Among Us But Dream Goes 900 IQ!

We played some more Among Us with the Dream team. Who's gonna make the big brain plays this time?
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  • Since you guys loved the last Among Us video I thought it’d be fun to make a second video with the extra games from the session :D

    MrBeast GamingMrBeast GamingVor 8 Stunden
    • Wait

      Konyx19Konyx19Vor 2 Stunden
    • I'm mr beast

      Konyx19Konyx19Vor 2 Stunden
    • 😕

      Konyx19Konyx19Vor 2 Stunden
    • My bad

      Konyx19Konyx19Vor 2 Stunden
    • 10*

      Konyx19Konyx19Vor 2 Stunden
  • Gogy messing up the colors of the wires is soo wholesome

    Paula VazquezPaula VazquezVor Stunde
  • George is colorblind?

    Lawrence PengLawrence PengVor Stunde
  • Wait how could George see the wires He's Color blind.......

    Keicee Jae SalangKeicee Jae SalangVor Stunde

    mochimochiVor Stunde
  • Rip sapnaps small child

    Rocco KammerRocco KammerVor Stunde
  • ngl Karl just abuses the Mic... Why you screaming so much...

    ItzChmittyItzChmittyVor Stunde
  • Stop using name dream on ur thumbnail or title u dont get viewers like that

    Khan- Call of dutyKhan- Call of dutyVor Stunde
  • I’m colorblind 0:58

    Lawrence PengLawrence PengVor Stunde
  • mr beast you are my best friend and we hang out all the time i will be in the next mrbeast challenge and make sure to subscribe so you dont miss my aperance on his next challenge see ya tomorrow jimmy

    texas tacticaltexas tacticalVor Stunde
  • Bro help me bro my channel name is foxy gaming yt

  • Nice

  • Yo mr beast, you suck at this game

    Kevin MoralesKevin MoralesVor Stunde
  • We were*

    reptile duoreptile duoVor Stunde
  • I think we wrerwere on a game together at one point

    reptile duoreptile duoVor Stunde
  • why does chandler never get imposter...

    DarkRyan9800DarkRyan9800Vor Stunde
  • Press "F" to Pay respect for Sapnap's Child

    Top MemesTop MemesVor Stunde
  • i tried my first game and i won instantly lol

    Dark SecretsDark SecretsVor Stunde
  • His shirt

    Tavisnation 2Tavisnation 2Vor Stunde
  • 0:58 this is why u need colorblind glasses

    RayRedsRayRedsVor Stunde
  • Can you do different map pls

    Karl Haven BacudioKarl Haven BacudioVor Stunde
  • 0:57 😂😂😂😂

    John CarrollJohn CarrollVor Stunde
  • Sapnap be like:Detective sap here George:*kills sap first* Sapnap:Geooooooooorrrge!

    10k Subs with no videos challenge10k Subs with no videos challengeVor Stunde
  • Why is LittleKingRyan everywhere?

    T-RexasourT-RexasourVor Stunde
  • Jimmy should rent a space and make a amoung us with all the homies

    Jelly ToastJelly ToastVor Stunde
  • Jimmy is such an humble guy . The money and fame did change him in a good way.

    Samantha lois JeremiasSamantha lois JeremiasVor Stunde
  • Not gonna lie don’t like karl in these videos

    Zachary JohnsonZachary JohnsonVor Stunde
  • Number 1 on trending mrBeast keep it up the great work 👍

    callMeElijh 19callMeElijh 19Vor Stunde
  • I found someone on my among us server with the name not mr beast. Now I’m confused where they faking

    Eightbug 93Eightbug 93Vor Stunde
  • ScAnNiNg do do do do dooo

    Hannah GamingHannah GamingVor Stunde
  • me: *scrolling through the comments* what I see: “don’t lie who is a fan of mrbeast” My dream is 24k. *I been struggling to get there any help is appreciated*

    FS KINGFS KINGVor Stunde
    • love the vids

      C BreeezyC BreeezyVor Stunde
    • sure

      TIGERTIGERVor Stunde
    • ok

      TIGERTIGERVor Stunde
  • Please play with pewdiepie

    Righteous TurtleRighteous TurtleVor Stunde
  • This man hypes dean up so much

    LinewaterLinewaterVor Stunde
  • Hi

    Minecraft and lego gaming MasseyMinecraft and lego gaming MasseyVor Stunde
  • I post cheese

    Inferion IIIInferion IIIVor Stunde
  • I feel bad for George when he does the wiring

    MountainDrewMountainDrewVor Stunde
  • LOL GEORGE 00:36

    Arsenia BeninsigArsenia BeninsigVor Stunde
  • "do do doo doo, i'm just gonna do my taaasks, and be a happy-" "GEOOOORGE!"

    c o n s t e l l a t i o n p a t h f i n d e rc o n s t e l l a t i o n p a t h f i n d e rVor Stunde
  • Is it just me or does chris look a little pale?

    I hate robloxI hate robloxVor Stunde
  • Does anyone eles want mr beast to meet tommyinnit or is that just me

    Its LeoIts LeoVor Stunde
  • Is it just me or does George look like jordi off u no what

    Cove ClanCove ClanVor Stunde
  • Mrbeast you don’t have to click the fuel button you can just hold it

    tablemylifetablemylifeVor Stunde
  • Hey at lease George doesn’t care about minx anymore :D

    Notcheally YTNotcheally YTVor Stunde
  • Cris sounds sick and looks sick

    William MinturnWilliam MinturnVor Stunde
  • This channel is sus

    briand55555briand55555Vor Stunde
  • Karl is annoying

    neveragain500 _neveragain500 _Vor Stunde
  • i love among us

    Titus WilliamsTitus WilliamsVor Stunde
  • Karl is so smart

    Arcader54 TD bankArcader54 TD bankVor Stunde


    Tony PlattTony PlattVor Stunde
  • When george was being suspected for "not seeing the body" He should have pulled a "I'm colorblind" excuse out.

    Samuel GriffittsSamuel GriffittsVor Stunde
  • If I was a girl in this universe I’d be in love with Dream. Ahahagshshshahshsh But I’m more of a #Fundryeam.

    Mr. Magistral MalikMr. Magistral MalikVor Stunde
  • And my name is Cristian in among us

    Jose OrtizJose OrtizVor Stunde
  • puts cords in wrong colors geroge:look im color BlInD oKaY

    sunshinebobasunshinebobaVor Stunde
  • Karl is so smart

    Jenelyn BonggoJenelyn BonggoVor Stunde
  • MrBeast Kinda Sus

    United Socialist MapperUnited Socialist MapperVor Stunde
  • Pls play vr for 100 hours

    TYPRIME 099TYPRIME 099Vor Stunde
  • You mean karl

    Postic YTPostic YTVor Stunde
  • Nice teddy bear Chandler

    Brennan BorgstromBrennan BorgstromVor Stunde
  • Nice

    Samir GurungSamir GurungVor Stunde
  • Karl is so smart. I'm not even kidding.

    c o n s t e l l a t i o n p a t h f i n d e rc o n s t e l l a t i o n p a t h f i n d e rVor Stunde
  • that was too short😭 more Among Us w the Beast Gang and Dream Team pwease 👉👈

    this user is a simp for jojithis user is a simp for jojiVor Stunde
  • can i join mrbeast pls

    Gabby BeredoGabby BeredoVor Stunde
  • Chandler look like pewdiepie lol

    big daddy yogertbig daddy yogertVor Stunde
  • I love how mrbeast clicks the refuel button and doesnt hold it

    SpectrumSpectrumVor Stunde
  • Sapnap: doo doo I’m just going to do tasks and be a happy-GEORGE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joyc HenriquezJoyc HenriquezVor Stunde
  • Dream and Mrbeast. 👁👄👁x10000000000000

    The man who knew infinityThe man who knew infinityVor Stunde
  • keep up the good videos :)

    Ashleydarknesslover HEHEAshleydarknesslover HEHEVor Stunde
  • oh now this is #1ontrending noice

    Itz Me DianaItz Me DianaVor Stunde
  • i hate how there are so many dream fanboys, his content WAS original but he's made 20 of the same videos that somehow get 30 mil views and land him 10 mil subs

    LordPiklsLordPiklsVor Stunde
Among Us But Dream Goes 900 IQ!