Car Salesman Shames Poor Man And Instantly Regrets It

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  • Wait first it was 10,000. Then 350,000

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  • Pretty sure 3/4 of those actors were in the open house video with the same plot

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  • I would dress kinda poor if I was rich And be like YEAH IM BUYING THE CAR CAN I HAVE IT NOW?!?

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  • oH, sO YoUrE gIviNg Me AdVicE nOw? When he sees he ain't selling da car: 0_0

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  • Once I witnessed this happen to someone else and one of the workers literally screamed WHY ARE YOU HELPING THAT PERSEN THERE POOR and the other worker screamed DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER and the persen who looked rich literally had 1,000 dollars and the persen that looked poor had 10 MILLION dollars

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  • When they said their names. I thought of jake Paul

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  • "im jake" PAUL

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  • "Hi I'm Jake" "Hi I'm Paul" Jake Paul originates

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  • I KNOW ITS ACTING IT GETTS ME MAD THO. Poor man he’s black mot gonna lie I like black ppl I have a friend and she is black and I love her

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  • Rich person that I met: Ahahaha Me: ACTUALLY ahaha he is a millionaire Him: No he isn’t Me: look at his house...your a rich person and can’t even afford a house like thaaaat... Him: ... Me: *walks away super confident*

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  • 2:18 The car was like I am a dude sir Jake: this is my friend Paul Me:bruh u met him a minute ago

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  • in Belgium you have to help everyone even if the rich person is in last place

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  • 350$??

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  • Hey I tough it was 10,000 thousand dollars

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  • At the beginning he said that it was $10,000

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  • That car salesmen looked like a wrestler Matt riddle or a singer to me

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  • I'm no Einstein or anything, but when he said, "That's the look I'm going for" and "I need people to think I'm rich", that should have raised a red flag.

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  • I've had to tell myself, "They're just acting" more times than I can tell you.

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  • Pooraphobia

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  • Sssniper wolf arent you rich your self how come you dress so nicely.

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  • That was good poor man but you are really 🤑

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  • The fact that the woman keeps on saying don't judge a book by its cover but the guy is a guy not a book

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  • My dad makes 2.5 million in 10 years so I guess he makes a bit more

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  • Did anyone release that the dealer person was named Jake and the guy was Paul so Jake paul that is why they are so stupid

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  • I wonder if I dressed up as a banana if someone would help or if they would just call the police or kick me out

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  • If your a multi-millionaire 👇

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  • 2:30 how not to buy a car

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  • I know that the car salesman is just an actor but he looks like a Douchebag😂

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  • Bald person = baldi or Kiyu or however you spell his name-

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  • W-Why do rich people have to be mean!?

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  • I love her I love watching her videos and so on I'm a big fan I watch all of your videos and I love you so much the way you react the way you behave you just get everybody laughing I love you

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  • Dont jage a book by it cover.that sentence is more pressures than diamond.

  • FunFact:The 2 b0ys names were Jake and Paul-Put that t0gether u get Jake Paul l0l

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  • True look at adam zandler

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  • You should definitely watch the one where she ashamed the person in the store bc your really good at this

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    • Comment ifbypu think she should as well

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  • i have a question why do rich people buy expenive cars? i just feel like there waisting there money

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  • This is a life lesson

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Car Salesman Shames Poor Man And Instantly Regrets It