Busta Rhymes - Calm Down (Trailer) ft. Eminem

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Official trailer video by Busta Rhymes performing Calm Down (Trailer) feat. Eminem. 2014 The Conglomerate Entertainment

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  • Bro you finally made E.L.E 2

    CayremCayremVor 15 Tage
  • This came 6 years ago but you here to verify

    Rishit PandeyRishit PandeyVor 3 Monate
  • I need this to be the 2020 New Years Eve Battle!!!!!!!!! PERIODDDDDDDDDDDDD

    valav0406valav0406Vor 4 Monate
  • Busta forget the diss track against Ja Rule with 50 cent and Em.

    philippe597philippe597Vor 4 Monate
  • U Didn't Have 2 Hurt🤕Em Like Dat Bus!!!!! Even Tho🤔I Knew Ya Would😏Since Ur Verses On Various Songs From Numerous Occasions Were ALWAYS GOOD👍🏾

    Gee StatusGee StatusVor year
  • 2019 and it never happened

    The GameThe GameVor year
    • wym

      CazhCazhVor 6 Monate
  • D

    Naiboi WorldwideNaiboi WorldwideVor 3 years
  • If this is only round 3 Busta... Why not make an album and call is '12 rounds of 2 mc's' Or something.. Would be fkn epic

    CraigCraigVor 4 years
  • не Всё .При всём уважение ВРЕМЯ ушло ! P.S Баста !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    иван прохоровиван прохоровVor 4 years
  • Eminem's faster.

    [ Mike4Life ][ Mike4Life ]Vor 5 years
    • @***** OK, you can't accept the facts. That's fine. I'll just mute the post~

      [ Mike4Life ][ Mike4Life ]Vor 5 years
    • @***** And he goes 12.5 syllables per second in those 5 seconds, which is faster than Busta has ever gone.

      [ Mike4Life ][ Mike4Life ]Vor 5 years
    • @***** That proves you know nothing about Eminem and speed rapping. Eminem's fastest rap is Speedom. His fastest in that is 12.5 syllables per second. Busta Rhymes' fastest is 10 syllables per second in 60 Second Assassins. You can't argue with it - it is a fact.

      [ Mike4Life ][ Mike4Life ]Vor 5 years
    • @***** Well, think what you want, but it's a fact. The amount of syllables they can rap in one second is factual.

      [ Mike4Life ][ Mike4Life ]Vor 5 years
    • @***** Eminem's max speed = 12.5 syllables per second Busta Rhymes' max speed = 10 syllables per second

      [ Mike4Life ][ Mike4Life ]Vor 5 years
  • You guys still waiting?

    Michelle BerkerMichelle BerkerVor 5 years
  • @Busta Rhymes be killin'em!!!! I #Love that man! :)

    ArelisArelisVor 6 years
  • still waiting

    LIL AJAYLIL AJAYVor 6 years
  • DMX-N%1 Ganstarep

    Sahca DghjcSahca DghjcVor 6 years
  • nice movie maker effects

    Instractia Motion DesignInstractia Motion DesignVor 6 years
  • 0:47 Lol, Eminem's pic looks soo shitty, look at the borders

    Creator GuyCreator GuyVor 6 years

    boynatey44boynatey44Vor 6 years
  • This is more like round four because eminem and busta rhymes did a remix of Hail Mary together

    JaydonKasperJaydonKasperVor 6 years
  • Dumb bloggers

    Zzanitari PROZzanitari PROVor 6 years
  • This was a really good song, listen to nonstop, I'm ready for round 4!!

    Brayan GarciaBrayan GarciaVor 6 years

    FusoftwareFusoftwareVor 6 years
  • Eminems

    Cam BrownCam BrownVor 6 years
  • The videos gonna be dope as fuck!!!

    DirrtyBoi RoxDirrtyBoi RoxVor 6 years
  • You forgot eminem, 50 xent and busta rhymes ja rule diss hail mary. So calm down is round 4.

    Hayden G3Hayden G3Vor 6 years
  • +Samuel Jenkins if busta rhymes calls eminem a god MC then you know that he is one.......PWNAGE!!

    Govind MenonGovind MenonVor 6 years
  • Yes! Hell Yes! Patiently Waiting for this to come out!

    Tom EbbsTom EbbsVor 6 years
  • At the beginning I was waiting for him to finish his sentence like this: "I was always taught....if I ain't going to be part of the greatest, I gotta be the greatest myself!" lol love Busta Bust!!

    Rissa1382Rissa1382Vor 6 years
  • so is the Hail Mary remix round 0.5 or...

    thekillerklebbthekillerklebbVor 6 years
    • we just don't talk about it.

      CayremCayremVor 15 Tage
  • You guys destroyed Hip-Hop!!

    Henry NguyenHenry NguyenVor 6 years
    • Your a jb fan go away from shady and busta

      Daniel BrandeDaniel BrandeVor 6 years
    • Justin bieber fan can you just shut the fuck up

      James IKAHIHIFOJames IKAHIHIFOVor 6 years
    • @Japaneze Cheeze No, this is why foreign trade shouldn't be allowed. No trade, no Canadian Bieber.

      Nick JamesNick JamesVor 6 years
    • @Gary The snail No, this is why Bieber's parents should have wore two condoms for extra protection.

      Japaneze CheezeJapaneze CheezeVor 6 years
    • Everybody is leaving Hate comments without realizing that he's a troll.I Lmao When I saw that his YT name was Juatin Bieber fan.

      RockStar PR8RockStar PR8Vor 6 years
  • dont you mean - eminem ft. BustaRhymes

    KriticalKriticalVor 6 years

  • Good to see slim shady came back. Busta is a beast that track is legendary.

    x Frogx FrogVor 6 years

    thee erisskoothee erisskooVor 6 years
    • @thee erisskoo you might wanna press the key right above shift and below tab on your keyboard before typing

      vTriaxvTriaxVor 6 years

      thee erisskoothee erisskooVor 6 years
    • Nate Dogg is dead. Busta Rhymes is not a shitty rapper, the fuck is wrong with you. Have you even heard Recovery?

      jonahcakesjonahcakesVor 6 years
  • This is POWER :D

    Dami BeDami BeVor 6 years
  • So many idiots these days act like hip-hop critiques/reviewers! They have no clue. They just type all sorts of garbage. But all the people who grew up in the 90's and 80's know what it's all about I hope.

    Smol PupperSmol PupperVor 6 years
    • The guy that's above me is a Fucking legend!

      RockStar PR8RockStar PR8Vor 6 years
    • "I sit in front of my computer all day and comment on Everything, I'm an expert on everything, everything sucks, play the next song!"

      BrettmutantBrettmutantVor 6 years
  • I've read about 100 comments, and replies to said comments, to which I thought: "Some people have anger issues..." The person(a) that don't favor Eminem because of this song, just keep it to yourself; no one really wants to hear about someone's opinion on 1 single DE-visions video. All I wanted to do was watch some videos(that Eminem made), enjoy myself on my day off. But no. You ignorant people don't how to shut the Hell up, and keep shit to yourselves. I've watched dozens of Eminem videos, only to see that many people are...how should I say it... "Hating" on his work. Why do so? Because of his PAST life and work? Look at 1999-2002. His work was about drugs, and all troubles throughout his life. 2002+: the "Slim Shady" era returned, then he went on hiatus. Around 2006(I'm not sure when, don't judge me): he returned once again, bringing a new ebb and flow to his captivating audiences. So now that I'm done with my sayings, let the ignorance rise up and storm me with comments, as I sit back and laugh. Speak up any criticism? Go ahead.

    Bacon CatBacon CatVor 6 years
  • church!

    E.A. Padilla SrE.A. Padilla SrVor 6 years
  • Omg exactly what i was thinking !! I thought there well be some opera parts in it lol

    al75anal75anVor 6 years
  • The way he says God MCs is so badass

    hhectorzzeronihhectorzzeroniVor 6 years
  • Did you guys know busta raps faster than eminem??!!

    Oscar SalinasOscar SalinasVor 6 years
    • @Моника Ангелова no

      BrettmutantBrettmutantVor 6 years
    • Yeah,Busta is the fastest rapper ever.

      Monica AngelovaMonica AngelovaVor 6 years
  • That shit sucks I like eminem but that didn't make it

    daniel. rpgdaniel. rpgVor 6 years
  • есть кто руский? скажите плиз в двух словах чё он говорит, кто знает англиский конечно....

    Eminem sanEminem sanVor 6 years
  • Slow Down, ur talking too fast!!! :) what's "gondamcees" at 0:47

    jacqous fundeesjacqous fundeesVor 6 years
    • God emcees

      FBIFBIVor 7 Monate
  • So much hate haha, I loved the song

    SonnaSonnaVor 6 years
  • OMG’ they finally made a song together. Yes!, two legends haha my life is made! ^^

    Kensi G.Kensi G.Vor 6 years
  • no viideo

    Asahel S. JannuAsahel S. JannuVor 6 years
  • No no no I hate it

    Marina RunningCraneMarina RunningCraneVor 6 years
  • sounded good, until i heard it

    MIchael HellamMIchael HellamVor 6 years
  • So does this mean there will be a music video or just audio?

    Muhamet LajqiMuhamet LajqiVor 6 years
  • I thought the video was dropping yesterday

    Jerry IslandJerry IslandVor 6 years
  • Y'all hate too much man

    D SilvaD SilvaVor 6 years
  • wow there's trailers for songs now? smh...

    mansor76mansor76Vor 6 years
  • Uaoo eto tapadrisimo

    Choco RodriguezChoco RodriguezVor 6 years
  • 1st

    Jake JAnkowJake JAnkowVor 6 years
  • Busta Rhymes type beats on my channel!

    CHVLLYCHVLLYVor 6 years
  • welp. I just listened to it...I hope that they make something else together because Em ruined it. He could've just killed it like busta did but he rapped so offbeat, and that's what he does nowadays...raps ridiculous metaphors and crazy lyrics, but ignores the rhythm of the song, making it displeasing to listen to his verse even though all his lyrics are always great

    Delta NovemberDelta NovemberVor 6 years
    • If you mean a monarchist, then yes. cause it would be too expensive to make Australia a republic @jamie bennett

      GamerGuyManSoupGamerGuyManSoupVor 6 years
    • @***** yea im australian that might have something to do with it

      GamerGuyManSoupGamerGuyManSoupVor 6 years
    • @***** "To Each Their Own" i another way of saying "Everyone Has An Opinion"

      GamerGuyManSoupGamerGuyManSoupVor 6 years
    • @***** ok then. to eah their own

      GamerGuyManSoupGamerGuyManSoupVor 6 years
    • @***** Busta's always had sicker flows than em but em shits on busta lyrically

      GamerGuyManSoupGamerGuyManSoupVor 6 years
  • when is the video dropping?

    Jerry IslandJerry IslandVor 6 years
  • Legendary #CalmDown coming is video !

    Sinan AtesSinan AtesVor 6 years
  • so were is the song at all i can't find it this sucks

    Rainbow DashieRainbow DashieVor 6 years
  • It sounds like Busta was on the toilet taking a shit while recording this narration. I heard him grabbing toilet paper.

    Podtrash RadioPodtrash RadioVor 6 years
  • Busta narrating more trailers any time soon?

    ThisIsWEBThisIsWEBVor 6 years
  • This track is nasty

    ShawnBurnes2ShawnBurnes2Vor 6 years
  • I'll hurt you is better.

    wille514wille514Vor 6 years
  • it's such a legendary song that it needs a trailer for it

    Kung Fu KennyKung Fu KennyVor 6 years
  • oh no man not do that please of all of my Heart:(((((((((((

    indre aleksiejunaiteindre aleksiejunaiteVor 6 years
  • В сеть слили 30 июня.:D

    Ksenia VolkovaKsenia VolkovaVor 6 years
  • What's the song In background of the video

    daredevil788daredevil788Vor 6 years
  • Love song! I Love Eminem so much!

    Spaska AngelovaSpaska AngelovaVor 6 years
  • ROUND 3 FIGHT!!!!

    Vincent IsValentineVincent IsValentineVor 6 years
  • Picture this.... Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Twista & Tech N9ne on a chopper track. Minds will be relatively blown

    MopedJaxxon007MopedJaxxon007Vor 6 years
    • MopedJaxxon007 Speedom is the closest thing to it

      The BeastThe BeastVor 3 years
Busta Rhymes - Calm Down (Trailer) ft. Eminem