Alavés vs Real Madrid | LALIGA HIGHLIGHTS | 1/23/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA

Casemiro, Benzema, and Hazard were in charge of returning to the road to Madrid that without Zidane on the bench beat Alavés 1-4.
#LaLiga #Alaves #RealMadrid
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    Hala Madrid TV EnglishHala Madrid TV EnglishVor Monat
  • What do you think are the pros and cons thats happened to Real Madrid in the past 7 months? Leave a Comment under Hala Madrid TV latest Video.

    Hala Madrid TV EnglishHala Madrid TV EnglishVor Monat
  • Atletico for the win!


  • I’m glad hazard scored in this game. I pray he gets better as the game continues. Madrid lost so much chances but we won anyways. Better luck guys.

    Wisdom KoduahWisdom KoduahVor Monat
  • Is it just me or is Benzi and even Mordric or even Ramos closing the gap with CR7 as the greatest Madrista? Wouldn't you say this is a pretty well balanced all around team? Being biased of course

    AR NAAR NAVor Monat
  • Thats the Benzema we want to see. A team player. Not a cheap trick greedy player.

  • Nice work Agent 47😂

    Javier RamirezJavier RamirezVor Monat
  • Karim Benzema needs to be in the talks for Balon D'Or this man is too underappreciated. The most consistent world class striker of his age bears much class of it's own.

    Yoyo458 AYoyo458 AVor Monat
  • Terrible highlights. No replays of attempted goals

    Kill BillKill BillVor Monat
  • Vamos Madrid

    Geovanni CamposGeovanni CamposVor Monat
  • ngl with all respect, i hate when real play agaisnt alaves cause joselu always causes problems lol

    jeffbyron143jeffbyron143Vor Monat
  • Midfield wizard Modrić...

    DDVor Monat
  • Modric que moustro

    Arles OrellanaArles OrellanaVor Monat
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    Shota ToriumiShota ToriumiVor Monat
  • 5:39 alaves manager like: even Hazard scored against us.... - i love hazard as a player, just a joke

    Peace FCPeace FCVor Monat
  • They were knocked out by a 3rd tier team gtfo, they’re trash

    Massiah SanMassiah SanVor Monat
  • I love Benzema's down to earth attitude. No arrogance, No show-off. Just a outstanding player who seems to be happy to just play the game. But, He is deadly good!

    S. D.S. D.Vor Monat
  • Those luka Modric passes were on point 🔥

    big squad fc !!all gamesbig squad fc !!all gamesVor Monat
  • Payasos todos🤡

    Eazy 93Eazy 93Vor Monat
  • Benzema luka and Kroos keep this team alive

    S7SlimeS7SlimeVor Monat
  • Is it a coincidence that Madrid played this well today? The only day Zidane hasn’t been on the bench. Bettoni the one making all the decisions🤔

    13 Champions13 ChampionsVor Monat
  • why does it always look like casemiro isnt even trying. like he just looks so effortless yet performs veery good

    DanielAlexander YTDanielAlexander YTVor Monat
  • Modric is a beast

    AlAlVor Monat
  • The Bruce Buffer of Spain "goallllllllllll..." Lmao

    Junk.Bond.Trader27Junk.Bond.Trader27Vor Monat
  • Hazard got a GOAL yeah

    ttv_lilchris01ttv_lilchris01Vor Monat
  • Muy buena victoria, y sobre todo se vio otro estilo de juego, ya k los titulares de siempre le dan esa fuerza y goles a este Gran Real Madrid, que asi menos cambios y salir mas con el 11 de siempre.. Hala Madrid por siempre 💪💪⚽️⚽️🇪🇦🇪🇦👍👍...

    Futbolero305Futbolero305Vor Monat
  • where is Zezo ?

    The Life Of a DREAMThe Life Of a DREAMVor Monat
  • Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    FOMO2091FOMO2091Vor Monat
  • Where is Zidane

    Claudy FlorestalClaudy FlorestalVor Monat
  • Modrić passes are orgasmic.😍🤩

    Emmanuel EdetEmmanuel EdetVor Monat
  • Benzema should get called to the France national team and play over giroud

    Andres SacaAndres SacaVor Monat
  • Looked like Zidan was calling his assistant :-)

    OmarOmarVor Monat
  • 8:32 .. that was Alaves chance to get into the game ... 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ ...

    Jose OrtizJose OrtizVor Monat
  • new coach??😳

    Eden 4vEden 4vVor Monat
  • “Se la estan contando por telefono”💀💀

    Anthony Santos21Anthony Santos21Vor Monat
  • Benzema was top notch today, two sublime finishes 🙌🔥 this is the well-oiled machine of Real that we know and love; Kroos, Modric, and Vasquez with some sensational assists as well

    Andre GulickAndre GulickVor Monat
  • Benzema 🔥🔥

    JonaJonaVor Monat
  • *Luka Lukitaa de mi vida y Kross madre mia que asi jugaran todos los partidos 🙌🏼🔥⚡!!! En fin las jovenes promesas del Real Madrid haha 😅😁🤙🏼!!

    ivan durannivan durannVor Monat
  • 4:40 who still use those!? 😧

    Sergio MarquinaSergio MarquinaVor Monat
    • 🧐 outdated their stadium isn't modern enough

      Timelymirror78Timelymirror78Vor Monat
  • Narración en español 😎 Y comentarios en ingles🧐

    Jimy C.RJimy C.RVor Monat
  • y donde anda zz ya dejo el polvero

    jhony abellojhony abelloVor Monat
  • where is Zidane?

    Lone StarLone StarVor Monat
  • Joselico gracias ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️💪

    Jose LicoJose LicoVor Monat
  • i swear the first 15 minutes i almost had a heart attack

    Ronesaldo SaavedraRonesaldo SaavedraVor Monat
  • Bro legit modric is a damn machine. I love watching him play. Magician

    Antonio RodriguezAntonio RodriguezVor Monat
  • Casimiro and Benzema are the only consistent players madrid have

    Marcus Fla69Marcus Fla69Vor Monat
  • Griezmann starts doing good and hazard is like wait for me

    Santos EsparzaSantos EsparzaVor Monat
  • Let’s appreciate modric performance in this match👌👌👌

    Anish KalakhetiAnish KalakhetiVor Monat
  • Alves players very lazy slow unmotivated Gave away 3 goals

    Atef LabeebAtef LabeebVor Monat
  • Man mendy needs to start taking shorts that one to benzema was an open goal if he took it

    Samwel PaulSamwel PaulVor Monat
  • Benzema and Hazard, deadly duo! their assists together are beautiful than the goal.

    moexusmoexusVor Monat
  • Contra el Liverpool o el arsenal sería otro resultado..tristemente la liga española es sólo real madrid-atlético de Madrid y Barcelona.

    Oswaldo MezaOswaldo MezaVor Monat
  • Come on BEIN that modric pass to Benzema need a review. Who is doing your editing?

    palkelbajopalkelbajoVor Monat
  • I’m a Barca fan and like Chelsea also. It’s nice to see hazard perform well. I hope he gets his form back like when he was in Chelsea.

    LeoAngel67LeoAngel67Vor Monat
  • ya que le ganen a un equipo fuerte me avisan , soy del madrid pero la verdad que el alaves tambien tuvo las suyas, necesitan a cristiano todavia

    Francisco VasquezFrancisco VasquezVor Monat
  • hello? this is zidane, what ? are you zidane?! and you're here?? 9:09 hoooly shit where is he ...(・・;) 9:17

    i am so confusing,i am so confusing,Vor Monat
  • One of things I hate more than that STUPID "Gooooooooooal" call - is Casemiro's fat Brazilian head and Benzema's stupid beard. Okay, that's two. But I like Hazard. Although, he hates ballboys.

    Bob BobersonBob BobersonVor Monat
  • What a game! Dominant the whole highlight reel 💀😂

    Jacob RushlowJacob RushlowVor Monat
  • benz, modric and hazard are on fire. Just wooow

    Anwar AbdAnwar AbdVor Monat
  • RMA has Modric and Liverpool has got Wijnaldum

    NotSoLiberalNotSoLiberalVor Monat
  • WOW ! Hazard's goal had 100% Zidane DNA. From the pass & vision of toni to the control & finish of Eden

    Isaac GutierrezIsaac GutierrezVor Monat
  • Modric is a magician

    BlaKie ChaNBlaKie ChaNVor Monat
  • Scoreboard is the best I’ve seen this year 👍

    Ab SerranoAb SerranoVor Monat
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    Elaine NgElaine NgVor Monat
  • Toni Kroos the class

  • Surprised that hazard scored

    Mi nombre No es importanteMi nombre No es importanteVor Monat
  • Casemiro scores... Alavèz coach: “putha Madre” 🤣🤣

    Big fish KeBig fish KeVor Monat
  • Chelsea fan here happy to watch Hazard have a good game 🙂

    Ronnie AndradeRonnie AndradeVor Monat
  • 9:03 my man getting a permanent offer mid game😂😂

    Pretty FlackoPretty FlackoVor Monat
    • Right before the camera switches back to the game he looks at the guy next to him and smiles😂

      JarspiritJarspiritVor Monat
Alavés vs Real Madrid | LALIGA HIGHLIGHTS | 1/23/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA