Arab Money: Behind The Scenes

Music video by Busta Rhymes performing Arab Money: Behind The Scenes. (C) 2009 Motown Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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  • Lit 🔥 AsF 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

    DJShawtySwagVEVODJShawtySwagVEVOVor 5 Monate
  • $5,000 budget


    Luka KhatiashviliLuka KhatiashviliVor 9 Monate
  • 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    سحاب محمدسحاب محمدVor year
  • What a stupied video

  • half assed video but good song

    CracksafeCracksafeVor 5 years
  • fuk

    hasoon xprohasoon xproVor 5 years
  • ياجعلك تدخل نار الجحيم يا كافر

    Aziz AlMutairiAziz AlMutairiVor 5 years
  • Fuck you Rhymes

    TesT ACsfgsdTesT ACsfgsdVor 5 years
  • Fuck you

    odai surojiodai surojiVor 5 years
  • تفو

    Fans HazoomFans HazoomVor 5 years
  • many times I told you guys bin laden was right when he blew up those fuckers need another huge bomb this time to wipe those from the planets

    Light ShowLight ShowVor 6 years
  • الله يبلاك بمرض خبيث يارب

    Nawaf [FM]Nawaf [FM]Vor 6 years
    • تكلم امك؟

      Wise WiggaWise WiggaVor 4 Monate
  • How u can think ur self funny when u offensive to other countries. U a just Bitch nigga u must respect Muslims and Arabs.

    DR. SamDR. SamVor 6 years
  • middle age S P R E A D, busta buttons

    Gothic HippyGothic HippyVor 6 years
  • Fuck you

    Khervi1Khervi1Vor 7 years
  • I dont understand why the fuck they didnt go to a Arab country and made the video. Instead of green screen shit.

    Ashraf Issa TravelsAshraf Issa TravelsVor 7 years
  • You Cristians don't respect our religion, u just make fun of Qur'an and messengers of Allah (SWT) .. And after all of that .. We are the terrorists ones! By Allah if you just know what really Islam is .. U wouldn't say that ..... , u just would cry and thanks Allah for knowing the real purpose of life.

    Ahmed Al BabakriAhmed Al BabakriVor 7 years
    • lit parker Actully there is a song that says we get america money and says abad things to a me to america

    • so u gonna translate the arabic part for us pls?

      jeeman247365jeeman247365Vor 6 years
    • @Âhmëd Âlßàßkři if there are only 6 sentencs in Arabic and the rest is positive English I don't care...I do not understand it anyway....maybe you can enlighten me ;)

      TJagIIITJagIIIVor 6 years
    • @TJagIII you just understand the English parts .. what about the Arabic parts!! Do you understand them? do they really say good things about Arabs?

      Ahmed Al BabakriAhmed Al BabakriVor 6 years
    • .

      Ahmed Al BabakriAhmed Al BabakriVor 6 years
  • And am Proud ! FuCk You ( respect who's respect my religion ) .

    UnknownUnknownVor 7 years
  • this song is just plain ignorant. ignorant and borderline racist

    johnwcreasy1johnwcreasy1Vor 7 years
  • I'm receiving particularly large quantities of Saudi Arabia finances, how is this a meaning?? sorry Bus a Bus, not feeling this one *.*

    Eruan CookEruan CookVor 7 years
  • so what is your problem if hes muslim or not ..... is it racism or u Mimics this idiot who called busta ?!

    P.KING'OG OsAmAP.KING'OG OsAmAVor 7 years
  • ♥ love busta

    ックファックファVor 7 years
    • ックファ Fuck you bitch becuse you love someone says abad things to islam and arab

  • Hes Muslim

    K KollectionK KollectionVor 8 years
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    Aseel mohmedAseel mohmedVor 8 years
  • fuck thes man

    Abdulaziz L.Abdulaziz L.Vor 8 years

    Tony R.Tony R.Vor 8 years
  • must've felt silly dancing randomly behind a green wallpaper

    ALP7AALP7AVor 8 years
  • @CreezySwagg Yeah, remove that comment, kid.

    crunk4124crunk4124Vor 9 years
  • That dance is ridiculous.

    crunk4124crunk4124Vor 9 years

    Vadim GavrilovVadim GavrilovVor 9 years
  • F.U.C.K those advertisements!

    sorin norrissorin norrisVor 9 years
  • whats the name on this chik

    Iva KaramanskaIva KaramanskaVor 10 years
  • dat chick is fukin hawt !

    Elias BayatiElias BayatiVor 10 years
  • what the msg of this Video ?

    NinwaSyNinwaSyVor 11 years
  • you see akon driving ferraries and 50 cent in mansions, but this video sucked, cheap video, but good song.

    melissaverozamelissaverozaVor 11 years
  • wtf music only! just because its arab!

    Ben smartinBen smartinVor 11 years
  • Whats up with the 1 comment lol. 44k views and ... 1 comment :D

    gargrugargruVor 11 years
    • Now its 144k views if you see my comment and you can replied then Your legand

  • Awesome

    SimonSimonVor 11 years
Arab Money: Behind The Scenes