All Walk-Off Wins from the 2020 Season! (Brett Phillips, Freddie Freeman and so many more!)

Check out ALL the walk-off wins from the 2020 season, arguably the best moments in all of baseball!
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  • This is not "all" of the walk-off wins from the 2020 season.

    Benny GBenny GVor 27 Tage
  • Man I miss yasieal puig fr tho lol so random but oj soemthibsggg elslekethoslsosl duh bro

    taco BStaco BSVor Monat
  • Wjy u dont celebrate befote u win it all lol fr tho

    taco BStaco BSVor Monat
  • Thx rays. For ruining my dream of facing Astros meh who cares we still won it all fr tho lo l olsls

    taco BStaco BSVor Monat
  • Why can adamess hug he was rrash no celebrating fr he should and get cut not clutch choker olool jk bro bruh maybebeforgotloleachehahcissiisnebtbttootthoakalollduhhbbrobruhhlolslsisjenensnh hxjdjd

    taco BStaco BSVor Monat
  • Completely missed Gurriels walk off

    TheKempterTheKempterVor Monat
  • The A's need to hit more walk-offs. I love hearing Celebration.

    YEGGERtalkYEGGERtalkVor Monat
  • Completely missed Stephenson’s walkoff against the Pirates btw

    Likeabus55743Likeabus55743Vor Monat
  • Missed Michael Perez's walkoff single against the Yanks, unless I missed it.

    Ryan GaleRyan GaleVor Monat
  • Why'd you have to do my guy Amed like that

    EXE-EditsEXE-EditsVor Monat
    • Hi I love your vids

      Atsuko WagnerAtsuko WagnerVor Monat
    • i have no idea

      Spurs Sports & EntertainmentSpurs Sports & EntertainmentVor Monat
  • 17:37 He may be disliked. But he's still my hero.

    沢村栄純沢村栄純Vor Monat
  • Matt Olson is the man

    DJ awsome austinDJ awsome austinVor Monat
  • Dbacks vs Astros walk off?

    ShivrajShivrajVor Monat
  • what about mitch moreland's

    Red Sox Card CollectorRed Sox Card CollectorVor Monat
  • Nice Walk off homerun clip

    Chuang FamilyChuang FamilyVor Monat
  • Remember in 2019 when the Astros cheated their way to a world series title and absolutely nothing happened? #MLBIntegrity #BaseballSucks

    Jim FJim FVor Monat
    • The Nationals won the title in 2019.

      Benny GBenny GVor 27 Tage
  • Day 378of trying to get the MLB guy to notice me.

    Victoria HostetterVictoria HostetterVor Monat
  • 3:53 that sound tho 👌

    BlueMarshmallowBlueMarshmallowVor Monat
  • Yes I have been waiting for this. Indians had 3 of their 4 walkoffs in the last week of the season.

    Patrick LloydPatrick LloydVor Monat
  • who posts these videos. i know its mlb but who is posting them. is it different people or like one designated person?

    Cael StoutCael StoutVor Monat
  • Mitch Moreland against the Blue Jays?

    NitroEagleNitroEagleVor Monat
  • I am a big baseball fan I likethe New York Mets & New York Yankees

    Nicholas ProfetaNicholas ProfetaVor Monat
  • where’s myers and grisham’s? disappointed 🤦🏽‍♂️

    YT MCYT MCVor Monat
    • And Cronenworth's.. and Profar's

      Benny GBenny GVor 27 Tage
  • You forgot the Gio Urshela single from that massive comeback against the Mets. C’mon

    Noah NussbaumNoah NussbaumVor Monat
  • Y’all forgot quite a few

    Noah NussbaumNoah NussbaumVor Monat
  • this isn’t all of them tho

    Michael FioravantiMichael FioravantiVor Monat
  • Not 2019

    jeanette perezjeanette perezVor Monat
  • I like 👍 baseball ⚾️ but 2020

    jeanette perezjeanette perezVor Monat
  • That Nats vs Braves Swanson walk off pisses me off every time I watch it cause the Nats had it in the bag 😖

    Amelia LashwayAmelia LashwayVor Monat
  • i love baseball so much

    Izaak HobdayIzaak HobdayVor Monat
  • 11:19 rare footage of the Mets actually beating the Yankees. Lol Mets will always be the Yankees' little brother

    MSG Is A Factory Of SadnessMSG Is A Factory Of SadnessVor Monat
  • 17:57 Is what im here for

    Dave Roberts Is dumbDave Roberts Is dumbVor Monat
  • Next season the LA Dodgers will take home another WS Trophy.

    LAD 2020 WS CHAMPSLAD 2020 WS CHAMPSVor Monat
  • What kind of celebrations are these

    Lemon KingLemon KingVor Monat
    • Covid season celebrations

      Kaden GiarrussoKaden GiarrussoVor Monat
  • Jacob Stallings looks like a white Kobe

    Andrea MayAndrea MayVor Monat
  • Even though we lost that walk off will always make me smile

    Good Mythical MidnightGood Mythical MidnightVor Monat
  • That’s in the air to left!!! Here comes Fischer!!! Throw by Ethier!!! ASTROS WIN IT IN 10!!!!

    50Callahan50CallahanVor Monat
    • Stros before hos man 🤘🏽

      johnnywafflesjohnnywafflesVor Monat
    • @50Callahan oh boy. People gonna hate you for that one chief

      Alex JohnsonAlex JohnsonVor Monat
    • @Noah Nussbaum not for me! I’m the worlds biggest Astros fan! Game 5 will have my heart forever!

      50Callahan50CallahanVor Monat
    • Moment is ruined now

      Noah NussbaumNoah NussbaumVor Monat
    • *

      Kaden GiarrussoKaden GiarrussoVor Monat
  • Hello

    TripleCTripleCVor Monat
  • Is this a remake or something

    theory izertheory izerVor Monat
  • @MLB you forgot one. Amed Rosario hiting the walk off home run against Chapman IN YANKEE STADIUM. The Mets walked it off in THE BRONX 😆

    Luis BaezLuis BaezVor Monat
    • @Noah Nussbaum lmaoo

      Buzz BuzzBuzz BuzzVor Monat
    • They also forgot the Urshela walk-off single after the 5 run comeback against the Mets lol

      Noah NussbaumNoah NussbaumVor Monat
    • I mean, they can only get waloffs in The Bronxs either way

      Dave Roberts Is dumbDave Roberts Is dumbVor Monat
    • What about the wild walk off pitch against ur Mets 😆

      Buzz BuzzBuzz BuzzVor Monat
  • Y'all missed Amed Rosario's walk-off vs the Yankees! Crazy walk-off hr AT the Yankees in gm 2 of a double header!

    Keita ErskineKeita ErskineVor Monat
  • 6:33 Bellinger must of thought he hit it to the moon when he looked up.

    Emily DurhamEmily DurhamVor Monat

    Cool Dude The ShowCool Dude The ShowVor Monat
  • Randy was so good in the playoffs that he messed up and still succeed.

    Owen PenneyOwen PenneyVor Monat
    • I have his autograph

      Comedy ClassComedy ClassVor Monat
  • you forgot the Ahmed Rosario walk off at Yankee stadium

    Wyatt KlimasWyatt KlimasVor Monat
    • They also forgot the wild pitch walk off against the Mets too

      Buzz BuzzBuzz BuzzVor Monat
    • @Noah Nussbaum I do

      Wyatt KlimasWyatt KlimasVor Monat
    • Good lmao I don’t wanna see that again

      Noah NussbaumNoah NussbaumVor Monat
  • Man the Pirates are pathetic

    Steel MaidenSteel MaidenVor Monat
  • They just straight-up forgot about Yadiel Hernandez aka the only interesting moment from the Nats’ season that wasn’t Juan Soto or Trea Turner

    Aviator43Aviator43Vor Monat
    • They also forgot about Trent Grisham walk off homerun in the double-header against the giants

      Rena FaridaRena FaridaVor Monat
    • Only reason I clicked this vid was to see it again...

      cuchulainn424cuchulainn424Vor Monat
    • Lmao Ik

      Noah NussbaumNoah NussbaumVor Monat
    • I know I was mad.

      Nard & KickNard & KickVor Monat
  • One of the best seasons in a long time! It's one of my favorite sports to watch!

    João P. S.TJoão P. S.TVor Monat
  • You forgot Alec bohm against the Red Sox

    rafi shorerafi shoreVor Monat
  • Drive home safely

    K-LK-LVor Monat
  • Feels bad to be on the Royals

    JakeDiSnakeJakeDiSnakeVor Monat
  • Brett Phillip's is the only option... bad baseball on both ends but it's so funny and joe buck couldn't have said it any better....

    DarkStar97DarkStar97Vor Monat
  • Chicago Cubs 🆚 St. Louis Cardinals

    Jacob PadillaJacob PadillaVor Monat
    • No one asked 8 year old

      Andy AAndy AVor Monat
    • Cubs 🆚 Cardinals

      Jacob PadillaJacob PadillaVor Monat
  • this season, although short was one of the most memorable i have seen in my entire life. I only wish that we could have been there for the ride.

    beansbeansVor Monat
    • This is the first comment I’ve seen in a while I completely agree with

      Random VideosRandom VideosVor Monat
  • Next season is going to be good

    Gaming ProductionsGaming ProductionsVor Monat
  • Even though I hate the padres their grand slam streak was the most epic thing that ever happened

    Andy AAndy AVor Monat
    • @Yellow Flame Gaulent nope

      Andy AAndy AVor Monat
    • Are you a Dodgers fan because many not that many people hate the Padres

      Yellow Flame GaulentYellow Flame GaulentVor Monat
  • There’s gonna be a lot of Indians game

    Ian GallagherIan GallagherVor Monat
  • Javie Baez mergor

    David De jesusDavid De jesusVor Monat
  • Alan Gabriel Paniagua arimedi

    Maria GarciasMaria GarciasVor Monat
  • What is your favorite baseball team my team is the Cleveland Indians

    KsterJKsterJVor Monat
  • The Brett Phillips one might be the best in my opinion!

    OG_MinecraftOG_MinecraftVor Monat
    • @MLB you forgot the Amed Rosario walk off home run at yankees stadium

      Justin ValeJustin ValeVor Monat
    • Definitely the best

      Chase FolsomChase FolsomVor Monat
    • @DodgerDude26

      ikr Sameikr SameVor Monat
    • I’m a Dodgers fan and I totally agree

      DodgerDude26DodgerDude26Vor Monat
    • Yup

      Capp2muchCapp2muchVor Monat
  • The celebrations couldn't be that much players together cause of the virus

    Christina SearlsChristina SearlsVor Monat
  • Am I the only one who loves the A’s win song?

    Jordan BlanchetteJordan BlanchetteVor Monat
    • @DarkStar97 epic gameplay ever

      ikr Sameikr SameVor Monat
    • Its epic

      DarkStar97DarkStar97Vor Monat
    • I love it

      Yankees4Life_Yankees4Life_Vor Monat
    • It’s good!!

      OG_MinecraftOG_MinecraftVor Monat
  • I love the quarantine celebrations soooooo much!

    SeinfeldNerd123SeinfeldNerd123Vor Monat
  • If it wasn't for Bauer, Zach Wheeler would've won Cy Young. That is all.

    LuckiestLuckiestVor Monat
    • @Andrew lmao Bauer had a better record and Wheeler placed 12th in the voting 😂

      Buzz BuzzBuzz BuzzVor Monat
    • He wasnt even in the top 3...

      AndrewAndrewVor Monat
  • I miss baseball

    Josephine LewellenJosephine LewellenVor Monat
    • Same

      MLBMLBVor Monat
  • Nice

    Christina SearlsChristina SearlsVor Monat
  • 17:39 CC1.

    DevinDevinVor Monat
  • nunca visto jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

    Él Parchy RDÉl Parchy RDVor Monat
  • This season had many memorable walk offs. Boy do I miss baseball.

    Emperor PalpatineEmperor PalpatineVor Monat
    • I agree Emperor Palpatine

      Buzz BuzzBuzz BuzzVor Monat
    • @TurnedOceaen 087 the Red Sox need to improve this year lmao

      Buzz BuzzBuzz BuzzVor Monat
    • @ikr Same

      Darth VaderDarth VaderVor Monat
    • Hey emperor your a sox fan right I missed mitchy two bags walkoff home run was it in there

      TurnedOceaen 087TurnedOceaen 087Vor Monat
    • @Champ101 Plays

      ikr Sameikr SameVor Monat
All Walk-Off Wins from the 2020 Season! (Brett Phillips, Freddie Freeman and so many more!)