Bushcraft Skills - Axe & Knife Skills, Camp Setup, Fire (Overnight Camping)

Basic Bushcraft Tips and skills on using an axe, bushcraft knife, camp setup and fire lighting. Use my link www.audible.com/taoutdoors or text TAOUTDOORS to 500-500 to get a free book and 30 day free trial.
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Axe & Saw Technique: 2:30
Camp Setup: 44:03
Knife Skills: 49:34
Basic Fire Lighting Tips: 56:08
Friction Fire Lighting: 1:09:15
Paul Kirtley: paulkirtley.co.uk/
Paul's Bushcraft & Survival School: frontierbushcraft.com/
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I head into the woods to learn basic beginner bushcraft tips from Bushcraft & Survival instructor Paul Kirtley. This long, informative video goes through a number of different techniques on how to use an axe, a knife, setup camp and light a fire. This video covers some very useful skills that can help to enhance your knowledge of Bushcraft and potentially help you in a survival situation. Myself and Paul also setup a camping spot to do an overnight. I opt for a hammock and tarp setup, as the bugs are still around. Paul goes for a ground sleeping setup with tarp overhead.
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    • And don't be to quick to dismiss punkwood.that makes excellent charred material.its a resource.and a damn valuable one.

      Richard PetersonRichard PetersonVor 2 Monate
    • Again,the streangth here is teamwork.theres now 2 of you,working as a unit,and thus your in a stronger position than just a solo situation.groups will allways thrive better than loners,and more individuals come together with a larger pool of skills,and more hands are doing tasks.

      Richard PetersonRichard PetersonVor 2 Monate
    • @TA Outdoors Hello, Mike! Amazing video! Can you help me find an awesome thing on 0:26? Searched everywhere, but found nothing

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    • Come now... Shut your mouth...

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  • Lmao so i stopped watching after doing yhat with yhe saw if u cant put it on a log like u had it anf pit ur foot on one side and cut u ahouldtn even use the saw

    RabbitTrollRabbitTrollVor 2 Stunden
  • The coffee drop, Same principle as we use swinging the tea Billie to settle the tea leaves in Australia

    Mike SoutheyMike SoutheyVor 22 Stunden
  • 1:27:08 We get it, you vape. No lie though, I feel like I've learned an incredible amount just by watching this. Thanks a lot for making this video!

    XaiosXaiosVor Tag
  • Thumbs up!! First person that finally said "its small enough that I'm not gonna split it." I watch some bushcraft guys baton 4 inch pieces of wood. Its a waste of time and energy and your fire wood doesn't last as long. Nevermind the fact that you're needlessly destroying your knife. Sure it makes for video time but if you can baton it, its not worth splitting (unless you're in wetlands, and there is no dry wood.) Edit: of course if there is no tinder available then obviously it's required. I'm talking about the boys who are batoning wood with a surplus of sticks behind them

    DommyBoy SmithDommyBoy SmithVor Tag
  • u just need little knife and axe for bushcraft ??

    OverDoze ODOverDoze ODVor Tag
  • Most Excellent!

    Mary BlaylockMary BlaylockVor 2 Tage
  • thanks again mike, you can never go wrong with a tip video. very good! ill use this for my first summer going solo bush camping. I bought a hot tent tipi, small woodstove, and a sleeper for inside the tipi that zips closed. its coming any day in the mail. I hope to visit gully lake in nova scotia Canada where I am from. for 60 years an old hermit lived there. very cool. "the hermit of gully lake" nova scotia Canada. check it out recommend!

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  • Good skills

    Tommy HamiltonTommy HamiltonVor 3 Tage
  • you would be dead if you took this time to make a fire in Australia, you get wood make fire does not have to be cut into pine strips, stick to your little woodland, common sense is all you need.

    Peter RobertsonPeter RobertsonVor 3 Tage
  • What kind of axe is that?

    xNade GodxNade GodVor 4 Tage
  • I just use the plumber's vice for cutting wood Under one knee and over the other and crouch down and hold the one under your knee on its end then just have at it

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  • Wow, awesome, thanks Mike and Paul!

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    kellergzsikellergzsiVor 8 Tage
  • Great video, but the coffee dropping is a waste of energy, just use the same technique as using a french press: let the coffee sit for about 4minutes, then use a spoon or basically anything to stir up the top. Give it another 5 minutes, and all the bits settle down at the bottom. If you really want to have a clean coffee, just use the spoon to get the few bits that might be floating on top. Don’t do lunges with the coffee, guys.

    kellergzsikellergzsiVor 8 Tage
  • great video guys! you've got me hooked, thanks for the tips

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  • Bushcraft? C/mon, buy a Bic.

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  • Strangely, this brings me back to my woodworking class from when I was still at school. I can practically smell the sawdust!

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  • Absolutely brilliant video Mike and Paul :) always learning no matter how experienced you are. Top Tip Mike, reduce back ache and calve ache hammock sleeping by sleeping diagonally and not like a banana straight on dude x

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  • Very informative video! Best instruction I've seen. Many bushcraft videos barely touch on safety and this video is much better.

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  • Amazing loved it, lots of tips here

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  • I’m envious of the axe work, ok so is why I’m having so much trouble splitting wood, the fact that it’s my first time, ( week ya probably) but the only wood I have available in the backyard is green pecan, about 8 inch diameter. Just curious if the hard wood is the issue, or the fact it’s hard and green.?

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  • The standing saw cross cut trick is not something I would use. It seems like it would put a lot of undue stress on the saw when the piece inevitably binds the blade. At one point the blade warped in such a way that if you're hand slipped from the sudden bind, you might get a nasty cut! One could easily prop the other end of the log on, well, anything. Make a saw horse setup out of a log and a large rock if you have too! This was great and very informative! Subbed!

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  • Really appreciated the tips and experience that Paul shared, along with his quiet and calm nature. Was a long video, but had really great information, even for those who are more familiar with bush safety and fire making. Thanks to both of you!

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Bushcraft Skills - Axe & Knife Skills, Camp Setup, Fire (Overnight Camping)