• This video makes me very unexplainedly happy

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  • 2:50 *gets sonic blasted into another dimension*

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  • Oh I tingled the whole video the clicking of buttons. Phew. And the hand movements.

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  • oh wow this is such an interesting concept with the invisible buttons :0 these gave me so much tingles im rly surprised! kudos to erin for doing such great editing work on the timing of the sounds!!

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  • This has become one of my favorite videos of yours. I keep coming back to rewatch it!

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  • Either this is where babies come from or I'm your replika This was amazing

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  • Geeze, I gotta upgrade my interface. Sounds like I'm still running on a Mac. And by Mac I mean Macintosh, as in: "If you finish the assignment early, you can play Carmen Sandiego on the Macintosh."

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  • I wish I could just install new skills and vocabulary into my brain💁

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  • It’s been a month later. I’m here for my follow up recalibration. 😁🤖

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  • 1:13

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  • Yas, yus, yes!

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  • MITSK🙏🙏

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  • Okay, I've been just enjoying/appreciating where this stuff puts me mentally. And it's all kind of fascinating, psychologically. But this may be the first time I've gotten those tingles people talk about lol. Like, this is mostly just background noise for work or something to fall asleep to, normally. But I'd actually have to be in a state of mind to relax if I want to watch/listen to this video 😅🙏👌

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  • The moment you mentioned mitski i felt extra seen

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  • Don't mind me, just coming back for my monthly routine calibration every night :)

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  • Me when i get factory settings reset 🦧

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  • i think i already smell fruity , erin .

  • "She mentioned a fear of being watched by ducks." "Wow, what a quack." "I knew it! Where!?"

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  • Alright let's see if I dream about floating down the lazy river Tonite 😂

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  • I have watched this multiple times. Super tingly and relaxing

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  • G.Moon is a Goddess!!

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  • This video makes me feel like I’m in Chobits and I’m here for it

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  • i love this video so much, it gave me SO many tingles

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  • OK but real talk that was fantastic. And we absolutely need one again and a month from this video because that will be right in time to get re-calibrated and updated before all the holiday gatherings. Lord knows a reset either before or after would be 100% needed LOL.

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  • 1:14

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  • I don't know why I love this so much but this is my third watch through tonight 10/10 great content

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  • Im strawberry blond!! :)

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  • Youre vids are so unique! Thanks for always thinking outside the box & creating such amazing content!

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  • Raycon doesn't ship to my country 😓

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  • I.. have watched this video more times than I care to admit. I think I may be addicted.

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  • This look is serving me Barbara Gordon/Oracle

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  • I would like my hair to grow faster please!

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  • My absolute favorite trigger of all time, and your videos on this are 👌👌 top tier 👌👌 Thank you for this video! I know editing this must've taken so much time 🥺

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  • only thing I can think in the beginning of this is "please don't up the brightness!! I have migraines..."

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  • She accidentally just made the best cyberpunk 2077 roleplay I've ever seen

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  • This might just be my new favourite video. Typing is one of my favourite triggers and that combined with your voice is just chef kiss.

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  • pov: you’re a sentient super computer and your owner is installing your monthly updates

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  • Having just gotten over covid, this video couldn’t have come at a more perfect time

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  • do you record the “invisible sounds” first then the video or the video then the sounds?

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  • you just unlocked tingles in places i didn’t even know could tingle

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  • Erin: Does short calibrating trigger in an assortment Fans: Would love that trigger as a video Erin: Posts it not even a month later This is why ur the best

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    • I’m over here like Xbox or PlayStation controller? 👀

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  • When she increased the tingles meter I could feel tingles up my spine as if she really was increasing some invisible tingles meter 💕😍 really loved this ASMR.

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  • There is a small part of me that hopes she's secretly playing Morgan Stark and she's made a full robot.

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  • I'm about to fall asleep but this is so good I had to leave a comment! I really enjoyed that you let us make our own choices and then left it ambiguous. Also all the different skills to learn sounded super interesting!!! Thanks for all the work you put I to all these vids!

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  • will really believe that they are strong!

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  • Please do this every month

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  • I love the small Mitsuki references far more than I should, this is such a cute video

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  • Erin!

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  • 1:15

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    • @bcvbb hyui lol don’t think that was meant for me 😂

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    • I cannot get over the videos you post, I just recently started listening to your videos and I SWEAR by them. Puts me to sleep everytime, I cannot thank you enough!

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  • I personally would like to smell like a fruity library baby (sorry for ruining the exactly 669 comments yall)

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  • I’m over here like Xbox or PlayStation controller? 👀

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  • Can you adjust my likeability with women. Get rid of social anxiety would help as well

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  • The editing this video must have required has gotta be just so much, Erin you killed it that you for all the effort you put into all your videos. You're a treasure 💖

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    • haven’t done the wrong thing or upset anyone by posting this in your comment section

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  • "Is there any particular genre of music you'd like to prefer this month?" "Ska." "That will be perfect to enjoy the new Mitski single to its fullest extent." :O

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  • "prefer this montfh" 😛

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  • 1:14

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  • "Is there any particular genre of music you'd like to prefer this month?" "Ska." "That will be perfect to enjoy the new Mitski single to its fullest extent." :O

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  • Your videos are great. Raycons are garbage

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  • I keep coming back to this video!!! It’s just so calming and gives me sm joy

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  • Are you an aspiring foley artist? You're doing an amazing job!

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  • What controllers did you use for this? I think I recognize an xbox one controller and possibly a ps4 controller as well

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    • “Fruity…campfire…a baby…” me describing my gender

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  • I cannot get over the videos you post, I just recently started listening to your videos and I SWEAR by them. Puts me to sleep everytime, I cannot thank you enough!

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  • I love love love invisible triggers paired with fitting, close up hand movements. Great video!

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  • your hair is growing back so fast! not that i’m too surprised, since it is so clearly related to your magical powers.

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  • *is watching with my raycons bc the sound quality is so good*

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    • thank you so much, my cartwheels are gonna be so fucking sick after watching this

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  • That was amazing!!

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