CJ - Politics [Official Music Video]

Watch the official music video for Politics by CJ from the Loyalty Over Royalty EP.
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CJ is a rapper renowned for his hits “Whoopty,” “Bop,” and “Understood.” He worked with artists like French Montana, Busta Rhymes, and 6ix9ine - amassing over 4m fan Tik Tok videos and garnering critical acclaim.
Director: @fakedell
Executive Producer: @Hadi.shouse @durtyharry
Producer: @maxdmcguire
DP: @bbthedp
Steadicam: @royalevisionmedia
1stAC: @majid_m
2nd AC: @bydrozen
1st AD: @salfalcon3
Film Photography: @rigoshotme
Production Designer: @mikeyy_15 art director: @aemsimon
G&E: @specialpurposelightingandgrip
Grip: @chris.van.lieshout
Swing: Andrew Choe
Casting: @unitedcastingagency @theemelagoddess
HMUA: @diascyn
PAs: @ajestupinan @lilgabey
BTS: @slizzica
Colorist: @Ryan_h_berger
Gang, look
I said, "Fuck all the politics," uh
There ain't no scholarships
Me and my niggas robbin' shit, clappin' shit
Niggas droppin' shit, uh
I tell 'em, "Spin back," uh
This ain't no diss track, look
But I got a big bag
I tell my hitters, "Go hit that," look
What's that? Gossip, uh
See him in person, they not with the problems
I need profits
All of my bitches, they dress in designer
I can't stop it, uh
They feelin' my bop and they know that I'm poppin'
If there's beef
Pass me the grip and I'm bustin' the rocket, ayy
SSO and that's to my day go
She know I'm lit, fuego
I stay on the block like LEGO, uh
Fuck that, what's that?
I'm callin' a blitz, better rush that
Touch that, trust that
I shoot first, I don't bust back, look
Huh, and we gettin' busy, nigga, uh
I run the city, nigga, uh
I'm feelin' gritty, nigga, look
Us, us, huh, never them
It's a hundred niggas that I'm better than
Got the pack, tell 'еm, "Send it in" (Gang)
I said, "Fuck all the politics," uh
Therе ain't no scholarships
Me and my niggas robbin' shit, clappin' shit
Niggas droppin' shit, uh
I tell 'em, "Spin back," uh
This ain't no diss track, look
But I got a big bag
I tell my hitters, "Go hit that," look
What's that? Gossip, uh
See him in person, they not with the problems
I need profits
All of my bitches, they dress in designer
I can't stop it, uh
They feelin' my bop and they know that I'm poppin'
If there's beef
Pass me the grip and I'm bustin' the rocket, ayy
And we gettin' busy, nigga, uh
I run the city, nigga, uh
I'm feelin' gritty, nigga, look
Us, us, huh, never them
It's a hundred niggas that I'm better than
Got the pack, tell 'em, "Send it in," gang
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  • Listen Mr CJ I'm going to make this very very clear to you Mr Cruz which obviously I don't know if you got produced by whoever Mr French Montana or wherever which I know he is too I'm pretty sure he has a page too I make it very clear I'm grown and that's something you are you don't mind me you're not my man anywhere my man you still wouldn't write me you give me whatever I want when it comes to money or anything else you make sure that you give me I have money for my hair and my nails toes whatever else I want and her clothes or whatever else or what cuz I'm still very much a woman and you know that already so I'll make it clear to okay for what I'm hearing little rumors and I'm going to say I don't even say what I'm here but at the end of the day I talk to whatever I want even if you know him anyway mad if you did or not person you never see me you don't have any pictures of me or anything and whatever picture you may have seen you may have seen it and that's that obviously you must think I'm cute if you do see any kind of picture I don't know but I can leave you that a little bit description it's all red tall just like your talk with you looking at you you seem like you might be a few inches taller than me all together don't look like there's a mess short about you me between 5:11 and 6 ft light brown eyes they're my eyes because they are that's all you need to know anyways curly jet black hair it's all around and thick so serve and big booty and breasts and woman I really really like you and it's not the fact I won't give you a chance it's obvious that you don't seem like you might be a bad guy what make clear whatever you want any other man I'm talking to her here that's my business also make clear I've never met anything as a man on DE-visions even if she's just someone on whatever chat you know about that too but I guess you can make pot chat with whoever else on this including slip as well so make it really clear I'm grown I talked to I want to you have potential to be that which is at you do have potential to be other than that but as of right now that's something you're not just like you can talk to who you should feel like you should talk to whoever you want to talk to or whatever you got going on but in day eventually we should we should be able to meet I know you're not from Orlando neither am I but I live in Orlando and make clear eventually maybe I will show you around but no half the stuff that you rap about you're talking about groupies and all the stuff that's something I would never pick made clear I'm going to pick it make it very good to you please pick what you talk about in your song everybody's not a groupie I understand you're very much a man and I very much a woman I used to have me and so do I but nothing about me as a group but I really would like to get tonight Mr CJ so therefore you have reply Mr Cruz Mr Cruz but I really want to do like you this is my reply Sabrina Mason which me whoever else same person but I'm anything anything other than that at the day I am grown I'm grown at the end of the day listen I am grown at the end of the dayI'm not one of those type of females or any one type of woman that would use you for whatever you got cuz I get my own money as well so therefore that's not an issue for me I may not be a famous rapper or anything famous yet but have been shot probably will be I'm a clothing designer and I have two degrees kiss me certified CNA and RN which is a nursing assistant RN is a registered nurse and on the other one I the other one I don't have all my business customer fitting clothing customer clothing dresses and gowns including prom dresses and other things as well including my own photography business I'll let you know now just because you're famous and you have money that's not something that concerns me if there's anything you feel if whenever we do meet that you feel you would want to do for me you do that because something you want to do I can't make anybody do anything I want to make clear if I'm truly what you want you know what's up and so do I make it clear bye

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CJ - Politics [Official Music Video]