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  • helloOoOo FRIENDS

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    • I love you

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    • SSSniperWolf hi

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    • Hey! It’s your favourite French youtuber SSSniperwolf!

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    • Hi

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  • I have an treadmill charger

    Sadie MarkSadie MarkVor Tag
  • Fred from the government doesn't know everything about you . Its Fred from state farm.

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  • Epic garage the one we just saw

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  • Good garage

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  • Dumb parking garage

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  • Wow Whenever you said all of those things about your hair, it made me feel a bit better about myself because my hair gets greasy really fast and I have dandruff thanks for making my day, Lia :)

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  • We also have a scanner in the uk so when scan how much were spending

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  • The sink is in the uk all the time with soap an the dryer since 2009

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  • Israel inventions

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  • From the dryer...

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  • I've had that sink before and i was trying to wash my hand. so i had soap in my hands right i tried to get the water and the soap splattered all over my face

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  • Omg I saw that sink in BurgerFI 😂 thought it was super weird but it’s cool though 😂

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  • 0:15 I've actually seen one of these it was in Walmart in Louisiana

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  • Lol bun twinzzz

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  • Well, if it’s genius, what happens if it gets full of CARS Edit: I haven’t even watched the video I just know I fell asleep early one night and my sister took my phone because now I have random videos on my recommendations so someone explain pls ;-;

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    • You can't park there? Just like any car park..

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  • I seen that

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  • For the hair brush you can put it back in easily I have on for my dog and it is currently 3:56 am

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  • In a couple days (in Wednesday)I’m going back home to Louisiana! Right now I’m in Colorado! And it snowing right now! Can’t wait to go home though

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  • At 2:05 I covered my camera 😂🐺

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  • I used the dog water thingy

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  • drainwig has been out for like a year

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  • Lia: *"This is 2019 folks"* Me: *2019 that's almost over*

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    • Yea true

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  • I have a flip phone phew I obviously don’t but I have my iPhone 3 I’ll go on the toilet..

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  • Suitcase:bye me for 3000 dollars Me:bbbbeeettttt

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  • Also is the hairbrush something that’s actually on sale

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  • Is that suitcase actually for sale somewhere?

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  • Wait I used that exact sink today 😂

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  • I’ve been to that bathroom with that sink I used it yesterday lol 0:14

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  • Worker: may I see your ticket Me: I don’t have one I just need to use the restroom Worker: ok take a left Me: watches movie for free on toilet

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  • 8:22 In Croatia(i am from there) there are those traffic lights that show how much seconds you got till its green light or red light.

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  • I literally looked upside down and tried to see what was playing, looked like space.

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  • Awww lia looks pretty with her two buns I am big fan of you

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  • Hi

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  • My mom when she passes me watching Lia Mom:she so pretty Me:of course she is!! I’m my mind

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  • Mad iPhone 4 users have entered the chat

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  • I have an iPhone 5... IT DIES IN MOMENTS

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  • There is a treadmill charger

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  • They are not cynder blocks it is concrete blocks

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  • I used one of those sinks

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  • Can you plz react to daz games plz

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  • Hi I love you

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  • If you know that he’s watching you and you can’t see him back in he knows everything about you but you don’t know anything about him how do you know who’s watching you and how do you know his name is Fred from the government

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  • I’ve seen those ultimate sinks before

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  • Lia:all you got to do is pull this thingy and spawn a stoll wow Me: ;-; sitting on the floor middle of a lone

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  • Lol my dog refuses to drink water on walk too 😂

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  • My queen over here watches too much tiktok

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  • I love all your videos you are so funny my name is Hollie

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  • The sink one how do u refill

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  • the sit pack dus not work.we have one

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  • 2:50 nice renewable energy source everyone should have these

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  • Heat is energy so I guess that's how the heat charging thing works but the cold part doesn't make any sence because cold temperatures are loseing energy so idk that part

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  • I feel like the only one with a iPhone 4 😢 It doesn’t work I use an iPad instead

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  • checking again

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  • Lia looks so cute with the space buns

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  • "How does that make sense?" Lia and me at the same time: science

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  • the chair thing would revolutionize the school bus stop

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  • If I did had that movie theater that has one in the bathroom I would watch movies for free and not pay

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  • We have built in sink in singapore in new houses

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  • 9:39 starbucks has thoes sinks

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  • Literally on the treadmill right now 😂 and I wish that there was a such thing as a treadmill charger 😂🤣

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  • The shark wheels are longboard wheels Idk if they are the smoothest ever but I know when you are riding on a longboard with shark wheels you can ride over a fucked up street

  • I have the dog thing

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  • so we do have flying cars

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  • Princess laya hew

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  • sssniperwolf, if you’re reading this, can you be my BFF?❤️❤️❤️

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  • "That's pretty shitty, in a good way" - sssniperwolf 2019

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  • There is a red hulk. He’s not David banner though. He’s a colonel or something.

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