Busta Rhymes - World Go Round ft. Estelle

Music video by Busta Rhymes performing World Go Round. (C) 2008 Universal Motown Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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  • 2021 peru

    jhonylojhonyloVor Monat
    • 2021 Kazakhstan

      Ryan McMurphyRyan McMurphyVor 13 Tage
  • Laetitia ChapeLaetitia ChapeVor 2 Monate
  • Underrated. Such a tune!!!

    Vicki HawkinsVicki HawkinsVor 2 Monate
  • This comment section looks like a time machine

    Silas JamalSilas JamalVor 2 Monate
  • Looks like a cyberpunk character

    John ChiefJohn ChiefVor 3 Monate
  • WwwwwwTTTTTTFFFFffffff

    hueynemhueynemVor 3 Monate
  • One thing I love with Busta, he can ride on every kind of music !

    philippe597philippe597Vor 4 Monate
  • this videoclip hits different

    Oliver IckxOliver IckxVor 7 Monate
  • Damnnnnnn that's like soooooo underrated

    Random UserRandom UserVor 7 Monate
  • Unlucky great song, unlucky great Busta. Come on, this deserve a billion vues. Released in the wrong time.

    kadiri salmakadiri salmaVor 7 Monate
  • It was a good song, today i am glad to find it and listen it again:D

    cimen cimencicimen cimenciVor 9 Monate
  • 2020, quarantine brought me here...

    Kayode OlaniyiKayode OlaniyiVor 10 Monate
  • 2020?

    Joe LewisJoe LewisVor 11 Monate
  • В 20- ом году я всё равно её буду слушать вновь и вновь

    Алексей РевинАлексей РевинVor 11 Monate
  • Damn in my opinion Busta Rhymes he can go harder then that causes it don't sound nothing like is bangers he be bumping cause this shit is wack. Sorry BustaRhymes I know you can do way better then this. Mr. Flipmode

    Ronnie PriceRonnie PriceVor year
  • 2❤️2❤️

    Mr ZackariaMr ZackariaVor year
  • The Carlton dance at the end...

    ME DME DVor year
  • 2019!!!

  • Damn rhis song is trash this whole album pretty much was except a few songs wackest album ever

    Billy FieldsBilly FieldsVor year
  • I was 18 when this came out. I never saw the MV, always listened to it the radio ^^.

    Teddy ZADITeddy ZADIVor year
  • お金とカシミヤ

    ささおかミケささおかミケVor year
  • 1:16 - 1:32 catchy verse

    Vene305RicanVene305RicanVor year
  • man, I always loved the parallax effect in this video.

    MouserzzMouserzzVor year
  • 2019

    Маргулан ШаймерденовМаргулан ШаймерденовVor year
  • 2019?

    BB CATBB CATVor year
  • Le monde pas avec moi

    Tesfaye YaredTesfaye YaredVor year
  • show this to flat-earthers

    ErikasErikasVor 2 years
    • The epileptic ones too...

      U.S NAVY-U.S NAVY-Vor 2 Monate
  • Made a milkyway foreign god from Israel made alternate universe better avoid alternate universe better avoid foreign god

    I ain't your modeljoanie bossermanI ain't your modeljoanie bossermanVor 2 years
  • Гугл перевод это надежно-если и будет неправильным,то всегда будет смешным

    Егор ИльинЕгор ИльинVor 2 years
  • Язык сломать можно как он мослает классно поют

    Иван БурлуцкийИван БурлуцкийVor 2 years
  • Does anybody know the name for the russian girl ? ;)

    Oliver ZURCHEROliver ZURCHERVor 2 years
  • cooler than ma vie

    Tesfaye YaredTesfaye YaredVor 2 years
  • Memories...

    Jordan CarronJordan CarronVor 2 years
  • Go round world...

    일뽕공돌이참교육일뽕공돌이참교육Vor 2 years
  • So many shit-talkers. Ppl are so quick to say something negative. To all the "haters"...... Where's your video/videos? And creativity?..... And long hours?.... And hard work?...... And dedication?..... That you put into your own art, that is? Not to mention, for bringing entertainment and perhaps a smile or some laughter to another person or persons....... Have more respect for people, you don't have to like it but don't talk down on it.... I can't stand the world we live in now, everyone is so quick to say something so negative and respect is pretty much irrelevant these days. Ppl really suck now!! Sorry not sorry. Now, with that being said, best wishes to everyone, I hope all are well and having a great day!

    Jenny StewartJenny StewartVor 3 years
  • мало сырья

    Руслан ХусаиновРуслан ХусаиновVor 3 years
  • 2071!!!!

    Andrzej RadlińskiAndrzej RadlińskiVor 3 years
  • Memories ✌

    M MM MVor 3 years
  • 2017 ???

    Aymeric de NasAymeric de NasVor 3 years
  • 3:50 minutes of nostalgia

    joeljoelVor 3 years
  • It's crazy how music videos used to be it look like it was fun to shoot it's fun to watch and there's so much to look at and enjoy bring this style back

    Daniel MckinneyDaniel MckinneyVor 3 years
  • Love Busta but this is.... just bad, man.

    EricEricVor 3 years

    michael kadafimichael kadafiVor 3 years
  • Oh so much Japanese language in this music video i really like it cuz I'm Japanese

    ttVor 3 years
  • вот это перевод

    БОРЩЕВ А.НБОРЩЕВ А.НVor 3 years
  • 2017

    vuk panicvuk panicVor 4 years
  • oh shit, Will.I.Am learned how to rap!

    LiquidRushLiquidRushVor 4 years
  • Under rated track on the album

    iLLiCiTMediaiLLiCiTMediaVor 4 years
  • his voice gives me sticky knickers 😆

    tanya evanstanya evansVor 4 years
  • この雑なかんじすき

    yuuki Ayuuki AVor 4 years
  • deserves 100 million views at least!!111

    George BlizerkermanGeorge BlizerkermanVor 4 years
  • Im sorry Bus you gotta take an L for this one. This some hot ass garbage.

    Kryss MurphyKryss MurphyVor 4 years
    • I agree with you right there I wish Busta got songs and beats like Exibit A by Jay Electronica, Lock Shit Down by Chali 2na and I Wanna Rock by Snoop Dogg for his Back On My B.S. album and it would be a smash hit.

      Cornell AndersonCornell AndersonVor 4 years
  • 나 이 노래 춤 배우고 있는뎈ㅋ (강진여 KJN 출신)

    리셀's YouTuBe리셀's YouTuBeVor 4 years
  • My favorite song when i was 14/15 lot of good memories,miss you 😔

    mult stellamult stellaVor 4 years
  • Kesha's version is way better!

  • bee stings make the world go round.

    GillsMan7GillsMan7Vor 4 years
  • Gosh i remember this!

    Leon PaulLeon PaulVor 5 years
  • busta must've been in a desperate position to make a weird ass song like this.....

    Terrence M McGee JrTerrence M McGee JrVor 5 years
    • This isn't even his weirdest song...

      Justin ValenciaJustin ValenciaVor 4 years
    • He was signed to Universal, they must of wanted Hits

      Jamie RobertJamie RobertVor 4 years
  • Is she wearing a damn trash bag ? And what about her makeup ? Hope she fired her team, shit.....

    TamagoTamagoVor 5 years
    • Ever heard of Steven universe

      It ya boi The flashIt ya boi The flashVor 4 years
  • до сих пор слушаю. музыка прям нихуевая)

    AzekenskiiAzekenskiiVor 5 years
  • Why has this not got more views than what it has?!

    natashanicolénatashanicoléVor 5 years
    • Your English is so cute :)

      Hero.hiphopHero.hiphopVor 4 years
    • This was way before illuminati got into the music industry so therefore it would be getting 100 millions of views

      NeilLennon legendNeilLennon legendVor 5 years
  • Like....its a bust thing jason i think

    ry dbry dbVor 5 years
  • I could see this song in a FIFA game.

    Olando AnônimoOlando AnônimoVor 5 years
    • J Bert haha

      Olando AnônimoOlando AnônimoVor 4 Monate
    • Thank god they didn't ruin the song with nerds saying "ThIs ReMiNdS mE oF fIfA HuRr DuRr" Fkin losers

      J BertJ BertVor 4 Monate
    • Sadly still waiting:(

      Michael GibbonsMichael GibbonsVor 11 Monate
  • I love your voice bro :D

    JerychoJerychoVor 6 years
  • so this is where the miley cyrus tongue originated from. -_-.....great song tho =^+^=

    Sophia M.BSophia M.BVor 6 years
  • Busta has nice teeths srs that's all

    Cris di PaulaCris di PaulaVor 6 years
  • 2:42 somebody can tell me what he's doing with his hand? XD

    Jason BlancJason BlancVor 6 years
  • متابعة

    جعفر البوسجعفر البوسVor 6 years
  • tainted love style

    IRoXXIIRoXXIVor 6 years
  • 日本語ぐちゃぐちゃ(笑

    多分ショーンコネリー多分ショーンコネリーVor 6 years
Busta Rhymes - World Go Round ft. Estelle