Coronavirus: Iran's deputy health minister tests positive as outbreak worsens - BBC News

Several European countries have announced their first coronavirus cases, with all appearing to be linked to the growing outbreak in Italy.
Austria, Croatia and Switzerland said the cases involved people who had been to Italy, as did Algeria in Africa.
The first positive virus test has been recorded in Latin America - a Brazilian resident just returned from Italy.
Italy has in recent days become Europe's worst-affected country, with more than 300 cases and 11 deaths.
But its neighbours have decided closing borders would be "disproportionate".
Health ministers from France, Germany, Italy and the EU Commission committed to keeping frontiers open at a meeting on Tuesday as new cases of the virus emerged throughout Europe and in central and southern Italy.
"We're talking about a virus that doesn't respect borders," said Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza.
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Iran's deputy health minister and an MP have both tested positive for the new coronavirus, as it struggles to contain an outbreak that has killed 15.
The country is one of three hot-spots outside China causing concern that the virus could be becoming a pandemic.
The deputy minister, Iraj Harirchi, on Monday denied covering up the scale of the outbreak. He appeared in physical discomfort as he spoke to reporters.
Iran has reported 95 cases, but the actual number is thought to be higher.
The director general of the World Health Organization (WHO) has said the sudden increase in cases in countries outside China is "deeply concerning".
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Tuesday that Washington was concerned that Iran may have concealed "vital details" about its outbreak and urged all nations to "tell the truth about the coronavirus".
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    ahmad jambiahmad jambiVor 2 Tage
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    Mevine VenMevine VenVor 2 Tage
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    Ashmad OlayadihaAshmad OlayadihaVor 3 Tage
  • Some Stupid health minister ! Where did you get your education ? In a seminary school ?

    MMVor 3 Tage
  • Today 27-03-2020 what about his condition now???

    Murali DharMurali DharVor 3 Tage
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  • Don't worry' you will be alright U guys are great God bless you

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  • If this is not a reason to trust politicians and the gov't then I don't know what is. They don't know anything and cannot admit it. The question is, can people listen to science?

    MelvinMelvinVor 13 Tage
  • "Mike Pompeo said that Washington was concerned that Iran may have concealed vital details about its outbreak and urged that Iran tell the truth about the coronavirus..." you declared war on their country and created this bio weapon to kill its peoples. Now you are "concerned"... your intentions is very cruel and evil. Does seeing these satellite images of mass graves in Iran makes you people happy... ? if it does, may your own virus kill you too. I'm going to be an ENCHANTRESS here... When you going to die, may your death makes you cries with heart aches, every breath you take and every move you make are in pains. in your last moment, may your skin start peeling and itching as your body tries to rid itself of sun-damaged cells...

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  • All the images, videos and statistics released by the Iranian government are lies and covert demonstrations. It is only a lie to produce photos and videos for the news. The government makes no effort Iran still does not take serious action. Religious cities and places such as Qom and Mashhad are still open. Shops and shops are still open. Still, many of Iran's tourist cities, such as Rasht, Gilan, Mazandaran, Isfahan, and Tabriz, are open and commuters are on their way. Force (sepah pasdaran) All medical items: Medical gloves. Mask types. Alcohol and disinfectant collected from all over the country. And they don’t give it to the people. People barely and rarely at very expensive prices on the black market They buy masks, gloves and alcohol And they intend to sell these items to other countries. The corona virus became widespread in the parliamentary elections and marches (۲۲ bahman), the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. The Iranian government hid and denied the virus to encourage people to participate in the march of revolution and parliamentary elections. The Iranian government did not cut ties with China for political lobbying, and after flying with China, the airline (mahan) made many flights to China, causing the virus to spread widely and continue to fly. While the Iranian people need medical supplies. The Iranian government sends them to China. More than a hundred medical staff in Iran have died due to lack of basic medical facilities. The government is digging many graves The government does not provide hospitals and medical centers with medical items such as scrubs, gloves, antiseptic alcohol, even paper towels. The government is reluctant to quarantine the country. And there is no closure of public places. Government Offices of Shops, Companies, Factories, Manufactures. stores. Shopping and recreation centers and pilgrimages are open and have no orders to close. Failure to close. Due to fear of financial and economic loss to the government. For the Iranian government, money is far more important than human life Iran is completely lying and censoring statistics. The death toll is far higher. New Year is coming in Iran and humanitarian catastrophe is near The Iranian government is a corrupt government. He is a supporter of terrorism and war It kills people, destroys them. It doesn't matter to people's health and life

    arta tajiarta tajiVor 18 Tage
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    小强AIR小强AIRVor 19 Tage
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  • There was 50 million cases of the flu last year 20 thousand dead Bullshit

    south shoresouth shoreVor 21 Tag
  • The best way to prevent panic is to tell the truth. Trump is the USA's president. Putin, Xi, Modi. We're fucked.

    bisquitnspankybisquitnspankyVor 21 Tag
  • From Xi to Trump, the dictators and wannabe dictators all want to hide the truth for selfish reasons. One thing this Iranian guy had right is that quarantine is not a solution, just one of many tools that can only slow the virus down. It cannot be stopped, just dealt with.

    bisquitnspankybisquitnspankyVor 21 Tag
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    Elijah McgeeElijah McgeeVor 23 Tage
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    M. Glenn BaxterM. Glenn BaxterVor 23 Tage
Coronavirus: Iran's deputy health minister tests positive as outbreak worsens - BBC News