Better Call Saul: 'Jimmy & Kim' Season 5 Teaser | Returns February 23

Can their relationship survive Saul Goodman? Don't miss the Season Premiere on February 23 at 10/9c.
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  • Cmon Netflix where is season 4 at? :,(

    That's a ToiletThat's a ToiletVor 29 Tage
  • These actors are getting to old to be playing younger versions of themselves. It is starting to strain credulity.

    Richard DeCredicoRichard DeCredicoVor Monat
  • I live in Abq. I happen to live next door to the building where Saul's "Omaha" apt is located. I watched them do some filming last April. Look for a scene where Saul rushes out of his apt and changes his license plate. I watched them film it.

    cshubscshubsVor Monat
  • They are living together, but more and more we saw they don't really talk much as they usually did and eventually just ignore one another in their own home. I think that relationship continues in Breaking Bad with them living together but having completely separate lives, which is why she is never seen or mentioned. By the time he tells her he needs to disappear and start a new life, she probably doesn't even give a shit.

    apark02apark02Vor Monat
  • Soon Kim will become.....Windy....

    Ralph Del vecchioRalph Del vecchioVor Monat
  • Who thinks Nacho is gonna live or die?

  • I know the actor who played the vacuum repair guy died, but would there still be a way of introducing him as a character to saul since most of these niche criminal connections in BCS are being introduced. And I think it would be a good possibility Kim has to get a new ID and new life because somehow she is put in danger.

    dawn ella27dawn ella27Vor Monat
  • I feel like Kim is on the chuck side of things this season

    anthony cheesmananthony cheesmanVor Monat
  • Serious comment. Like if you believe Better Call Saul is a better how than Breaking Bad.

    The Meta ForumThe Meta ForumVor Monat
  • Was he holding a Zima?

    softbatch!softbatch!Vor Monat
  • Cant wait. Seems like this season is the most exciting.

    Mr EdMr EdVor Monat
  • The fallout is happening this season. I’ve been waiting for this.

    FlyFlyVor Monat
  • Hurry the Fuck up.

    Ronald TartagliaRonald TartagliaVor Monat
  • I fear for this relationship’s demise. I know it’s coming, and I can’t do anything to stop it, I am weirdly excited and depressed at the same time to see how this goes down.

    TJ HallTJ HallVor Monat
    • Your words could not have expressed my sentiments regarding their relationship ANY MORE ACCURATELY. Lol. Yes, the inevitability is depressing. It's like, you can't help but to love them together and root for their relationship even though you constantly KNOW it will fall apart, and you're also super excited to see the impending madness brought about Jimmy's transformation into Saul Goodman, yet your heart is like, "Nooo, stop, you're going to lose her -- your true and only friend + lover because of all this, and we know it all ends with you being empty and alone!" Oh, man... Honestly, the inevitability in general is pretty depressing since we've been able to peek into his afterlife in Nebraska. That makes it even more curious what they will do with that unknown part of his story. It's interesting that with his prequel we also end up getting to see bits of how his story ends (even if it's brief). I hope it'll be a worthy conclusion, whatever they decide happens with him in the flashforwards of the final season.

      Alexiz001Alexiz001Vor Monat
  • Are the episodes once per week, or all together? Im glad they released the next series with the same great talents🧡 definitely worth it☺️🤭

    A BirjasA BirjasVor Monat
  • 13 people didn't use Saul Goodman & are mad now 😁

    lonestarrida076lonestarrida076Vor Monat
  • Absolutely my favourite work by Kevin Costner ever.

    Saoirse EwingSaoirse EwingVor Monat
  • No... me loves some KIm Wexler...

    GolfDoc 64GolfDoc 64Vor Monat
  • The series is gonna introduce Gene to Kim - I've called it since season 1. I imagine in this season by the end that Saul and Kim will be going against each other in the courtroom due to this trailer. In season 1 Kim says she's from a small town in Nebraska not far from Omaha.. Where's Gene (Saul) at in present day.... Omaha Nebraska! Not sure how it's gonna play out but Kim is gonna be in a black and white scene, and it's gonna be wild if it's episode 1. What y'all think tho? Anyone else put that together?

    Sycho BonesSycho BonesVor Monat
    • I agree with you that there is a good chance "Gene" meets Kim. I always pictured it like this... After Saul Goodman's practice really takes off, I think Kim becomes completely disenchanted with the Law in every way. I think something brings her back home and she just walks away from the Law, New Mexico and Jimmy. She goes back to the Midwest, meets someone and gets married and has a kid or 2. She is in Omaha one day at the mall with her family and she and Jimmy lock eyes. She knows he is wanted and she knows what she should (Call the FBI) but won't. Maybe she tells him to or maybe the look on her face alone tells Gene to give it up and he does... just like that. Of course this prediction might not hold up because of the following: 1. We know we are a couple of years away from the "Breaking Bad" time line and Walt dies 2 years later. If "The Better Call Saul" timeline either gets too close or overlaps "Breaking bad", there may or may not be enough time for Kim to credibly start a new life. 2. In "El Camino", I believe that Ed The Disappearer, dropped a subtle hint to Jesse that both Walt and Saul/Jimmy/Gene got caught as he made them disappear. At this point, Jesse already knew that Walt died but had no idea what happened to Saul. If that's true, Saul got caught before Jesse escaped and Walt died, which doesn't give Jimmy much time to be Gene. To Ed, the fact that they got caught matters... not the why.

      njcrepnjcrepVor Monat
    • She was from a small town near the nebraska kansas border. Never mentioned Omaha.

      ogre1074ogre1074Vor Monat
    • You know what, I totally didn't put that together about why he chose Nebraska! Nice. Agreed, she'll definitely be in a flashforward scene at some point. I think we'll have to wait quite a while for it, though... maybe the final season.

      Alexiz001Alexiz001Vor Monat

    J GunzlerJ GunzlerVor Monat
  • For a second, I thought Jimmy was going to propose marriage to Kim. Oh well.

    OkobojiOkobojiVor Monat
  • This had better be the last season. He's getting too old for the role.

    ZoeQuinnIsAMurdererZoeQuinnIsAMurdererVor Monat
    • If anything Giancarlo Esposito is getting too old, but hell with it. Long as the story is good.

      Poe GhostPoe GhostVor Monat
    • Lol what how

      Griff cGriff cVor Monat
  • I don't care if she leaves him and never turns back after he completely/permanently/irreversibly destroys their relationship. I just don't want her to die.

    Derek MannDerek MannVor Monat
    • Yeah, same, since we already know their relationship has to end anyway. I don't think may not have died for two reasons, though: Firstly, I believe Jimmy genuinely cares for her and she has a foremost meaning in his life as to where her DEATH rather than a fallout and breakup would devastate him enough to hinder his progression as Saul Goodman in the story. The only way it wouldn't is if he chose to cope by diving deeper into the mess, but then I think he would realistically drive himself mad in the process. He'd have to recover from that somehow. Secondly, her being alive leaves the chance that she may show up in the flashfowards of the final season... some way to tie things up there with the unknown part of his story. Maybe. Her death would mean that can't happen. Just speculating, though, because they could decide not to bring her back into story either way.

      Alexiz001Alexiz001Vor Monat
  • I get sad when I think about how he will eventually lose Kim. She's done so much for him. Surely she's not in his present (Black and White) timeline.

    HeadBanger BoogieHeadBanger BoogieVor Monat
  • The actress who plays Kim is so good at this role. One time I got so sucked into an episode, for a moment I thought she was an actual lawyer.

    Rob Is A ComedianRob Is A ComedianVor Monat
  • Still a month away. Been a year and a half. I need more saul!

    Jose ReyesJose ReyesVor Monat
  • hey still waiting for season 4

    h9h9h9h9Vor Monat
  • That teaser gave me literally nothing new. But I’m still excited as hell!

    Evening NewsEvening NewsVor Monat
  • I am afraid Kim will end up getting killed and Saul will destroy what ever life Jimmy had.

    MCPrimetimeMCPrimetimeVor Monat
  • My bet is she dies by the 6th season

    Generation SensitiveGeneration SensitiveVor Monat
  • Better Saul Goodman.....💯😏👍🏿👀

    Ray DayRay DayVor Monat
  • Hope we see a lot of Nacho. He's one of my favorite characters and Michael Mando is amazing. "Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?"

    Kevin CrawfordKevin CrawfordVor Monat
  • How do I watch full episodes of this show? When I log into the app with my cable provider it only lets me watch clips and not full episodes.

    Kevin CrawfordKevin CrawfordVor Monat
  • Chuck’s death seems to have been the catalyst to propel Jimmy to the dark(er) side of Saul. Kim really took stock of her beloved boyfriend when he bragged of laying it on thick for the panel of attorneys that ultimately allowed Jimmy his return to the law.

    jrh11254jrh11254Vor Monat
  • Can't wait!

    Jim GaribaldiJim GaribaldiVor Monat
  • They need to wrap this show up before jimmy starts lookin as old as mike 😂

    Mr_ZahaelMr_ZahaelVor Monat
  • !!!!

    MarvinGenaroMarvinGenaroVor Monat
  • Of course they break up and go in their separate ways. Only hopefully to reunite during the Gene years. 2 season left theirs a lot of story to tell.

    HeadsknowHeadsknowVor Monat
    • Agreed, I hope they'll reunite then as well! They'll likely make us wait until the final season for that, though.

      Alexiz001Alexiz001Vor Monat
  • Kim would make me give her octuplets

    Daniel ZimmermanDaniel ZimmermanVor Monat
  • Im sure we can go as far as s7 pls dont be like netflix and cancell shows that are good!!!

    juggyftw13juggyftw13Vor Monat
  • is there a poster out yet?

    Daxi ZhangDaxi ZhangVor Monat
  • Can't wait 😀

    Kerk CasonKerk CasonVor Monat
  • Sure glad it's coming back I love this show!!!

    Darryl6636Darryl6636Vor Monat
  • Whatever happens with Kim and Jimmy is gonna break our hearts

    KevrythingEvilKevrythingEvilVor Monat
    • So true... the inevitability sucks

      Alexiz001Alexiz001Vor Monat
  • Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Justin WatkinsJustin WatkinsVor Monat
  • It begins.....

    Skillet91Skillet91Vor Monat
  • Yayyyyy my favorite tv series

    BTWBTWVor Monat
  • I hope the flash forward involves saul hearing about Walters death

    MarztaMarztaVor Monat
  • 😮

    KurizuhKurizuhVor Monat
  • I don't know what Saul is up to... but seems a little hypocritical for Kim to be lecturing him like that after her breast milk skeem...

    Classic Don&MikeClassic Don&MikeVor Monat
  • It only would make sense for Kim to die this season. How do you get to a character like Saul, who cares about nobody but himself, from Jimmy, who kinda does care about people? Have him lose the only person he truly cares about through his own selfishness, forcing him to double down on both attitudes in self defense.

    Beef SupremeBeef SupremeVor Monat
  • I cant WAIT for this. This whole team of professionals are the best in the biz! Bar none.

    Justin FalzonJustin FalzonVor Monat
  • Great maybe this means season four will be on Netflix soon

    Arthur MorganArthur MorganVor Monat
    • February 9

      Don PDon PVor Monat
  • Yes, please get back to the white collar stuff unique to BCS.

    triodesrbettertriodesrbetterVor Monat
  • I hope they do a flash forward of Cinnabon Jimmy where he accidently runs into Kim with her new husband and kids and they both have to play it like they don't know each other

    Ken RagKen RagVor Monat
  • Better call saul is becoming vince gilligan's version of the irishman. I'm pretty sure saul is supposed to be in his early 40's.Bob odenkirk is almost 15 years older than his character. This shit is getting ridiculous.

    Jason ToddJason ToddVor Monat
  • Wonder what the first episode flash-forward post BB scene will be?

    tranquilmischieftranquilmischiefVor Monat
    • Me too! I'm always super curious about those because their the unknown future of his story and they'll likely be wrapped up in some sort of way by the end of the series

      Alexiz001Alexiz001Vor Monat
  • I already know Kim is going to leave him 😖

    IvanIvanVor Monat
  • Damn, I hope Kim doesn't get in trouble sticking with jimmy/Saul. I admire her for being loyal, but since Jimmy is turning into Saul Goodman, this can't be good for her, and she should have left after that huge fight in the roof top.

    TheBluearmy33TheBluearmy33Vor Monat
  • Still waiting for season 4 to drop on Netflix like a dumbass Fuck it I’m buying it

    John MarstonJohn MarstonVor Monat
  • Kim is hot.

    Bryan ManningBryan ManningVor Monat
  • Kim’s the worst actor ever! She’s so cringe

    Aegon TargaryenAegon TargaryenVor Monat
  • "Its showtime"

    Sergio PerezSergio PerezVor Monat
  • i need to catch up with season 4

    T.J KRT.J KRVor Monat
  • Can’t wait !

    Zeus CronusZeus CronusVor Monat
  • Finally, I was afraid the show was cancelled after not hearing anything for so long. Oh well, it's Saul Goodman.

    DarthDragon117DarthDragon117Vor Monat
  • kind of wish this saul transformation happened last season. spent so much time with unnecessary filler

    CorporalPoonCorporalPoonVor Monat
  • Final two seasons babe!!!! 🤘😔

    Alfie MarinAlfie MarinVor Monat
  • Kim isn't hurt/dead. My guess is that the final season will take place present day. Kim will see Jimmy in the mall and contact the cops. From there the chase will be on.

    Dan AlexanderDan AlexanderVor Monat
  • Haven’t been this excited about a TV show in years. Well there was game of thrones but when season 8 ended it ruined the entire series. Breaking Bad will always be #1 Better Call Saul id say is #1.5

    Æ N I Ǝ M AÆ N I Ǝ M AVor Monat
Better Call Saul: 'Jimmy & Kim' Season 5 Teaser | Returns February 23