Coronavirus News: The latest on the covid-19 outbreak - 3/30 (FULL LIVE STREAM)

The rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak continues to upend life around the world as more countries tighten quarantine measures. President Trump has downplayed the dangers of the pandemic, pressing that some Americans could return to work despite the advice of health experts. More than 100,000 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the United States, which now leads the world in number of cases.
The Post’s Libby Casey, joined by reporters Ashley Parker, Aaron Blake, William Wan and Dave Weigel, unpack the many complicated questions about the spread of the virus in the U.S. and beyond. Subscribe to The Washington Post on DE-visions:
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  • Let us seek the face of Our creator, I pray for God intervention over this pandemic

  • We know that the plandemic is going as planned

    systematic self organizationsystematic self organizationVor Monat
  • Yay fucktards

    systematic self organizationsystematic self organizationVor Monat
  • MSM Fear Mongering propaganda

    Believe Jesus Is LordBelieve Jesus Is LordVor Monat
  • Whether or not virus is being originated from Chinese bioweapon lab, This is Bio-Terror orchestrated by China. The fact that china deliberately covered up more than 50 days made it possible to become global pandemic. This is terrorism, period.

    Altai TENGRIAltai TENGRIVor Monat
  • All essential workers, like grocery clerks, amazon workers, delivery workers ect ect should be wearing masks. Not only healthcare workers. St Elizabeth hospital has a tutorial on how to make effective homemade masks. If you or a loved one has to work or shop then make yourselves some masks. Also if you can organize to get many masks made then donate them to hospitals.

    Inezz MullinsInezz MullinsVor Monat
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    Steven HuSteven HuVor Monat
  • You put the lime in the coconut and shake it real good and call me in the morning..

    marcum exemarcum exeVor Monat
  • COVID-19 is spreading like a wildfire in the United States, due to several reasons. But one, the misguided information regarding public mask wearing. Our health officials said “wearing a mask in unnecessary and will not protect you”, and they are wrong. Their recommendations do not align with firsthand research. You want to calm the fire, put a mask over it! You want to safeguard healthcare works, safeguard the public. Make mask mandatory to wear in public. Reducing transmission or the spread of the virus, equals less patients in the hospitals, and less healthcare workers being exposed. That’s my two cents, use it towards an investment or throw it away.

    Shievon CammonShievon CammonVor Monat
  • This how the Almighty terrorize Godless people all around the world.

    SaintSaintVor Monat
  • There may be a cure it’s called bacteriophage also known as phages but of course not approved by the FDA because why should such great treatment be given to save lives there wouldn’t be any sort of profit if we did oh no way.

    • @Charlie brown You write a ignorant comment like that on my comment? You couldn’t write that as your own comment? You had to reply to mine that had no factual statements towards what i wrote? Really? That’s mind blowing no wonder the statistics are so high of covid patients because their are so many ignorant people in the world. I wrote my comment in hopes of reminding whoever was reading the comment section about bacteriophage and VIROPHAGE the life saving techniques before antibiotics were discovered. I bet you didn’t even read about bacteriophage and VIROPHAGE huh?

      KARIM AKARIM AVor Monat
    • There will be no cure. Either this is biological warfare, or mother nature is taking it's course. Either way, there's no cure for war, and for mother nature.

      Charlie brownCharlie brownVor Monat
  • Man your country is sooooo fucked

    Sabine KatsavriasSabine KatsavriasVor Monat
  • Blah blah...oh My, lions and tigers and bears oh my. You should be afraid very afraid afraid of your government. BS this entire charade is BS. This entire charade is the biggest hoax that has ever been played on our country. This is a massive smokescreen to Hide what the hell the globalist are up to. While they’re rolling out military combat ready armored vehicles and battle ready soldiers across our country. And they are telling the American people to go inside their house and shut the door, just close their eyes and don’t worry while they are strategically installing military all over our country in every city in every state. Telling people to stay 6 feet away from other people, ask yourself why in the world would they tell us to stay so far away from everybody? Because they don’t want us talking they don’t want us putting our heads together they don’t want us assembling because they are planning the biggest take over and take down of our country. And it’s happening right under our nose is and everyone is just following the stupid Q plan like good little sheep to the slaughter. People you better wake up. Go read agenda 21.

    Red Pill Review NewsRed Pill Review NewsVor Monat
  • Thank the stupid United States for creating the coronavirus. 🇺🇸🔫

    Simón CMSimón CMVor Monat
  • Chinese Communist Party=CCP=CCP spreads it's CCP WuHan coronavirus around the world !

    阿松阿松Vor Monat

    dino calidino caliVor Monat
  • So the whole planet doesn't work, because a Chinese didn't boil enough the rat (bat) he ate, because he wanted his penis to finally get an erection (in China they believe that eating wild animals helps with that problem).

    John ThompsonJohn ThompsonVor Monat
  • So you journalists in DC and New York do know that there are states west of the Mississippi, right?!

    Michael R. GormanMichael R. GormanVor Monat
  • I think Allah has listened childrens are from Syria... a tree years old children last words before he died: I AM GONNE TELL EVERYTHING TO ALLAH OR GOD .(it doesnt matter.... now we are waiting mercy from the Allah ... we are all criminal.... there were no differences among the childrens !!! I want to scream to all world !! all nations

    tekdogru adamtekdogru adamVor Monat
    • الله أكبرالله أكبرالله أكبر pls have mercy to us

      Bahas AhmadBahas AhmadVor Monat
  • "Only the sick should wear a mask" - this is really STUPID.

    SpaceAudioSpaceAudioVor Monat
  • Dr. Fauci and Dr. Woo-joo from Korea, both have worked together at times last 25 plus years. Best is Dr. Woo-joo on Asian boss, Humble, intelligence, no rhetoric. Explains the 5 W's, who, what, etc. I felt at peace after watching this. KNOWLEDGE is POWER, because I know more. I use to work in a gene lab using PCR's and studied viruses, I also was a Safety Engineer Representative for Midwest for 4 years. Studied pandemics, Take this serious, pray, feed your mind, attitude is everything

    Lynda SchnirlLynda SchnirlVor Monat
    • @Lynda Schnirl thank you so much for spending the time to explain! That is fascinating about the protein coat. Yes, i had heard about the old virus but that was not covered in the article i read. I am aware that animals get viruses -- in fact, i have seen talks by the researcher who developed the avian polyoma vaccine.. My point was not that animals could not catch any flu... i was hypothesizing that maybe the fact that most animals (apparently) cannot catch this particular virus (or other human-specific viruses) may be why they don't better understand how it is transmitted. You see, i had read up on the Legionnaires disease outbreak. In that case, the infection was NOT brought in by the legionnaires, themselves, and was introduced via the ventilation system. Of course, it was bacteria rather than a virus, but still as you say, the long life of this virus, is a factor. Therefore, the 6-foot distance for this virus seems a little inadequate to me if the place is not well-ventilated. I have an essential worker in my family and i worry. It would be much better to have more specific knowledge about the transmission. I hope they pin it down soon. Please take care of yourself and stay healthy (as best you can)!!

      Prog RockerProg RockerVor Monat
    • @Prog Rocker lets say the knowledge is as big as the ocean, We just barely got our toes wet. Animals, plants do get viruses and die from it. We typically don't hear about it on news. But in US we watch our crops and animals. But since they have been around longer, survivors are around. Viruses mutate, which is why we get a different flu each year. Geese ducks are the Trogan horses for these. Why chicken farms are now enclosed. viruses are just a protein coat with RNA, recently they found 30K year old viruses in the Polar area, they plated them and they grew, the protein coat can be broken with soap and water, protein is broken down, like dissolves like. soap is also fat based. The incubation for this virus makes is dangerous, some peoples bodies just fight it without getting sick, others do get sick. Depends on immunity plus other factors, does this sort of answer this or did I miss it. I have alzheimers and don't think as well as I use to. chow. Midwest

      Lynda SchnirlLynda SchnirlVor Monat
    • if you study pandemics, then why don't they ever figure out how the airborne viruses are passed? is it because we don't have animals to watch since they don't catch it? there have been head-scratcher cases with no apparent direct contact... and we have medical personnel who have had direct contact with people infected, but apparently did not contract it. i guess it may be more clear once we can test for antibodies...but please tell us what you know.

      Prog RockerProg RockerVor Monat
  • What does the suspecting American has to say about this pandemic? Aren't they convinced that the Deep State might have something to do with it? How come the Big players aren't sick yet? The President himself doesn't seem worried about the whole thing. He isn't wearing any protective gear. Maybe there is an antidote and the few privileged has taken already. But the whole situation seems well engineered.

    Ticked Off SheikhTicked Off SheikhVor Monat
    • Finally a THINKER!! Tell you what...the oligarchs didn't get the recession they wanted in 2016.. Trump got elected and told them to go jump in the they are getting their recession a different way...that's all. Wait and see. Once the oligarchs have finished buying all the stocks, businesses and real estate they want ( rock bottom prices right now) this deal will blow over very quickly.

      California DreaminCalifornia DreaminVor Monat

    Sallie MaeSallie MaeVor Monat
  • DT listens to the advice of experts? Ashley, get real!

    J LJ LVor Monat
  • Donald Trump is not a good president he just tries to play one on TV

    Mike JohnsonMike JohnsonVor Monat
    • @Gloria Terry perhaps you could focus on more important stuff right now been criticizing your leader for foolish reasons

      California DreaminCalifornia DreaminVor Monat
    • Mike Johnson so true, when he stops reading the TelePrompt , he speaks for himself he starts saying the truth and stupid stuff, fir example on Sunday he said the deep state .... blah , blah did anyone catch that?

      Gloria TerryGloria TerryVor Monat
    • @Mike Johnson Here's the kicker Mike...I am NOT American. California has a cash surplus of around 22 Billion. Higher than any other state iin the US. Plenty to buy medical supplies. Mike hate whoever you want and love whoever you want but one way or the other do yourself a favor...THINK FOR YOURSELF. Mainstream media who wants you to hate Trump over a ridiculous reason like insufficient med supplies to moneybag California has an agenda which has NOTHING TO DO WITH the well-being of Americans. Good luck to you also. Sorry for being caustic. Just so freaking disgusted with the MSM system of lies that's all.

      California DreaminCalifornia DreaminVor Monat
    • @California Dreamin I'm not going to argue with you just because you're an American and I wish all Americans live through this virus outbreak that Donald Trump does not care about the people he sent California 170 respirators that did not work but instead of asking him why they sent them off to be fixed by independent company. If you catch the Coronavirus you'll see just how little Donald Trump really cares so I wish you the best

      Mike JohnsonMike JohnsonVor Monat
    • @Mike Johnson Autumn 2018 Trump successfully negotiated $400 Billion in reciprocal business from various countries along Pacific rim. Mainstream media barely mentionned it and only during off-peak hours. Quit believing the ridiculous, stupid lies being handed to you by MSM. Trump is the only fiscally responsible president U.S. has seen in 110 years. He didn't take the job because HE wants glory or power. Already had plenty of both. Establishment detests him because he doesn't play ball with the oligarchs and is sick of their communist crap so he decided to do something about it. Dems like pasty face Biden and colonel Sanders are finished because you can bullshit some people some of the time but not everyone all the time. Any questions?!?

      California DreaminCalifornia DreaminVor Monat
  • Every American in US are doing there part helping the seniors, people in need of food, Police, Fire Department they help by sewing mask for hospital in need. This is our American War, we will have to fight for who knows how long on a invisible virus with great, hope, strength, faith to beat it to the ground. American Doctors, Nurses, All the Medical Field, Police, National Guard, Navy, All frontline Workers, Community Centers, USPS, Truck Drivers so many I could list are our great heroes. Government ????? where are you. So many are suffering.

    L VL VVor Monat
    • @California Dreamin Yes it is all over the world, right now we our here in the US, fighting for our lives, just like the rest of the world is fighting for their country. Bless you

      L VL VVor Monat
    • No. This is NOT your American war. This is a challenge faced by the entire world. And the US is NOT the centre of the universe.

      California DreaminCalifornia DreaminVor Monat
  • 1968 influenza pandemic left about 100k dead in the US. We should be able to do much better than that protecting the people. No?

    • Firstly, you should hear the voices of the childrens in syria ..ok ?? I think Allah has listened childrens are from Syria.. a tree years old children last words before he died: I AM GONNE TELL EVERYTHING TO ALLAH OR GOD .(it doesnt matter.... now we are waiting mercy from the Allah ... we are all criminal.... there were no differences among the childrens !!! I want to scream to all world !! all nations

      tekdogru adamtekdogru adamVor Monat
  • Very informative. Thanks especially for William Wan’s health report. p.s. to Ashley, suggest looking up difference between “reticent” and “reluctant.”

    Donna McMasterDonna McMasterVor Monat
  • Please please please. Come to Jesus Christ while there is still time. Because only Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. The holy Bible is true. Best regards from Anita from Norway.

    Arne DaleArne DaleVor Monat
    • Three most common words Jesus spoke to humanity... BE NOT AFRAID

      California DreaminCalifornia DreaminVor Monat
  • Praying for the Physicians, Nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, first responders, police force and those not mentioned. God bless them, protect them and empower them. Thank you for your courage.

    JIKJIKVor Monat
  • People, this is what a war looks like, loss of our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, Doctors, Police, Nurses, sons, daughters. Why did the government drag so long to take action? Sorry, not acceptable not 1 death or millions. The peak will be in May15th. Concern USMC Veteran

    L VL VVor Monat
    • L V It’s all about revenue streams and Wall Street then waiting for the government bail out, and of course keeping Donald T happy and impressed with himself

      PoofPoofVor Monat
  • Leaders conceptualize and empathize. Trump and his Trumpanzees seem to be incapable of that.

    Rochester SwiftRochester SwiftVor Monat
    • @Wild One You and Rochester should be president and VP respectively since clearly you two are far more knowledgeable and have greater leadership abilities than president Trump and his associates.

      California DreaminCalifornia DreaminVor Monat
    • Fkd around for 2 mths, Dems had to tell him what to do, Still never listened, Finally he listened to the Imperial College? London

      Wild OneWild OneVor Monat
    • Congratulations on believing what you've been told to believe. That took a lot of effort and courage. Well done.

      California DreaminCalifornia DreaminVor Monat
  • Its happening right now I am in Michigan and other states are getting more than us even though we are in big trouble right now.

    BugseaBugseaVor Monat
  • Its happening right now I am in Michigan and other states are getting more than us even though we are in big trouble right now.

    BugseaBugseaVor Monat
    • 00966571520200 WHATSAPP PLEASE

      mail adamcomail adamcoVor Monat
  • U know coronavirus in china isn't going down it's actually worse then u think china there's literally a revolt in china china lies about its media

    peter lee-yunpeter lee-yunVor Monat
  • I should list all the fake news lies here. But i can only listen for 10 min. Lie #1. Trump did not tell pence to not talk to the 2 bad governors. That is fake news. Trump said he will not talk to them himself and that pence did in his place.

    NathansHVACNathansHVACVor Monat
  • why are you americans not more upset with trump about no testing kits. None of this matters if you don't have proper testing to see what you're looking at. Why are you ignoring getting MORE tests for the people????????

    Madame BeajouMadame BeajouVor Monat
    • @Jaimie Johnson you are a moron and Trump is worth his weight in gold.

      DoondahDoondahVor Monat
    • @Doondah I'm no moron, and yes it is Trump's job! He's as useless as tits on a bull!

      Jaimie JohnsonJaimie JohnsonVor Monat
    • @Jaimie Johnson shutup moron, its not trumps jobs to physically handle everything. Don't be stupid just because you hate him.

      DoondahDoondahVor Monat
    • We have more test gives now than any other country

      DoondahDoondahVor Monat
    • @Bryce Howard Luckily we have a CDC approved lab and test kit manufacturer in my State. Our population is pretty small, but they'll be getting shipped all over the US. Many states have the same setup. Trump did away with the pandemic response unit of the CDC. That has cost time and lives! Additionally, his lying about it and saying it will just be gone, it's not that big of a deal was heard loud and clear by his supporters and many of them still believe this! The guy is a disaster and a disgrace to America! I know he's not the only world leader that's done a crappy job! There are several!

      Jaimie JohnsonJaimie JohnsonVor Monat
  • I am having a complete melt down listening to the gravity of it all. My aunt in a nursing home near Detroit where dozens have confirmed cases and she is on oxygen with no option for a test because well she has it probably. I may never see her again.

    BugseaBugseaVor Monat
    • Death is not the end. Don't be afraid. Everything has to die. That's what makes living so special. If she dies, it'll probably (most likely) be peaceful, and not a horrible Death, like how my grandfather got murdered, set up by his best friend. His best friend died insane and crazy. Claiming that my grandfather was haunting him. It's a great time to be with God right now, anyways. Rest easy. You still have a life to live. Make it special. As hard as life is, it's not always doom and gloom. Feel blessed that your loves ones were here on this earth. Because it's what made you, the person you are today. It's ok, everything is going to be ok.

      Charlie brownCharlie brownVor Monat
    • My prayers to you and your family🙏🏾!

      Gina CurryGina CurryVor Monat
    • @TheEvolvingMe thank you

      BugseaBugseaVor Monat
    • I'm praying for her safety and your concern. 🙏🏽

      TheEvolvingMeTheEvolvingMeVor Monat
    • she won't die alone

      Hoo MantewHoo MantewVor Monat

    Peace DovePeace DoveVor Monat
    • What are you talkin about?

      DoondahDoondahVor Monat
  • EVERYONE is learning as we go. Trump is trying to be optimistic.

    casEy lyNn maNncasEy lyNn maNnVor Monat
    • Hope is not a strategy.

      Rochester SwiftRochester SwiftVor Monat
  • Starts at 30:55

    Lori TracyLori TracyVor Monat
    • Thank you!!!

      JustAGirlinTNJustAGirlinTNVor Monat
    • Thanks so much

      You & MeYou & MeVor Monat
    • Libby obviously likes a good intro

      Lossy LossnitzerLossy LossnitzerVor Monat
    • Thank you!

      Jaimie JohnsonJaimie JohnsonVor Monat
  • I think the worst is over. It will start to normalise now.

    samit sainisamit sainiVor Monat
    • @samit saini the experts claim it will get worse. I am in Michigan in a small town with only several cases, but in Detroit it is really bad. My aunt is in a nursing home where dozens have it and some have died. They put her on oxygen and told us she probably has it. She is 87 years old. I may never see her again. Yes listen to the experts. What makes it really bad is you can die from it and if you have it you may pass the virus to someone else before you know you are sick. That is what makes it dangerous. It is not fake news dude.

      BugseaBugseaVor Monat
    • @Bugsea have you seen any evidence or tv videos and photos , heard lip service !

      samit sainisamit sainiVor Monat
    • It's all abig fake news .

      samit sainisamit sainiVor Monat
    • @Turtle Dude Get vaccinated with something .Try coca cola , might help .

      samit sainisamit sainiVor Monat
    • not by a long shot

      BugseaBugseaVor Monat
  • I sent this out so many times during the past month, to Senators, Congress no one answered this question. Is this true ? Report of how the Heath Care was not Prepared, since 2009. News Report suggests government knew pandemic preparedness was inadequate. Would the government send our soldiers without ammunition? I hope you all don't pull another Vietnam. Concerned USMC Veteran. I am proud of my daughter working in the frontline to get supplies for three hospitals to protect Doctors and Nurses. I know a lot of families that have many family in the frontline. Make are voices be heard for our Sons, and daughters in the frontline. God Bless America.

    L VL VVor Monat
  • Put that piece of trash baron on the front line testing fish bowl cleaners

    Michael OrtizMichael OrtizVor Monat
  • 🌺❤🌺❤🌺❤🌺

  • It is airborne for 3 hours, lives 3 days on steel.

    Bad FairyBad FairyVor Monat
    • @Wild One It is sad that many lie about. WHO.

      Bad FairyBad FairyVor Monat
    • Airborne, ????? Ijitt

      Wild OneWild OneVor Monat
    • @Hoo Mantew good. I am going to wear copper.

      Bad FairyBad FairyVor Monat
    • it dies in 3 minutes on copper

      Hoo MantewHoo MantewVor Monat
  • This will last until the governors and, Trump has killed off the old people, homeless people, sick people, and, mostly black people as Trump called to them. Coronavirus COVID-19 is not killing people America's government, governors, are killing people, and, telling America it's the Coronavirus COVID-19. LIARS, The Lord God saw this message, before you deleted it, Washington Post.

    Hadassah Israel2Hadassah Israel2Vor Monat
    • @Rich Woods you don't like President Trump?

      California DreaminCalifornia DreaminVor Monat
    • Adolph Trump?

      Rich WoodsRich WoodsVor Monat
    • Shalom Ahi. Shalom.

      California DreaminCalifornia DreaminVor Monat
  • If we shutdown the economy more severely then maybe less will die of the virus but more people probably die from economic turmoil.

    Morris ReitzelMorris ReitzelVor Monat
  • Please Lord, help us save lives in this crisis. Send healing to us, send health to us, send compassion & love to our hearts, send balance to us, send peace to us, send protection covering to us, send many more blessings I know not of Amen and amen. ⚘💚🙂😎

    J. ParrishJ. ParrishVor Monat
    • Amen

      TRE45ONTRE45ONVor Monat

      Peace DovePeace DoveVor Monat
    • Thank you, God bless you🙏💞🌹

      Heart & SoulHeart & SoulVor Monat
    • oh dear fairy in the sky

      db sixdb sixVor Monat
  • This will last TWO YEARS. Every pandemic lasted two years. So get used to self isolation and self distancing. Once the curve flattens, it don't mean its over, it means the curve can go up if ppl mix again. So it can take to flatten the curve, then keep it flat. Then not allow ppl into the country for 1 year. and NO international travel. In fact all travel will be stopped for two years. And that two years included a vaccine and human trails and general roll out. The cure is TWO YEARS LONG!

    Darrell PowellDarrell PowellVor Monat
    • Omg we’re doomed!

      S P Y D R FILMZ / V E R T E X - 9S P Y D R FILMZ / V E R T E X - 9Vor Monat
    • Very well said Darrel very informative knowledge has been shared by you I have gathered a little bit news for this virus too plz like and subscribe my channel too

      Rosie MateRosie MateVor Monat
    • @db six Please research the pandemics over the last 300 years, they all had massive death tolls and they lasted two years. The thing is.. Governments won't tell us the truth, they'll keep us all cosy with hopes and aspirations. The best thing to do is do the hand washing and self distancing. This is a long game and stay safe.

      Darrell PowellDarrell PowellVor Monat
    • Darrell Powell spot on

      Bunny BubsBunny BubsVor Monat
    • @Martine Mikita The world is 200 countries with 7.5 billion ppl in it. And not everyone's going to be immune for COVID-19 in 6 months time. The world will need a vaccine and that takes 2 years to make public for that 7.5 billion people. BUT in the mean time we'll all have to self distance and self isolate until then. Make no mistake, this pandemic is no joke to our society. If there is hurd immunity that still won't mean you'll be able to travel abroad as other countries will place priority on who can and can't come in. Thanks for the chat. STAY

      Darrell PowellDarrell PowellVor Monat
Coronavirus News: The latest on the covid-19 outbreak - 3/30 (FULL LIVE STREAM)