Big Yavo - Dumb Ass (Official Music Video)

Big Yavo - Dumb Ass (Official Music Video) "Dumb Ass" is off of Big Yavo's new 'Dumb Ass' project.
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Directed by @Niles Bryant
#BigYavo #GG #Dumbass

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  • I was sleep cuh

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  • Somewhere in Texas put me on to dis...💯💥

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  • listen to shiesty 101 no name

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  • lit af

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  • I fw it i Need Dat FT

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  • this shits been out since 2020.....must of been asleep gd

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  • The biggie of our generation 😂💯🥱

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  • YALL AIN HEARIN DIS MAYNE 🤦🏾‍♂️ !!!! He So Slept On Goddamn

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  • Smooth with the glitzy 👁👀

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  • Nigga snapped on GOD

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  • I love this song

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  • Who made this beat???

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  • Always str8 ⛽️

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  • “Slammin these Ps Bobby Lashley” niggas not fw Yavo 🤧 that boy dey too tough

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  • Rember he use to come to high school wit my cousins and sister wit slides on every day look at him now

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  • Been here remrmber telling u bro

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  • Laying it down for Birmingham. Yavo (west side/Ensley) and Lil Bam(east/Avondale) reppin the Magic City!!!

    Bama Boy187Bama Boy187Vor 25 Tage
  • This my shit

  • "On they head like barber tiki an ronde".... keep it kumin yavo

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  • Bru word play go crazy😂🔥

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  • Fuck them dislikes!! 🔥🔥😎🖕🏾

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  • I love how he use that bass drum

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  • Who be making this man beats ?

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    • i’m saying i’m trynna find this beat 😭💯

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  • No such thing as a bogeyman

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  • Alabama rappers finna take over ft - nocap , rylo , honeycomb brazy

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  • “Im on they head like ah barber call me tiki and ronda”😤😤😂

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  • One of the hardest outta Bama!!💪🏾

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  • LMAOO 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Nocap fat brother😂

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  • Put ssg splurge on this 😱😱😱

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  • Beat sound you pissed off something bad🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥

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  • Drew str8 fye!

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  • "Got this stick here from granny this bitch gotta switch don't it" 🔥🔥🤧

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  • Bitch I’m waist deep imma p Taraji

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  • Si.ple bars but its hard

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  • This boy pressure. Love from Denver

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    • Stop being mad this nigga fye

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  • Somebody from Alabama put me dis 🔥🔥 from Memphis showin love to da Bama 🌪🌪yall pressure fasho

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    • Muscle Shoals to Memphis was there last week.

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    • Bham to Memphis all day!!!

      Jerel JenkinsJerel JenkinsVor Monat
  • Hell yea I fuck with yavo

    Dee WillsDee WillsVor Monat
  • He don’t even know what type of lean too sip or that must be all they got around we’re ever he is from

  • This nigga put GREEN lean on a black and mild bro u just dirty

  • Hope y'all seen dis nigha was puttin lean onna blunt it must give it a kick or sum like wax do or sum🧐🤔🔥🔥🔥

    Matthew AustinMatthew AustinVor Monat
  • This mans flow is fire as fuck

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  • “Aye I fuck wit this beat this shit groovy”‼️😈

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Big Yavo - Dumb Ass (Official Music Video)