AMERICAN REACTS to Jay Samuelz - No Lie

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    London Alexis WORLDWIDELondon Alexis WORLDWIDEVor year
    • Yes english is his first language

      Stormy MiaundLemiaStormy MiaundLemiaVor 4 Monate
    • LONDON ALEXIS his first language was english

      Lucifer MorningstarLucifer MorningstarVor year
    • @PizzaPixel willst du mich verarschen?

      MichiifyMichiifyVor year
    • Official channel of him:

      resque asthmaresque asthmaVor year
    • Btw Jay grew up in the Us so his first language is accually english

      Zanto 757Zanto 757Vor year
  • he’s american, just sayin’ 😂

    mina !mina !Vor 7 Tage
  • Dieser Moment wenn Amerikaner merken das Deutsche besser Englisch Rappen als sie 😂🤔😆

    Rick SanzchesRick SanzchesVor 8 Tage
  • React to FilmGeek plz

    Na LNa LVor 18 Tage
  • Krieg ich ein paar likes damit die Amis denken ich hab was krasses geschrieben

    Jannik HengelJannik HengelVor 19 Tage
  • Hello my german friends

    KaiGurkeKaiGurkeVor 2 Monate
  • He Makes Film Videos

    Almann der AllmächtigeAlmann der AllmächtigeVor 2 Monate
  • BTW the video is that good because it's filmed by there own film company

    Mittelrexy RexyMittelrexy RexyVor 2 Monate
  • Jay and arya

    Young JesusYoung JesusVor 2 Monate
  • His first language is actually english

    EnD AmbossEnD AmbossVor 3 Monate
  • germans just are the best :D

    DarknorDarknorVor 3 Monate
  • Auch nur wegen Jay hier?

    Jobas ChristopherJobas ChristopherVor 3 Monate
  • He made a new song that calls "Ditto" at his Channel that calls "Jay und Arya" and the Song is very good too... PS: Hi an alle Allmänner🇩🇪

    TheLegendOfCrossingTheLegendOfCrossingVor 3 Monate
  • Has he seen it?

    Alpaka MuddinAlpaka MuddinVor 3 Monate
  • Jay & Arya Film Geek!!! 😂

    Peter PanPeter PanVor 4 Monate
  • Jay and Arya i love the yt channel. I can speak german

    Oliver RömlingOliver RömlingVor 4 Monate
  • You Need too watch the Song ditto

    Ben WdmnnBen WdmnnVor 4 Monate
  • Der "Ich bin kein(e) deutsche(r) aber kommentiere trotzdem auf deutsch unter nem Amerikanischen Video Button." xD

    Harry PotterHarry PotterVor 5 Monate
  • First account from him Jay & Arya

    QurialsQurialsVor 5 Monate
  • Jay ist der beste (((:

    Nina HoggardNina HoggardVor 5 Monate
  • His fist language is English. He is a native speaker.

    Janika BoehmJanika BoehmVor 5 Monate
  • He makes videos with arya lee Chanel:Jay & Arya The make videos with film tipps and the make film geek

    Selina ciocSelina ciocVor 5 Monate
  • He is an german youtuber, but he is 50% American. He has a channel together with his friend Arya, where they speak about movies. The channel named Jay und Arya. They have also an Podcast channel, where they make german and english Podcasts. This channel named Der eigendlich ganz gute Podcast.

    Crazy CocoCrazy CocoVor 5 Monate
  • On his main he's doing facts about movies/shows... (Jay and aria)

    not gerard waynot gerard wayVor 5 Monate
  • he was born in America

    InVqdeInVqdeVor 5 Monate
  • It looks like you dont know him very well so iam going to tell u the hard truth he is in fact native american speaker btw u all can roast me for my spelling mistakes have a good day tho

    Ralf FechnerRalf FechnerVor 5 Monate
  • Where are ma german freeeendddssss? uwu

    笑somebody笑somebodyVor 6 Monate
  • I watched this video 100 times for watching this bad vid

    MaikRysonMaikRysonVor 6 Monate
  • The message is, that nobody should tell lies to him because he can see when they lie.

    ArzyBeatzArzyBeatzVor 6 Monate
  • Greets from Germany ✌️✌️

    Dominik FDominik FVor 6 Monate
  • His first language is german an he does filmfact videos... And this is the link to his main channel

    Patric PindeusPatric PindeusVor 7 Monate
    • Wrong

      AndiOop *:*AndiOop *:*Vor 4 Monate
  • He is American but he lives in Germany

    Chameleon TypChameleon TypVor 7 Monate
  • Ola

    pe nepe neVor 7 Monate
    • Moin ich bin ein kleiner halb spanier

      pe nepe neVor 7 Monate
  • He and his friend Arya want to do films on Hollywood level or even make films with/in Hollywood

    Creamy DubuCreamy DubuVor 7 Monate
  • He is half-american. Just FYI. English is his first language. And he's making short films and videos about movies 🙈 but they're a duo, Jay and Arya. That's also the name of the YT channel. Jay & Arya.

    SarahWithHeartsSarahWithHeartsVor 7 Monate
  • He is American too

    Didimouse VideosDidimouse VideosVor 8 Monate
  • His Parents are English but he was born in Germany, he's I think 23 Years old and is doing a Channel with the other one out of the Video that picked up his wallet in the Video, they're doing like Movie "reviews" and are showing some errors that been made in the movies (legendaryafilms) German Channel

    PlayfulDeadPlayfulDeadVor 8 Monate
  • Jay comes from america

    gwendolyn sheppertgwendolyn sheppertVor 8 Monate
  • Jay is am American guy ...

    demons of your souldemons of your soulVor 9 Monate
  • i think he try’s to explain with the lyrics that first, there’s no one there for you and later, when you get fame and when you’re successful, everyone wants to be ur friend. also i think he wants to say that there are very much lies in the showbusiness and that it’s hard to trust someone

    lisamarie htmlisamarie htmVor 9 Monate
  • German invasion!!

    Tops _HDTops _HDVor 9 Monate
  • He normally "makes" Videos about Movie or Series facts. ("Makes" because you can find other videos with the same facts made before he/they did the video sooooooo)

    FreekyPowerFreekyPowerVor 9 Monate
  • Jay samuelz ist the Best

    Andreas OttoAndreas OttoVor 9 Monate
  • Wer ist noch jay und arya fan😂😂?

    Mr. BerbelsMr. BerbelsVor 9 Monate
  • Ananas

    Finn WörzFinn WörzVor 9 Monate
  • Pls react to 2 Hungarian guy:

    D PD PVor 9 Monate
  • Wer ish schwizer

    LennyLennyVor 9 Monate
  • Krass wie alle Amerikaner deutsche oder deutschrap feiern😂

    dina _dina _Vor 9 Monate
  • listen to this it’s fire Alexis! I need you’re reaction to this?! ❤️🤯🔥🔥 Check out jay Samuelz new song!! 🔥🔥 Its so dope🔥 Jay & Jane Ditto And read the bio that help to understand the backstory

    Mr. HaarkulesMr. HaarkulesVor 9 Monate
  • The dancing girl at the end of the video is german too... Her artist name is "Little Fly Girl"

    KingMopsKingMopsVor 9 Monate
  • Hallo ich bin Marcell Davis

    samtend018samtend018Vor 9 Monate
  • React to His new Song with Jane pleaseeee 🤤❤️

    Ride OutRide OutVor 9 Monate
  • Warte mal war das gerade eine Amerikanerin welche nicht behauptet hat alle Deutschen wären Nazis? Sieht man auch nicht oft.

    Piçistan _05Piçistan _05Vor 9 Monate
  • He made a new video. Its also a rap called ,,Ditto,, pls react

    MusiccerMusiccerVor 9 Monate
  • Jay comes from America and life's in Germany now

    Marcel NharreMarcel NharreVor 9 Monate
  • Jay comes from America and life's in Germany now

    Marcel NharreMarcel NharreVor 9 Monate
  • Warum steht eigentlich unter jedem Englischen Video das irgendwas mit DE zu tun hat mindestens ein Kommentar (eher 20) mit „wer ist auch deutsch?😂“ als wär das so witzig oder erstaunlich dass Deutsche ein Video schauen in dem auf was deutsches reagiert wird? (Hab Kommas/ta ignoriert ich weiß)

    ja jaja jaVor 9 Monate
  • well he's american

    Marie NeißMarie NeißVor 9 Monate
  • "I appreachiate. That was autistic. I appreachiate."

    DemoDimiDemoDimiVor 10 Monate
  • He did it completly by himselve!!! As DE-visionsr from Germany!!! Very impressive!!!

    RandoMNamERandoMNamEVor 10 Monate
  • Wtf

    marrienett dupaing chengmarrienett dupaing chengVor 10 Monate
  • Am i the only american down here? Just a joke : germany tough Edit: meine name sagt alles

    ein Gryffindorein GryffindorVor 10 Monate
  • So really nice

    Money BoyMoney BoyVor 10 Monate
  • Wer ist auch aus Deutschland?😂

    Bra tanBra tanVor 10 Monate
  • Chak the german rapper capial bra

    lango gaminglango gamingVor 10 Monate
  • Ich hab seit monaten ein ohrwurm das wars mal wieder komplet

    lango gaminglango gamingVor 10 Monate
  • Just an English comment passing through

    ZedamZedamVor 11 Monate
  • 5:17 Dieser Moment wenn checkt das Deutsche auch gute Mucke machen

    Toby WallnerToby WallnerVor 11 Monate
  • just a great piece of the new german video art, ask your dad :D BTW THE COLORS, right for every shot. we know you love that. :)

    JerjerrodhJerjerrodhVor 11 Monate
  • Was sagt ein Chinese wenn sein Reis leer ist? No Lies Lul

    xd.lvkxsxd.lvkxsVor 11 Monate
    • lul

      VogelGVVogelGVVor 11 Monate
AMERICAN REACTS to Jay Samuelz - No Lie