Busta Rhymes - Calm Down: The Clash EP (Trailer)

From the EP, "Calm Down: The Clash". Available Aug 26th!
iTunes: tinyurl.com/qhh4kmw
Listen to Busta Rhymes on Spotify: tinyurl.com/kdaedlv
Official trailer for Busta Rhyme's "Calm Down: The Clash EP" - officially available August 26th. 2014 The Conglomerate Entertainment

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  • 2020?🌹

    Elias PopalzaiElias PopalzaiVor 4 Monate
  • Awesome trailer 😊 An idea maybe in future could do a limited comic book series featuring Busta Rhymes and Eminem. Could follow some adventures of theirs and have them team up. Anyone want that? As both legends it would sell well for sure

    DBYouthMovementDBYouthMovementVor 3 years
  • fuc calm down trevor

    Alan HarrisonAlan HarrisonVor 5 years
  • Buzzing for this, can't wait until Busta drops a full album

    MrBodies07MrBodies07Vor 6 years
  • Eminem and Ever last did have beef.

    Sean LoweSean LoweVor 6 years
  • I thought em and everlasting had beef

    exotiK_exotiK_Vor 6 years
  • Fuck Everlast

    ..Vor 6 years
  • I really liked the first calm down with Eminem they both went ham, now as far as these other songs go I find them kinda unneeded. I see why bausta added the 2.0 but if he was going to make this ep worth it he should of added at least two more artist in here because it just feels like he just added the non explicit version so he can sell it and that feels cheap. I'll rather have him use more time on this and try to find other rappers willing to rap some verses. I'm still debating whether I should buy it or not this had a lot of potential but I'm still on the fritz regardless I really want to see the Original calm down music video I'll be sick

  • is this song going to have a music video?

    ServingJusticeServingJusticeVor 6 years
  • Ohk busta rhymes. Shit sound hard ..

    Askia AndersonAskia AndersonVor 6 years
  • Ohk busta rhymes. Shit sound hard ..

    Askia AndersonAskia AndersonVor 6 years
  • Everlast and eminem seems like everyone is patching up their beefs

    russell shafferrussell shafferVor 6 years
  • Only 23 comments.. Weird

    JLouwJLouwVor 6 years
  • Thoro!

    Saybatoof NAPZSaybatoof NAPZVor 6 years
  • I thought em and everlast had beef

    SonnaSonnaVor 6 years
  • In the same song ?? Daaaaaamn

    big BOSSbig BOSSVor 6 years
  • Damn what's with all these rappers releasing all these new songs and albums? I like it

  • Great

    Diego A-DDiego A-DVor 6 years
  • My gosh just 15 comments.

    Gianmarco IachellaGianmarco IachellaVor 6 years

    Kaitlyn HowKaitlyn HowVor 6 years
  • Wow. Thats awesome. Busta rhymes and eminem are doing an ep together, based off of calm down. Calm down:The clash EP Calm down-busta rhymes and Eminem Calm down 2.0- busta rhymes Calm down 3.0- busta rhymes and...... everlast? What does eminem think of that? Are he clearing things up? Possible: Calm down 4.0- Eminem and everlast Calm down 5.0- busta rhymes, Eminem, and everlast. That would be awesome. If eminem is cool wih whitey, it might. It would still be awkward though because of the beef. Where eminem destroyed everlast/whity ford, evidence and the dilated peoples, and limp bizkit.

    Hayden G3Hayden G3Vor 6 years
  • Que? '-'

    Luís Gustavo SandríLuís Gustavo SandríVor 6 years
  • WTF ???

    For Shi KitoFor Shi KitoVor 6 years

    DjeeferDjeeferVor 6 years
  • Wow in 2 days?

    Day One HundredDay One HundredVor 6 years
  • Everlast and Eminem?

    12RESTGAME12RESTGAMEVor 6 years
  • 4 comment

    dj mamañemadj mamañemaVor 6 years
  • First *.*

    Ahmed BenghanemAhmed BenghanemVor 6 years
Busta Rhymes - Calm Down: The Clash EP (Trailer)