Amanda Anisimova - Press Conference after Quarterfinals | Roland-Garros 2019

Amanda Anisimova - Press Conference after Quarterfinals | Roland-Garros 2019. Watch Amanda Anisimova's press conference after her victory against Simona Halep at the quarterfinals of #RolandGarros 2019. Anisimova won 6/2; 6/4.
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This is the official DE-visions Channel of Roland Garros, home of the French Open. The tournament 2019 will run from 20 May - 09 June.

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  • I smell the next sharapova

    You see what i did thereYou see what i did thereVor 11 Monate
  • She looks abit like Anna Kournikova!

    DNAngelDNAngelVor year
  • Congrats Anisimova for your stunning play against Barty in Semifinal’s of Roland Garros 2019. The chances of your winning Grand Slam trophy are very bright in the road ahead with the experience gained in French Open.All the best.

    kuppannan maruthachalamkuppannan maruthachalamVor year
  • Cute as a button- what a cherubic and precocious young lady! 🥰

    Willy SeverusWilly SeverusVor year
  • For crying out loud, she's a brainer, and a looker! Reminds me of Anna Kournikova. I wish her as much happiness, go girl.

    jeanfourcadejeanfourcadeVor year
  • I think she plays alot like Roger Federer.

    George PrimeGeorge PrimeVor year
  • She is more Russian than Putin , anyone saying any different is a hypocrite.

    p chp chVor year
    • She's never even been to Russia. Lol

      MrMusicfan678MrMusicfan678Vor 7 Monate
    • p ch The Truth always prevails

      Tennis SirTennis SirVor year
    • Putin’s a murderer - she’s a hard working American

      Tennis SirTennis SirVor year
  • Absolutely amazing ! My new favorite tennis player ☺️👏

    Ibraaheem BagusIbraaheem BagusVor year
    • The same for me. She is my ex-husband granddaughter.

      NinaNinaVor year
  • Великолепная девушка,как в спорте,так и женственности. Она мне очень симпатична,почти такой же возраст и ход мышления. Надеюсь она когда нибудь приедет в Россию и на каком либо мероприятии с ней получится встретиться

    L HL HVor year
  • A nice American girl. Let's hope success doesn't turn her into a diva.

    10basetom10basetomVor year
  • If I hear one more journalist say ‘what was going though your mind’ I will lose mine.

    MpowerMpowerVor year
  • Thank GOD. Finally a humble and kind young American woman. I'm so sick of Serena getting away with all her shit just cause she's so successful. Why couldn't a nice girl like Venus be the better sister? Amanda seems like a future superstar given her play at such a young age. Knew nothing about her coming into this interview. You've earned a fan.

    Daniel CaskeyDaniel CaskeyVor year
    • Venus is better than Serena. She is just sick. Serena is a lucky bitch... Imo

      Kenji AwojobiKenji AwojobiVor year
    • ​@p ch​She is technically. But she definitely looks like a Russian.

      Daniel CaskeyDaniel CaskeyVor year
    • Daniel Caskey she is not American , that’s why

      p chp chVor year
  • She reminds me of Wozniacki a bit, she talks and looks a lot like her. She looks like Wozniacki's younger sister lol

    Derek YorkDerek YorkVor year
    • She is way more likable than Woz and I don’t think she looks like her, just because she is blond ? Her eyes, nose, mouth, shape of the face are different, they have just a very similar hair color

      Andrés ÁlvarezAndrés ÁlvarezVor year
    • She isn't a stuck up bitch like Wózniacki though

      Xmv 1Xmv 1Vor year
  • Красавица Аманда! А отец её Константин часто захаживал на форум детского тенниса juniortennis

    greisic1greisic1Vor year
  • Too bad shes not legal, yet... Jaja she has so much potencial, I just hope shes doesnt fade away like camila giorgi

    Leonel LopezLeonel LopezVor year
  • She's hot

    Hunter CookHunter CookVor year
    • @Viggen better Nazi than commie shitbag

      LiL MoonmanLiL MoonmanVor 11 Monate
    • @Hunter Cook Fair enough.

      andrew7taylorandrew7taylorVor year
    • @andrew7taylor not if your also under age

      Hunter CookHunter CookVor year
    • It's called jail bait. She'll only be 18 at the very end of August.

      andrew7taylorandrew7taylorVor year
  • I just hope she's for real. The women's game has been so erratic lately. On the men's side the top players always make it to the end. Is there anything more exciting in sports then the number 1 playing the number 2 for all the marbles? I love the women's game because they get to show the world what female athletes are really capable of, and I suppose having the WTA so wide open isn't really such a bad thing..... Has it really been 25 years since Monika versus Steffi?

    jonathan gianguzzojonathan gianguzzoVor year
  • She played a brilliant match, and played Simona in a TEXTBOOK fashion. Very impressive.

    Jordan WaringJordan WaringVor year
  • talk about opposites coming up in the semis . Anisimova who is one of a few very attractive women's professionals vs. Barty who probably lives in a house with no mirrors. if you follow what I'm saying...

    Sandra CashSandra CashVor year
    • Look closely Amanda's nose where TRUE BEAUTY IS DEFINED, an idiot n moron, but the real point is this is a sporting contest NOT beauty contest. Aside, Amanda's body is NOT even fully developed as she is lack of as and as bowls n nose is flat typical original Russian's ugly nose shape and NOT even close to green n NEVER mind BLUE eyes asol; it looks U need some CLOSE UP eyeglasses dum bas mother sob indeed n U deserve NO less scm bag asol.

      Markas RowmanMarkas RowmanVor 11 Monate
    • Funny how the people who make nasty comments on players looks, never seem to have their own pic up.....

      Caz JCaz JVor year
    • Yes, because the only beautiful women who exist in this world are tall, blonde, have blue eyes and fair skin... basically, they’re European.

      TaylorTaylorVor year
    • Life and success are not measured by physical beauty, everything I have seen and heard from Barty reflects that she is a beautiful human being, yes she is not attractive on the outside I’m not going to lie but to achieve happiness inner beauty is way more important than being good looking, of course a person can have both, Anisimova is definitely beautiful and so far I think she is a nice girl.

      Andrés ÁlvarezAndrés ÁlvarezVor year
    • yup Barty looks like a god damn bay worker boy

      John StrombolyJohn StrombolyVor year
  • She so cute

    japo nesjapo nesVor year
    • Let's hope she stays that way. She's only 17, plenty of time to pump her up and juice her up.

      jeanfourcadejeanfourcadeVor year
  • Russian blood

    HOF SheamusHOF SheamusVor year
    • Yes, it only SOUNDS like it.

      Vick VicksonVick VicksonVor year
    • And, so what?! Sounds like a 100% American

      waquzywaquzyVor year
  • A great future for this young woman

    Norbert FalconNorbert FalconVor year
    • THAT remains 2 be seen U hasty n quicky judging asol, and such tall girls ALWAYS HAVE, regardless who she is, mobility issues due to their long less movable leg n she is getting away actually young engeraic only 17, but when she becomes 25 some, she will MOST likely add at least 10 pounds n THINK what it can contribute to her already JUST so so movement n another key point is she is NEW kid in block n other female players will figure her out as time goes on, I do not see she as a great potential given afrementioned factors that going againt her, sorry 2 say, but cold fact n I am NOT even saying anything as I am NOT getting paid n why should I even say anything dum bas?

      Markas RowmanMarkas RowmanVor 11 Monate
    • Bouchard:)

      Pavel PostaPavel PostaVor year
  • Strong Viking genes in this girl! TO VALHALLA!

    VikingFitnessVikingFitnessVor year
    • @Niklas L Well, tall pasty-white, blue-eyed, light-blond girl... looks more scandi than slavic to me!

      jeanfourcadejeanfourcadeVor year
    • Actually any genes related to the Vikings of 900 is gone. Youre not related with them in any relationship anymore except for that you live on the same area.

      Niklas LNiklas LVor year
    • @VikingFitness Let's hop he learned something today thank to you! LOL

      jeanfourcadejeanfourcadeVor year
    • @EDeeire Come to any Nordic country and you will see many women who look like her. My cousin looks same as her.

      VikingFitnessVikingFitnessVor year
    • She’s Slavic , strong cheek bones is a Eurasian physical characteristic that many Eastern Europeans have. Not so much in the Northern region.

      EDeeireEDeeireVor year
  • Congratulations to the Russian.

    • And it's funny Americans don't use racist card as long as they are making them proud. Big time hyprocrites and snobs.

      Mitu RajMitu RajVor year
    • @jonathan She's Russian origin. Half of your US is run by immigrants including your NASA. Ever wondered why ? Cz, your US is full of good for nothing thickheads like you 😂

      Mitu RajMitu RajVor year
    • jonathan gianguzzo I’m sure u call the Mexicans who were born here Americans, right ??

      p chp chVor year
    • james conkling well if u believe that , every Mexican looking person that was born here u consider American right ??? Lol hypocrisy at its best

      p chp chVor year
    • @Xmv 1 Not according to acheology. The first homo sapienses came to be in Africa, India and China 280-350 thousand years ago. White (European) people are descendants of the homo sapiens who migrated north from Africa 45-65000 years ago and bred with the Neanderthals and the Denisovians. So every single white people came from Africa.

      andrew7taylorandrew7taylorVor year
  • 5 Done 2 To Go.............God BLess Amanda.....See You In Court.

    sharJeeL ZafarsharJeeL ZafarVor year
    • ON the court! LMAO. "In court" would mean you suing her.

      GeneralArmorusGeneralArmorusVor year
Amanda Anisimova - Press Conference after Quarterfinals | Roland-Garros 2019