Conor McGregor's DEAD LEG Leads to Knockout at UFC 257 - Doctor Explains BRUTAL Leg Kicks!

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Conor McGregor was knocked out by Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 after a flurry of brutal leg kicks caused McGregor's leg to go dead and weak. Poirier ultimately won by knockout to defeat McGregor, but the leg kicks were really the star of the show to help give Poirier the victory. In this video we'll review the leg kicks and explain the anatomy that makes them so effective in MMA!
EDIT 4:45, these are NOT dermatomes. Dermatomes come from the spinal nerve root levels, these are just the distributions from sensory peripheral nerves.

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  • Will the UFC 257 performances be enough for Khabib to come out of retirement?? EDIT: 4:45, I mispoke in the moment, these are NOT dermatomes. Those are related to nerve root levels and not peripheral sensory nerves, which is what I am actually showing in the video. Just a difference of describing the cutaneous innervation from the sensory nerve (pictured) or the nerve root (L4, L5, etc) Also, bonus points for those that caught my orange/green background colors

    Brian Sutterer MDBrian Sutterer MDVor Monat
    • If it was not the leg it would have been something else b/c McGregor has never developed his abilities..... Professional Prize fighting at the Championship level is about Patience, Thinking under pressure & ADJUSTMENTS....... Of course mastery of fundamentals, technical skills & pure talent are Crucial but at the Highest Levels - Championship Level - these factors are given or the fighter would never be in a Main Event Conor simply does not possess these mental skills & that is why since he has moved to his Real weight class where opponents are the same size & he can no longer bully opposition he has been exposed as a one dimensional fighter who falls apart when his 1st round onslaught fails to work This was very obvious even when Conor was winning early in his career, Conor sets NO traps, there is No clue to his tactics in terms of tricking opponents by baiting them early in order to set something else up later in the fight & this is why Poirier was a perfect opponent to underline how stagnant Conor has been for Years now In short, Conor is the Exact same fighter he was years ago when he was fighting lower level or younger inexperienced foes & he could get away w/ his short cuts Poirier has developed beautifully since then, his footwork is outstanding, he is Always in a strong base w/ feet wide apart & his chin - even when he throws punches - is Safely behind his lead knee - this allows Dustin to always have a backdoor to escape or counter & b/c his technique is so good, even if he does get hit, his chin is not flying forward over that knee multiplying the power of McG's punches Think of baseball when a pitcher is throwing a 100 mph the batter just needs to make contact & the ball explodes off the bat - when your technique is poor & you are throwing power punches & an inexperienced fighter is emotional trying to get that extra on the punch his chin flies out way past his lead knee Conor being an excellent counter puncher always slips that punch or what is called a Pull Counter in Boxing, all your opponents weight flies forward on to his lead leg & his chin is in the kill zone so you merely need to Pull your head back to slip the punch & Counter and his own momentum basically KO's him on your nice, easy counter punch Remember when Conor 1st entered the UFC very few MMA fighters had any Boxing training - the Diaz Bro's were among the very few & they were devastating in stand up b/c of it - so was Conor Most MMA fighters would learn kick boxing fundamentals which are some killer techniques but kickboxing focuses more on Offense, the entire art of Boxing is about Avoiding contact through the use of proper footwork & movement that requires Perfect balance in order to avoid danger, maintain balance while Delivering violence & its one of the hardest things in the world to master Dustin has done a great job of Improving his Defensive abilities in stand up by using basic boxing fundamentals of footwork & even early when Conor was landing, Dustin was more often than not able to dampen the force of McG's power proper fundamentals And b/c Conor's fundamentals are So bad, he was often in a position where he was completely vulnerable to Poirier's counter offense - kicks, punches, take downs..... it was all there for Poirier b/c an increasingly frustrated McGregor began winging w/ jaw right there in the kill zone like a prize, his balance was off making him susceptible to the take down & his momentum from over punching left his body wide open for Dustin to use the calf kick.... Essentially, Poirier just took advantage of what Conor gave him He was patient, made adjustments on the fly & clinical in his total domination of Conor. Conversely, McGregor's only "Adjustment" was to continue to do the wrong things just Faster & we have ALL done this w/ something in out lives..... Its kind of like banging the TV or AC if its not working, or throwing a thing across the room if we get frustrated So while I luv the Doc's breakdown of the calf injury, Dustin would have won this fight in any numver of ways b/c he effectively neutralized Conor's One dimensional Offense..... For example, Dustin was timing Conor's favorite right, jab, straight Left, right hook combo by throwing a check hook from the south paw stance as a Counter punch - Dustin's Own Pull Counter of you will & he was landing it over & over again b/c Conor never adjusted & kept walking right into it, Dustin also used that great footwork to put him in a position to take Conor down after slipped Conor's punches In other words, because Dustin's footwork fundamentals were so good, he was able to slip or dampen Conor's Offense & Still be in a perfectly balanced position while Conor was flailing wildly & off balance & this left Poirier in a position to Choose Any one of several counter Offensive moves - in short, he could just pick off the menu - right hand check hook pull counter, inside calf kick counter, single or double leg take down off the counter In other words it did not matter what happened, Poirier was winning that fight b/c Conor has not developed his craft & Poirier has

      Thomas DauphanThomas DauphanVor Monat
    • ❤️ ❤️

      Valter DuarteValter DuarteVor Monat
    • Brian, his leg was dead and now his brain is dead...brain damage. Poirier did not win this fight, he is not better than Mcgregor. Mcgregor lost this fight himself by taking unnecessary hits/damage just to show off his tuffness.

      Ramiro DuranRamiro DuranVor Monat
    • Sure would b better if u quit making up words... Kicked him in the skiddly bop near the duggy bump nerve... All I wanna know is who learned u?

      Marty CollinsMarty CollinsVor Monat

      Roblox CeedayꪜRoblox CeedayꪜVor Monat
  • Poirier was able to kill McGregor calf. Image what Edson Barbosa would of done in his prime and even if he wasn't he would still MURDER Connors leg.

    GG M8TEGG M8TEVor 2 Tage
  • Not as dead as his carreer

    I SmithNwessonI SmithNwessonVor 4 Tage
  • Who else got sent here by Joe Rogan?

    Imocros TVImocros TVVor 8 Tage
    • @Brian Sutterer MD yes, there is a 11 min clip on DE-visions from 2 days ago mentioning this breakdown.

      Imocros TVImocros TVVor 7 Tage
    • From a recent pod?

      Brian Sutterer MDBrian Sutterer MDVor 8 Tage
  • i dont get why people dislike like he didnt do anything

    Cxmpz_49ersCxmpz_49ersVor 15 Tage
  • Doctor how long does it take to recover from calf kicks ??

    Naif KsaNaif KsaVor 18 Tage
  • Watching the foot drop after effect of calf kicks is always wild

    H HillH HillVor 19 Tage
  • His leg really was a bellewn 🎈

    wardy2cwardy2cVor 23 Tage
  • Mcchiken

    3knwest Os3knwest OsVor 24 Tage
  • His drive and hunger has been dampened by the money and fame if he fought chandler now he wouldn't last a round cos hes hungry for the fame money and stardom connor needs to pick his next 2 fights very cleverly otherwise another loss he will fade into a has been

    Neil BuckardNeil BuckardVor 26 Tage
  • I really feel he will lose the triology with dustin and nate at this time

    Neil BuckardNeil BuckardVor 26 Tage
  • Too much money takes away the hunger

    Neil BuckardNeil BuckardVor 26 Tage
  • Connor has his fingers in too many pies hes lost his way in ufc through too many distractions sad but true

    Neil BuckardNeil BuckardVor 26 Tage
  • What program is that. It looks amazing

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  • Play ufc game. Kick spam wins. Stupid af

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  • yeah im sure he doesn't make enough money being a doctor, hes also gotta have paid sponsors in his DE-visions videos.... hopefully hes not living paycheck to paycheck now...

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  • Hey Doc do you think having a reasonably bigger calf would be better or worse for taking calf kicks?

    Mara ThomasMara ThomasVor Monat
  • 😂 if you take that, every part of human can get hurt, you have to fight smart to don’t get hurt. Cause always one guy winning the other is loosing. Special when you are rich than Dana White and will think it’s ok to let get hurt, I can buy new leg 😂

    Azizjon JuraevAzizjon JuraevVor Monat
  • I always go for the lower legs first. I just put everything I have in the first 2-3. Once the tingling sensation starts, its already to late, damage done.

    Headkick KoHeadkick KoVor Monat
  • math

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  • Too much Proper 12 did it...!!!!!!😁😁😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂🐖

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  • Why the dislikes?

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    • Butthurt Conor fans

      ricky jricky jVor 15 Tage
  • Now its going to be the leg kick strategy era in UFC. Everybody targeting the legs. Remember the past? When they just fought with no rules apart from the basic ones..... The sport is becoming a strategic science war

    QbanWay 88QbanWay 88Vor Monat
  • justin did exactly what he had to do, mad respect, i love connor McGregor but that dude really got so much better! he took the leg tactic from connor, which is smart, slow him down and don’t allow him to give those deadly kicks.

    New Age CinematicsNew Age CinematicsVor Monat
  • Why not just have legg kick fights like in elementary school?

    Sean RodawaySean RodawayVor Monat
  • Everyone's got a plan, until you get punched in the calf

    Violent_BebopViolent_BebopVor Monat
  • Ass-kissing fangirls. Obviously this man also has a soft chin. Or not. Defeat comes to all. It was the leg kicks, the punches, and Dustin's overall better game plan.

    Markus EMarkus EVor Monat
  • Almost 1m views. Almost 500k subs. Congrats on your channel, Briain. Ive been here since the beginning. Im happy to see you grow like this. Also, what do you think about these kicks and long term damage to the knee and other structures? Do you think they are too debilitating? Should they be looked at? This is coming from someone who has had 5 knee replacements and revisions. I know pain. It sucks. CTE sucks too, but you only get one set of wheels too.

    Keith MikellKeith MikellVor Monat
  • Loving your breakdowns doc! there was another baaad UFC injury in November. Ramiz Brahimaj had his ear torn almost completely off from a strike, I'd love to hear how permanent an injury like that could be. Keep up the great work 🤜🤛

    Ænima-niacÆnima-niacVor Monat
  • Nerve is no joke!

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  • King of ufc conor Mcgregor ❤👑

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  • Those low kicks should be banned.

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  • Just got over same injury, it fucks with the whole leg.

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  • His not a doctor he works for mc nuggetts

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  • Can you please explain 'ballo0n foot' next? Thanks!

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  • I love the minor detail of the skeleton always wearing a different shirt for the sport

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  • I was kick there while playing football in school, the moment I got kicked I dropped down, I couldn’t stand on that leg super painful, and my leg remained constrained for a month. I couldn’t stretch my leg.

    MauricioMauricioVor Monat
  • He got kicked in the side of the shin and it went numb. Any questions?

    Fancy AnimalFancy AnimalVor Monat
  • Breaking News McGregor getting hit repeatedly in a fight leads to McGregor losing said fight via KO

    Kique VegaKique VegaVor Monat
  • When I was a kid we used to knee each other in the side of the thigh and yell "DEAD LEG!" as a joke. The Indian sunburn and smiley face burn were also used regularly to inflict pain on each other. Boys...

    Doc 23Doc 23Vor Monat
  • How could you even stand with a dead leg or calf? He lost and that is no excuse. Bunch of bullcrap

    Slickster481Slickster481Vor Monat
  • It wasnt the calf... It was the ego lol

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  • McGregor is wild horse Dustin was no where near his kick was not has power to hurt It was not McGregor day Dustin is champion end of day

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  • Lets forget about punched in the face

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  • I found your channel after the KC game. I really enjoy your break downs of injury's it really helps to understand the servarity of what happened.

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  • Powerful leg kick.I may be wrong but I think it was first used by Muay Thai fighters.

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    • I'm so glad I found this channel

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  • Whatssup Doc, great content. Thanks 👍

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  • My ex-wife always kicked me on the outside of my lower leg. I thought it was pretty weird that she wanted an anatomy book for our first Christmas together.

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  • What in can't fathom is how many fighters can continue fighting after receiving far more lower leg kicks.

    Bat FinkBat FinkVor Monat
  • mcgregor kicked the crap out of diaz leg in part 2 and still went after conor all the way the 5th round lol

    • This guy isn't even a proper doctor

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  • *me leg is dead

  • I never knew leg kicks are this damaging, this goes to show even in a street fight you would rather keep space and have a good slam at the leg than to wildly swing to the face

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  • Hey doc, you should have been a fighter ...

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  • It means that Poirier's fighting technic was right it caused damage, any reasons said but we knew Poirier finally won the fight. Respect the winner.

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  • Dam that food looks good. And great breakdown on the human anatomy.

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  • Long story short..... He lost

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  • You can see Conor McGregor in the back his body’s dead 💀

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  • I bet this dude prob celebrates when conor fights win or lose lol

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  • His calf was a factor but his cardio was also really bad. They should run it back though.

    Zachary TorresZachary TorresVor Monat
    • It was legit, there needs to be a title fight without Mcgregor because Mcgregor only has one win at Lightweight so why is he relevant at Lightweight?

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  • I hurt this nerve over ten mouths ago and I still have hardly any movement out of my foot

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Conor McGregor's DEAD LEG Leads to Knockout at UFC 257 - Doctor Explains BRUTAL Leg Kicks!