Coronavirus: 159 more deaths in England - BBC News

The number of people who have died in England after contracting coronavirus is now 1,284, a rise of 159, NHS England said.
Those who died were aged between 32 and 98 years old.
Almost all patients had underlying health conditions - the four people who did not were aged between 56 and 87 years old.
NHS England confirmed their families had been informed.
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  • Fake News

    Therion L KnightTherion L KnightVor Monat
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣inselaffen verreckt Deutschland Deutschland

    Michael KabusMichael KabusVor Monat
  • Its Gods punishment for sinful humans. I'm so happy

    ArielArielVor Monat
  • oh dear ignorance is bliss as they say not these days over coronvirus,theres enough being force fed us on it all. after a gp phone no visits these day to gps allowed..ended up needing one of those spiiva respimat things.due to 3 lots of pencilling not working and a abnormal xray weeks ago.causing breathing problems and a cough cant get rid of.basically get out breath doing the simplest of tasks. so had to go to chemist or try to.the assistant soon stepped back when i was coughing.due to the walk.but i did have a mask on and gloves.i turned ny head away when coughed .she had no gloves mask.looking round nor did any other of the staff to.but she put gel on her hands to show me how to use the inhaler.wonder if anything more she may have passed on.not wearing gloves.dealing with lots of customers.i stood to the side out the way waiting for customer bent over her counter and right in her face.asked for his protectioon customer had no gloves and no mask either. so will; the inhaler help my breathing problem.or will i just end up with a risk of the virus from paying a visit to the chemist. lets see what fete decides.

    half manxhalf manxVor Monat
  • Secret herd immunity plan???

    hindu activisthindu activistVor Monat
  • @PvWk Solution to Defeat corona virus

    factsin60 secondsfactsin60 secondsVor Monat
  • @PvWk Solution to Defeat corona virus

    factsin60 secondsfactsin60 secondsVor Monat
  • @PvWk Solution to Defeat corona virus

    factsin60 secondsfactsin60 secondsVor Monat
  • @PvWk Solution to Defeat corona virus

    factsin60 secondsfactsin60 secondsVor Monat
  • @PvWk Solution to Defeat corona virus

    factsin60 secondsfactsin60 secondsVor Monat
  • @PvWk Solution to Defeat corona virus

    factsin60 secondsfactsin60 secondsVor Monat
  • looks like uk and scotland has to be abandoned due to its highest old age people (greay generation countries)in world... it ill overtake all of uk soon.. u need to leave the country asap if u hv a way.. all the rich already left in silence .. uk deaths rates are way way more.. media not putting out due to control panic in people ... and to keep stock markets steady ... which is crucial.. all i hear is the boosting measures for economy from last few weeks but not a lot is being done for people ... ESP in UK...i pray we get rid of this deadly virus... it makes me very sad

    tony stony sVor Monat
  • Struggling with testing kits ....EU Dream is over ....Virus comes along all of sudden your friends don’t want your money they want to keep their produce n products for their own people....China Lies over Life’s ....never to be trusted again ....All the Factories we closed down so we could import @ China prices to charge UK prices well were paying the price now....

    FlemtasticFlemtasticVor Monat
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  • 像Malaysian 根本就是不需要在哪里开厂还是公司!改用现代化“网购定购方式做交易!!

    Ng Lian chuanNg Lian chuanVor Monat
  • 像我European countries 工厂的员工只“聘请“哪个国家公民“而已!不请“移民还是外捞”!这个不是种族歧视!而是“尊重“哪个国家“公民”权利!不像Malaysian political and 企业家为了聘请外捞!公开还是一直都在暗中说Malaysian 懒!

    Ng Lian chuanNg Lian chuanVor Monat
  • Boris, hope your doing well mate! We, all us isolated and people in fear, would all like to know about incomming planes from risky areas and nobody is being tested. 25 from New York? Please explain to the nation rapid

    DJ OnfonsteenDJ OnfonsteenVor Monat

    DJ OnfonsteenDJ OnfonsteenVor Monat
  • 这样子印度人看起来比较高级!可以跟别人说“你看清楚我吃的喝的用的“都比你们贵!I'm so high class'$

    Ng Lian chuanNg Lian chuanVor Monat

    amoonrayamoonrayVor Monat
  • The United Kingdom is too far gone.

    vsboy 25vsboy 25Vor Monat
  • A new world order of bio warfare. Obvious it's manmade. More to come in the future! Ah well we save the planet at least

    roland galloneroland galloneVor Monat
  • A single death is hard, hundreds of thousands deaths is real TRAGIC..It is such a difficult time for us all ...Please God 🙏 hope its over and I hope that a VACCINE will be invented soon🙏 . TOGETHER we can fight this virus....🙏🙏🙏Watch this video to find out where 😆 the COVID 19 started,myths and facts 😆 An interesting & must know video 👉Watch now 👉

    Digital Marketing LightDigital Marketing LightVor Monat
  • half manx 41 seconds ago Antibody test could become vital weapon against coronavirus

    half manxhalf manxVor Monat
  • +++eillllll+++ 13 jähriger Junge seit über einer Woche vermisst

    The Life of MBThe Life of MBVor Monat
  • So how many people died from just the Corona virus? Not people who died with it as there is a big difference in dieing from it and dieing with it and that skews the figures which suits the agenda.. WAKE TO FUK UP!!

    auto sparkauto sparkVor Monat
  • It's the 5G towers, our corrupt government are frying you with high-level radiation, and are experimenting with staying in, which is CONTROL!!! When there take is over we will still see this control because it works! When the have been other virus's, did they say ANOTHER PERSON HAS TESTED POSITIVE..... NO! YOUR DOCTOR PROBABLY JUST SAID OH YOU HAVE GOT FLU!.

    BradBradVor Monat
  • Family-only funerals As part of the lockdown introduced on March 23, funerals can still go ahead to prevent a backlog building up - but with attendance limited to immediate family. Closed coffins prevent families from seeing a loved one who may have died alone in hospital, or kissing them goodbye. And limiting attendance at funerals will upset relatives and friends of the deceased who cannot physically attend. to allow greater flexibility as pressures on the system increase - and to curb the rate of virus transmission - the Coronavirus Act also allows funeral directors to register deaths, and for documentation to be submitted electronically. When doctors certify the cause of death for COVID-19 victims, the rule that a second doctor must also check this and provide a confirmatory certificate has also been relaxed to speed things up. Deaths by certain diseases trigger jury inquests as a matter of law. Jury members hear evidence and can return conclusions where there are questions over how the deceased died. But the act removes the legal requirement for jury inquests into confirmed or suspected COVID-19 deaths, Local authorities have been given extensive powers under the new act to ensure that bodies are treated with care and respect and that the system does not become overwhelmed.In the UK, local authorities can now request that organisations help them transport and store bodies. Additional facilities can also be set up to handle the volume of deaths -- though it is hoped this won’t involve converting an ice rink into a temporary morgue, as authorities in Madrid were forced to do if you see a ice ring going up in your town centre,its not for skating......its a temp morgue

    half manxhalf manxVor Monat
  • Testing for who has had it before? the Koreans have confirmed you can catch it again after recovering so what will proving you had it once do?

    AaronAaronVor Monat
  • Condolences to all those who have by touched by this terrible disease.

    ejwis1ejwis1Vor Monat
  • Fact! This happened in your country.. the UK in 1950-1970's In the link below The Guardian newspaper shows Released documents from the government showing categorically that the UK government admit to poisoning parts of the UK with Biological Germ/Virus warfare to see what would happen to people. Note these are Government released papers! To the sceptics out there that dont believe Coronavirus 'could' be man made read

    john marchardsjohn marchardsVor Monat
  • America's now the world virus country of the world

    William White cloudWilliam White cloudVor Monat
  • Hug a Chinese campaign was started by Chinese government supported politicians and media houses of Italy and Chinese communist government owns many blue chip companies shares this shows how they exploits other countries 😠😠😠😠😠

    Amit SinghAmit SinghVor Monat
  • Just a reminder that anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 Englishmen and women die yearly to flu, mainly within a 3-5 month period every year.

    The Colony MakerThe Colony MakerVor Monat
  • June 2020 will be the worst month with 6000 deads a week, after that numbers will slowly less.

    videosvideosVor Monat
  • 31 MARCH 2020 • 2:31PM NHS trusts have been ordered to use any spare coronavirus tests on frontline staff, as Downing Street signalled its frustration that “additional capacity” may be going to waste. --------------------------------------- Nearly 3,000 migrant doctors, nurses and paramedics plus their family members are to have their visas extended for a year to assist the fight against coronavirus, the Home Office has announced. The extension, which is free of charge, will apply to about 2,800 NHS staff whose visas are due to expire before 1 October. The Home Office said it has also lifted the restriction on the amount of hours student nurses and doctors can work in the NHS, while pre-registered overseas nurses who are currently required to sit their first skills test within three months and to pass the test within eight months, will have this deadline extended to the end of the year as well. This will give overseas nurses more time to pass their exams, while they spend the immediate term working on the frontline. ------------------------------------------ All the major supermarkets restricted customers to buying fixed amounts of individual items to keep shelves full. Aldi is now scrapping limits completely on all but a few items, while Morrisons and Waitrose have also removed some limits and changed others. Meanwhile, grocery sales in the UK were at record levels in March. Aldi customers will be able to buy as many as they want of most items in its stores ------------------------------------- wales........ Flights are being scrapped, free bus travel stopped and millions being pumped into public transport to stop it collapsing. Services have already been reduced but today further steps have been announced, as well as millions of pounds of funding to help sustain struggling services. Demand for bus services in some areas has fallen by 90% and train services have seen a vastly reduced number of passengers. The public transport network in Wales should now only be used by key workers, such as health professionals, in providing essential support for communities ------------------------------------- Testing kits that are due to arrive in the UK were found to have been contaminated with coronavirus, according to reports. components ordered from Eurofins, a company based in Luxembourg, had been contaminated with Covid-19. The report claims that Eurofins has warned laboratories in the UK that a delivery of parts referred to as ‘probes and primers’ had been contaminated. Eurofins said that the issue can be resolved by ‘proper cleaning’ but admitted the discovery would result in a delay. --------------------------------------- The UK's coronavirus death toll is higher than previously announced, new figures reveal this morning. Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) says the killer bug contributed to 40 additional deaths before March 20. The new figures include Covid-19 victims who did not die in hospitals. A report published this morning says 210 deaths mention Covid-19 on the death certificate by that date. This is 23% higher than the 170 coronavirus-related deaths NHS England and Public Health Wales had announced up to that point. If this pattern has been replicated in the 10 days since, the true death toll could be significantly higher than the 1,408 announced yesterday by the Department for Health and Social Care. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOUSEHOLDS are being told to keep torches and warm clothing nearby in case of blackouts during the coronavirus lockdown. The warning comes as energy firms across the UK put a pause on non-essential work, in line with latest Government advice. UK Power Networks is advising households on how to stay warm in the event of a blackout. The advice includes keeping “a torch handy” as well as dressing warmly in several layers, including a hat, gloves and blanket. Homes are also told to keep doors closed in unused rooms to help reduce heat loss inside. The letter adds: "It's especially important to keep warm if you are unwell, less mobile or very young."

    half manxhalf manxVor Monat
  • People are putting up there Christmas tree to support the NHS. It's amazing. #xmasforNHS

    Redmi RedmiRedmi RedmiVor Monat

  • Don't take your car to take the dog out because if it breaks down and they can't fix it , I'm sure RAC. etc. wouldn't want you in the cab with them.

    Individual ThinkerIndividual ThinkerVor Monat
  • Stay home everywhere.

    Nadeeka LakmaliNadeeka LakmaliVor Monat
  • What was the cause of death? They never say die of or due to Coronavirus. They say x number of people who tested positive have died.

    Tom NixonTom NixonVor Monat
  • Im stopping listening to any news of this virus everyone else should do the same its getting out of hand with news reporters ( scaremungers ) and they get paid for it . Im just pressing ( NOT INTERESTED ) sick hearing about it

    Flags DefendersFlags DefendersVor Monat
  • Tell us about the much higher numbers who recovered too. Oh wait, no tests, mean they recover unofficially. My bad

    Born2Fight4PAINBorn2Fight4PAINVor Monat
  • Where they ethnic English people or those here to colonise us, if they were english that's a tragedy, if not, oh well.

    Offa EnglecynnOffa EnglecynnVor Monat
  • Give Cloroquine to the people who are high risk where possible france and America have approved this after succesful trials these anti malarial drugs are available over the counter without prescription !!

    The DudeThe DudeVor Monat
  • what about the 60 deaths and the 1933 confirmed cases in scotland

    Play that funky music White boyPlay that funky music White boyVor Monat
  • RIP would soot yous better to sort this out !the UK had plenty of warning with China and Italy ,but yous kept the flights still open ?!also the Germans seem to be dealing with this pandemic better than anyone !!

    Lainey MccollLainey MccollVor Monat
  • Forgive me if I'm wrong but is the name of your company BRITISH BROADCASTING or ENGLISH BROADCASTING???? do people in scotland, Ireland and Wales not get bumped stupid with your tv license fees too????? Disgusting attitude from the main stream media!!!! I know more about what is happening in America than I do my own country, you are DISGUSTING

    nicola Brownnicola BrownVor Monat
  • We need to start testing. 16 professionals in our department self isolating. Also roughly 20% of covid-19 patients are asymptomatic. The answer. TEST TEST TEST. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Julie RadladyJulie RadladyVor Monat
  • Lies lies and more lies wake up people

    Heart based research to a journey withinHeart based research to a journey withinVor Monat
  • No reliable testing as yet wake up ppl

    jake taylorjake taylorVor Monat
  • Look at Covid -19 Virus Conspiracy by Dr Rashid A. Buttar on youtube.

    Arty InnesArty InnesVor Monat
  • how many people dies on the road accidents in a scale of 3 months or how many people dies because of the ordinary flu - 159 is impossible to relate to anything to see the scale give us data to which we can realate this 159

    John LockJohn LockVor Monat
  • 1421 death

    Mohammad Ekramul HaqueMohammad Ekramul HaqueVor Monat
  • Bro you good why you blinking so much

    Ben ApplebyBen ApplebyVor Monat
  • England England this coronavirus is going to expose the real division in the UNITED KINGDOM all I know is the poor will remain poor and will bare the brunt of this

  • Underlining health issues??? Or just lying!!! PLANDEMIC

    Tommy CTommy CVor Monat
  • Are you in Coma ! The Government know about the coronavirus long time ago BUT No pre-arranging, no good plans for the average citizen... Only they thinking about money money money .. Words words words...

    sugar free. csugar free. cVor Monat
  • We all took life for granted and our economy n civilisation is crumbling shit it feels like a film or some shit cant go pub anymore

    K HK HVor Monat
  • The doctors don't have enough for their works.

    Mamadou BendaloueMamadou BendaloueVor Monat
  • Among the 1,284 some of them may be hardworking civil servants, some of the hospitals don't have enough. From the UK innocent deportee in Ghana Mr Mamadou Bendaloue. Morton Hall IRC and Colnbrook IRC I'm still a deportee in Ghana.

    Mamadou BendaloueMamadou BendaloueVor Monat
  • This isn't a virus this is punishment so repent to God to stop this no human can stop this

    i love unicorns Xxi love unicorns XxVor Monat
  • The nations that have insulted the Prophets of God- Jesus, Moses or Muhammad; please REPENT NOW! Hope God will have mercy on you.

    Spiritus MundiSpiritus MundiVor Monat
  • This really sad hope it ends soon this is not nice R.I.P all the people are died 😪

    Mich OseiMich OseiVor Monat
  • Prince Charles had it and he’s ok

    Just SayingJust SayingVor Monat
  • They should say there ages and if they had other illnesses which caused there deaths and not the virus...don’t cause panic with false claims

    Just SayingJust SayingVor Monat
  • “20 TRILLION DOLLARS Lawsuit against China.” “”A law firm in the United States is filing a law suit against Chinese Government 🇨🇳. They are suing Chinese authorities for 20 TRILLION DOLLARS. lawyer Larry Klayman and his advocacy group Freedom Watch along with Texas company Buzz Photos have filed the lawsuit against the Chinese government. They claim coronavirus is the result of a biological weapon prepared by the Chinese authorities. They have accused China of aiding and abetting death, provision of material support to terrorists, conspiracy to cause injury and death of US citizens, negligence, wrongful death, and assault and battery. The plaintiffs stated that the COVID-19 virus was "designed" by China to kill mass populations. "it was designed to be used against the general population of one or more of China's perceived enemy nations, such as the United States."

    B BB BVor Monat
  • THE UK NUMBERS ARE NONSENSE that is why people are not taking it seriously because in a country with 100 million people it doesn't worry people in rural communities and why would it? 15 people in every 1 Million will die?? THAT is well below the normal daily mortality rate of old age in Britain so............. UNTIL some FRIGHTENING NUMBERS are put up people will continue to IGNORE the advice and curfews put in place.

  • Love from Ireland...your in our taughts and prayers.

    William KennedyWilliam KennedyVor Monat
  • What are the numbers for those that have survived and gotten better from the virus? Because I'm betting it's 10x higher than those who have died. Why is lamestream media not covering this? Propaganda drivel trying to scare the mass. Thank fuck this brainwashing crap doesn't work on me.

    C McC McVor Monat
    • C Mc 104 recovered. The deaths are far higher than the recovered. Look it up.

      Whiterun GuardWhiterun GuardVor Monat
Coronavirus: 159 more deaths in England - BBC News