Busta Rhymes - What It Is (Clean Version) ft. Kelis

Music video by Busta Rhymes performing What It Is (Clean Version). (C) 2000 J Records LLC

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  • 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    KylekmurrayKylekmurrayVor Tag

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  • This video was ahead of its time. Like back then I thought Kelis was looking crazy. But these days her fashions would e considered subtle 🤣🧐

    charlita25charlita25Vor 7 Tage
  • I love ❤️ Kelis’s cadence on this

    charlita25charlita25Vor 7 Tage
  • Just move side to side off of this that beat is vicious Busta what it is rite now🌟

    Tracey Yaas WoodsTracey Yaas WoodsVor 11 Tage
  • Busta would the perfect KILLER BEE on Naruto's live action

    Carlos Adiel Martinez ParedesCarlos Adiel Martinez ParedesVor 12 Tage
  • The Neptunes Had Better 🤷🏿‍♂️

    TJ JonesTJ JonesVor 13 Tage
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    A SA SVor 14 Tage
  • Video chicks were sooo much better back then.

    Pat LigondePat LigondeVor 22 Tage
  • Nore

    Practical FitnessPractical FitnessVor 23 Tage
  • That sucks that Nas n Kelis broke up #ghettolovestory

    Practical FitnessPractical FitnessVor 23 Tage
  • Unhuhhh unhuhh

    Practical FitnessPractical FitnessVor 23 Tage
  • Let me step up and handle my bizz right now

    Practical FitnessPractical FitnessVor 23 Tage
  • Should've been on the Black Panther Soundtrack #WakandaForever 🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏾‍♀️

    Practical FitnessPractical FitnessVor 23 Tage
  • Ana charday Jeffrey Jones busta rhymes dreads off cute

    Ebony HayesEbony HayesVor 25 Tage
  • The beat in the background is the main foundation of Martin Garrix's Animals drop.

  • Dam this is a throw back in 2021 from 2001 I remember when they used to blow this song up in the club's peeps was tearing the roof down can't wait till he makes a come back

    Queen Chloe !Queen Chloe !Vor Monat
  • i was 27 when this Busta Rhymes joint came out damn time flies

    1974cfjl1974cfjlVor Monat


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  • Martin Garrix's - Animals sampled brought me here

    M. MartínezM. MartínezVor Monat
  • Nore looking like he just woke up from a 5 hour nap.....crust all around his mouth and shit

    777777Vor Monat
  • I remember when this song leaked, it was posted on soundcircuit.com a forum I used to post on....I thought it was terrible. Once it dropped as a single with the video....I started to love it. Same with Light your Ass On Fire

    777777Vor Monat
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  • Listening in 2021! 2002 music better than today's trash mumble jumble💯👌🏾

    duane Matthewsduane MatthewsVor Monat
  • Busta said on Drink Champs that both tracks were produced at the same time in adjacent recording rooms.. that's dope.. but how come Nore's track was added on at the end?? Doesn't he have his own video for Grimey?

    grandmastersakegrandmastersakeVor 2 Monate
  • Reminds me of Michael & Janet Jackson's Scream & Busta & Janet's Whats It Gonna Be vids, thus & those 2 vids I mentioned had all their visual effects done from Digital Domain

    DisneySwan1990DisneySwan1990Vor 2 Monate
  • Dat noreaga grimey at the end of the song tho🔥 classic

    Delamore OfficialDelamore OfficialVor 2 Monate
  • how does this not have a million yet???

    The Shaolin SixThe Shaolin SixVor 2 Monate
  • Drink champs brought me here

    AFB 84AFB 84Vor 2 Monate
    • Me as well mid interview

      Dru PierceDru PierceVor 2 Monate
  • I si napishete domashnite. @

    George PertchevGeorge PertchevVor 2 Monate
  • In 2001, Busta Rhymes got a goatee.

    Kristopher JonesKristopher JonesVor 2 Monate
  • the super sound level

    Antonio GambardellaAntonio GambardellaVor 3 Monate
  • Damn, went to college with the model with the brown curly hair. 20 damn years ago lol sheesh.

    Jahi SmithJahi SmithVor 3 Monate

    Randy BarnesRandy BarnesVor 3 Monate
  • Busta was wearing chokers back then lol

    Vlexus GVZVlexus GVZVor 3 Monate
  • Legendary beat by The Neptunes

    Soufien KhalfaouiSoufien KhalfaouiVor 3 Monate
  • 🔥

    Hendogg One eighty sevenHendogg One eighty sevenVor 3 Monate
  • 2 jeep libertys 😂👌🏼

    willmatic 84willmatic 84Vor 3 Monate
  • I loved busta since I was 6 !!

    new yorknew yorkVor 3 Monate
  • Real King's in this video Busta and Norega at the end straight fire!! Queen Kelis, Neptunes on the beat. Did she say 2001? WOW times flies...

    Greenz1100Greenz1100Vor 3 Monate
  • Drink champs brought me here 2020

    John MakerJohn MakerVor 3 Monate

    KING GODKING GODVor 3 Monate

    Tinashe #7Tinashe #7Vor 3 Monate
  • Dragon this is one classic hit

    Dom JúDom JúVor 3 Monate
  • Classic I hope him & Kelis do something new soon

    theD!fference TABtheD!fference TABVor 3 Monate
  • Who is still banging it in 2020? Classic!

    MrDos365MrDos365Vor 3 Monate
  • Remarkable!! Nobody Really Wants It With This Guy!!

    Go CPNGGo CPNGVor 3 Monate
  • 2 years later first time seeing October 29 2020

    VVSVVSVor 4 Monate
  • Why Kelis gotta look like that in the elevator. Sheesh

    Ethan SmithEthan SmithVor 4 Monate
  • I’m here for Kelis, because she was at the peak of hotness in this.

    The Fading Theory LLCThe Fading Theory LLCVor 4 Monate
    • Kelis is beautiful, got dayyyum

      Mr. Uncle GMr. Uncle GVor 3 Monate
  • Kelis got me here!!! #2020💋.

    jadesade Williamsjadesade WilliamsVor 4 Monate
  • Rap music and hip-hop has really fallen off.

    Obi OchuObi OchuVor 4 Monate
  • I got to go back check this violater tape joint seem crazy

    Adrian WilliamsAdrian WilliamsVor 4 Monate
  • I got to go back check this violater tape joint seem crazy

    Adrian WilliamsAdrian WilliamsVor 4 Monate
  • Fat nore at the end classic

    Wak3Up_MrFresh GogglesWak3Up_MrFresh GogglesVor 4 Monate
  • Here after watching Halloween H20 on AMC. Made me think of this lol

    Tray DizzleTray DizzleVor 4 Monate
  • We was like, "this nigga really cut his hair during the video" at the end 😂😂

    My name Lil' DarrylMy name Lil' DarrylVor 4 Monate
  • Hello from Romania

    Daniel ManoleDaniel ManoleVor 4 Monate
  • Can we get another Busta and Amelia collab? We had 2 but we need one more.. they work so well together

    B MOOREB MOOREVor 4 Monate
  • HOLY SHIT.. I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS FOR YEARS. and they posted it 2 years ago WHAT?

    OginakaOginakaVor 5 Monate
  • Did busta barber cut into his dreads or nah ?? Lmao

    Nazzy EscobarNazzy EscobarVor 5 Monate
    • Nah.

  • 🖖

    B. BlairB. BlairVor 5 Monate
  • AHAA..AHAA!!! 😂😂😂😂

    COOLKING89707COOLKING89707Vor 5 Monate
  • classic

    Musumba BandaMusumba BandaVor 5 Monate
  • Very underrated song

    LesJM1987LesJM1987Vor 6 Monate
  • There will never be an era like this one ever. 🤞🏽

  • Yeeeup🔥

    GITMO79GITMO79Vor 6 Monate
  • It is what it is.

    steveneventssteveneventsVor 6 Monate
  • Hip hop is missing the witty fun part of Hip Hop right now. The Bustas, the Missy Elliots, The Ludas, The ODBs

    javonprycejavonpryceVor 6 Monate
Busta Rhymes - What It Is (Clean Version) ft. Kelis