Best Backpack Ever? Pacsafe Metrosafe LS450 25L Anti-Theft Travel Pack [Unboxing 4K UHD]

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS450 LS 450 25L Backpack Anti-Theft Travel [Unboxing 4K UHD]. Best backpack ever?
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Good afternoon everybody,
For this video, I unbox and show a new backpack I just received and which replaced my last, very recent, Patagonia Arbor rucksack pack - the Metrosafe LS450 by Pacsafe.
For those of you who watched my last unboxing video of the Patagonia Arbor backpack, I ended up returning it. It looked nice and all, with its’ classic looks, lash tabs, and simplistic design and functionality. But, I just felt too uneasy with the way it operates; specifically, with it having no zipper at all for the main compartment. I also felt it was too loud in appearance with not one, but 7 (lol), faux-leather “lash-tabs” throughout (which I am sure I will never use anyways). I just thought it screamed “mountain expedition time!!!” if worn in a densely populated city. The big fat Patagonia tag smack dab in the middle-front of the pack was also a little attention prone. It also lacked decent padding (important for me, since this will be mainly a pack for my electronics). Lastly, for cons, there were too many straps dangling everywhere (overhangs from the waist, shoulder and main-compartment tie-down straps). A couple things I did like about it though, was that the face material was a nice robust and tough canvas and also its’ shoulder straps were slim and minimal. Other than that, and only that, I couldn’t justify keeping it. The many cons simply outweighed the few pros, imo. So, I returned it and replaced it with this here Pacsafe backpack.
This is my very first Pacsafe product I’ve owned. Up until only a month or two ago, I have never even heard of the company. I was made aware of it by random YT travel vloggers (I enjoy watching those kinda vids), with an occasional video here and there where the travel vlogger recommended and praised Pacsafe products. After noticing more and more vloggers mentioning Pacsafe bags, it was only natural for me to further research them. And, after much reading and consideration on which new backpack and brand to get, I was sold. They seem to be one of the very few companies that have legit security features on their bags and at the same time being relatively affordable. After much self-debate, I narrowed my choices down to a few and ended up with the Metrosafe LS450 backpack. This will be used as a daypack, electronics bag, travel “personal item” bag, camera bag, grocery and shopping bag, etc., etc.
After playing around with it some and thoroughly inspecting it, I am truly impressed. I am impressed by its’ aesthetics and stealthy looks (sure beats looking like a hiker with the Patagonia Arbor in downtown), all the security features, nice build-quality, ample padding throughout, and the list goes on and on. This backpack is easily the best backpack I’ve ever owned in my life (mind you, I’ve only owned cheap Jansports all my life, and then the Patagonia Arbor briefly, which again, I returned after a few days of owning it). For the money, this LS450 feels worth it; but not so much for the Arbor.
(description/review continued in the comments section below)
12-pack shown: Asahi Super Dry Japanese beer.
Computer/laptop shown: Apple Macbook Air, 2013.

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  • Your a man of few words, but you more than get the job done! Thank you, this is the bag we selected for a two week trip to Europe.

    Melchior _1Melchior _1Vor 8 Monate
    • I’m extremely curious how it performed during that trip... I consider this backpack for my “one bag” trip luggage... no more suitcase but I can’t find any opinion and packing videos...

      Martyna GacekMartyna GacekVor 4 Monate
    • Glad you liked! :)

      Less Talk, More DeliciousLess Talk, More DeliciousVor 8 Monate
  • A Space Alien looking and feeling a human backpack for the first time on Earth! Wow, amazing!

    Melody ChestMelody ChestVor Monat
  • macbook and a cse of reminds me of my highschool days

    EleventeenEleventeenVor year
  • watching your review, I decided my purchase. Thank you, nice work.

    ojos lindosojos lindosVor year
  • now nobody will steal his beer

    Krystian CzKrystian CzVor year
  • how does this compare to the venturesafe 25L? I'm wondering if the venturesafe is suitable for daily use - travelling to work and going home daily.

    eeyyaakkeeyyaakkVor year
  • fits a 15" laptop along with a thermos, a cellphone, a charger, and much more?

    eeyyaakkeeyyaakkVor year
  • Is it 15" mac?

    PetronTVPetronTVVor year
    • An old 13" Air.

      Less Talk, More DeliciousLess Talk, More DeliciousVor year
  • Just a tip. Showing a book with pictures and tiny writing that we can't even really see isn't going to make people want to watch. I turned it off in 3 minutes.

    shepardshepardVor year
  • The most detailed video of this particular bag on DE-visions, Thanks. This is what i wanna see.

    Opas InphumOpas InphumVor 2 years
  • ASMR Video Review of the Backpack

    Dustyn CrawfordDustyn CrawfordVor 2 years
  • Passes the 6-pack test. *_Wait was that a 12-pack???!!!_* Great attention to details in the non-verbal overview of the bag. I almost missed the top grab handle, though, and initially thought the grab handle was integrated in the upper straps yoke (I don't like integrated handles like that, the stresses on the strap attachment points are off-balance with both shoulder carry and grab handle carry). I have mixed feelings about Pacsafe's gradual conversion to a "Tumi" look. The first editions screamed "security pack" TOO loudly imho. The mid-editions made them lighter, competitive with all other day and travel packs. The current editions are the most low key at all - regular zipper pulls instead of the last-generation "cable loops" - but in a way I liked them because they announced this was a security pack and kept away savvier tamper-thieves. Now you have to look WAY to closely to suss out that this pack isn't worth the trouble to "razor artist" or zipper-unpuller. Overall though, I think it looks great, I like the fact that it doesn't have the semi-rigid molded back panel of the Venturesafe 25L. Thanks for covering this one. it wasn't even on my radar until DE-visions recommended your review. Thumbs up!

    Michael WebberMichael WebberVor 2 years
  • No speech but very well done. Good job. Especially the 12 pack part. I think we all know that size .

    koolever3koolever3Vor 2 years
  • I was disappointed. 5 ft 6 ins high female. No adjustments to make it small enough to fit easily. No waist strap. Even though security features are good it is missing the essential adjusting features of any small backpack.

    marianne wattmarianne wattVor 2 years
  • It's OK to speak you know...

    jta70jta70Vor 2 years
    • It's OK to not speak you know...

      HeadShot360HeadShot360Vor year
    • jta70 what if he's deaf?

      Aaron BuenoAaron BuenoVor 2 years
  • is it waterproof or water resistant?

    Saad TuamaSaad TuamaVor 3 years
    • I wouldn't bet on it, but you could just get a raincover that fits 25L backpacks from Amazon.

      AlessandroAlessandroVor 2 years
    • Many Thanks for the info.

      Saad TuamaSaad TuamaVor 3 years
    • Not sure. Probably not specifically (since it's not marketed in the specs). But, it does have a nylon fabric (it's rare for backpacks to use Goretex; so it's rare for backpacks to be truly "waterproof") just spray some quality DWR on it and it'll be water resistant as "water resistant" jackets out there.

      Less Talk, More DeliciousLess Talk, More DeliciousVor 3 years
  • holy insanity. What the heck was the first commercial I saw

    Denise SampleDenise SampleVor 3 years
  • OMG what was that commercial

    Denise SampleDenise SampleVor 3 years
  • This was one of the video i watched before actually buying my LS450 last friday. Well done sir!

    JolierJolierVor 3 years
    • Thanks. Glad the video helped!

      Less Talk, More DeliciousLess Talk, More DeliciousVor 3 years
  • Very informative video. Love my Pacsafe products.

    Joanne Dunne GlassmanJoanne Dunne GlassmanVor 3 years
  • Thanks for this video, ive been looking for a decent travel backpack with some security and this review was really helpful, i was suprised at how well you can review something without speaking as well haha. Really is better in this case to just 'hear the bag' really gives a good idea of material etc.

    KrysinKrysinVor 3 years
    • Glad the video helped! (feel free to buy through my affiliate links..I earn a few dollars). I love Pacsafe products. High quality stuff. Yeah..I know what you mean. That's the reason I started making my style of videos. Whenever I searched for a product I wanted to buy on YT, all the videos I found hardly showed anything!

      Less Talk, More DeliciousLess Talk, More DeliciousVor 3 years
  • (description/review continued here) Given all of its’ features, you’d expect a backpack with so many to look too high-tech, like a space-ship or “tacti-cool.” But, no, this pack looks very clean, incog and low-pro. There isn’t multiple unnecessary straps overhanging everywhere, everything is black and even the logo is toned down into a black rubber square. It doesn’t look expensive and it doesn’t look like a pricey outdoors brand-name backpack (eg: North Face, Patagonia, Oakley, Burton, Nike, etc.). At the same time, it doesn’t look cheaply made nor gaudy. I like that it doesn’t have a waist-strap, since I never use those. The side water-bottle/accessory stretchy pockets are a nice touch and I can see myself using them for things like power-banks, vape gear and other things that need quick and easy access (water-bottles too I guess). All the compartments have pockets for keeping small things organized (which the Patagonia Arbor did not have at all) and are all nicely lined with a striped fabric. Another feature I really like is that it is well padded. All of the aforementioned features I’ve never had in a backpack before and it makes me excited to have them. I highly recommended this pack if you're looking for a fully featured and secure backpack for daily use and/or for travels. I cannot wait to put it through its’ paces and see how it holds up. Hope you enjoyed.

    Less Talk, More DeliciousLess Talk, More DeliciousVor 3 years
    • So how does it hold up so far?

      EJ AquinoEJ AquinoVor 2 years
  • For a speechless review, it's very well done. Thanks.

    Muleys CousinMuleys CousinVor 3 years
    • Thanks.

      Less Talk, More DeliciousLess Talk, More DeliciousVor 3 years
Best Backpack Ever? Pacsafe Metrosafe LS450 25L Anti-Theft Travel Pack [Unboxing 4K UHD]