbers?

    Christian SlaterChristian SlaterVor Monat
  • I’m a Canadian citizen. Born and bred Fuck you euros are almost as stupid as my neighbors. J/c pull your head out of the sand

    Sean PatrickSean PatrickVor Monat
Coronavirus: Trump extends US guidelines beyond Easter - BBC News