Bushcraft trip - shelter building, collecting mushrooms and cooking meat [lean-to part 2]

Overnight trip. I continue working on the lean-to shelter - make a wall and a raised bed in this part. I also cook some great meat and collect wild mushrooms. Open the full video description for more information.
This is part 2. All episodes can you see here de-visions.com/detail/video-y9jIUl5tQU4.html
Date: 12-09-2019 to 13-09-2019
Day: 10°C (50°F)
Night: 8°C (46,4°F)
Location: Sapmi - the land of the Sami people in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Clean and remote classic northern wilderness. Fresh water rivers. Pine, spruce and birch forrest. Mountains, bears, wolves, eagles, reindeers etc. No wildlife is giving campers problems. I can't give you any information about my location, only that I am somewhere in Sapmi. You need to be the owner or get the owners permission if you want to do the same.
Consuming: Water (meltwater) and Juniper tea. Cranberry. Meat (pig) and mushrooms (boletus badius) with salt and butter.
A few questions:
1. Is the water safe to drink?
Yes. Almost all water in Sapmi can you drink straight from the source. All can do it and a lot do.
2. How do you know which mushrooms is safe to eat?
Only way to do it safely is only to collect what you recognize.... So it is all about doing some homework and getting to know a lot of mushrooms - looks, smell, taste, structure, common habitat etc. I have been on a few trips with an expert teaching me the basics a few years ago... I can recommend all to do the same, it is a lot better than books, but books is also a great tool. I am defiantly not an expert myself, but enjoy collecting the few mushrooms I know meanwhile learning to recognize more.
Website including gear list and other basic information www.runemaltebertramnielsen.com
Gear used in the video that isn't listed on the website anymore:
1. Pants = Klattermusen Gere 2.0 Regular
2. Boots = Redback original
3. Backpack = M39 swedish military
4. Kettle = Eagle 1.5 L
Video gear: Canon EOS RP, Canon 50 1.8, Røde videomicpro+, Zoom h2n, iMovie.

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    • Mild steel.

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    • Thanks. Yes - the wood is just making it harder for the moss to move/fall down.

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    • Thanks. -25°C is common in Sapmi.

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    • Thanks. Temperature is listed in the video description. Have made it a habit lately always to add it to the video description. I try to keep the text in the videos as minimum as possible.

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    • I am making tea. What I consume is always listed in the video descriptions.

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Bushcraft trip - shelter building, collecting mushrooms and cooking meat [lean-to part 2]