Ashnikko - Halloweenie III: Seven Days (Official Video)

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Director: Vasso Vu
Producer: Xiaoxuan Zhu
Production Assistant: Eve Mahoney
Director of Photography: Donny Johnson
1st AC: Darius Williams
Gaffer: Fionn Hutton
Spark: Natasha Duursma
Lighting Trainee: Luigi Truscelli
Prop Stylist: Harriet Trant
Stylist: Holly Adamthwaite
MUA: Georgia Olive
Hair: Jake Gallagher
VFX: Slavko Gavric
Halloweenie III: Seven Days (Lyrics)
On the first day of halloween my enemy and me
Duelled in the moonlight, i got flesh in my teeth
On the second day of halloween i found a vat of acid
I spelled my name in finger bones full name Ashton
Third day of halloween i promised him a treat
Caught him in my spiderweb and started on his feet
Fourth day of Halloween woke up without a face
Accidentally baked my facial features into a cake
I don’t feel like myself anymore
I can smell blood and it’s trailing out the door
What if i’m rotten, worms eating at my core
Malibu barbie bodies are washing up on the shore
On the Fifth of day halloween i bathed in menstrual blood
Then I took a nap cuz being evils tiresome
On the sixth day of halloween i hunted down the witches
So we could be bezzie friends those are my bestest bitches
On the seventh day of Halloween I howled at the moon
I stripped myself butt naked and showed the world my boobs
I don’t feel like myself anymore
I can smell blood and it’s trailing out the door
What if i’m rotten, worms eating at my core
Malibu barbie bodies are washing up on the shore
I don’t feel like myself anymore
I can smell blood and it’s trailing out the door
What if i’m rotten, worms eating at my core
Malibu barbie bodies are washing up on the shore
Don’t wake the beast
Debutante deceased
Blood on the sheets
All hallows' eve
Don’t wake the beast
She likes to eat
Blueberry sweet
All hallows’ eve
I don’t feel like myself anymore
I can smell blood and it’s trailing out the door
What if i’m rotten, worms eating at my core
Malibu barbie bodies are washing up on the shore
little gargoyle
on the marble
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  • okay since people are mentioning the scene where one version of ash puts a laser against her head, (1:16) the way i personally interpreted it as self sabotage; like knowing and seeing you are doing this to yourself but still subconsciously doing it, which can lead to being confused and not feeling like yourself (i.e: "i don't feel like myself anymore")

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Ashnikko - Halloweenie III: Seven Days (Official Video)