8 Creative Ideas With Egg Carton | Thaitrick

Recycling egg cartons is fun!
8 Creative Ideas To Recycling Egg Carton That You’ve Never Thought of Before.
Repurpose your recyclable paper egg cartons into wonderful crafts.
Hope you enjoy.
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  • Buenas ideas. Me suscribo. Te doy like.

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  • I absolutely love these ideas but, I only buy an 8 pack of eggs and usually they only come in the Styrofoam so they would be hard to make the flowers out of which really intrigued me. I can still with the Styrofoam make the little nuts and bolt holder but, I was thinking of my special beads (I am a beader) or for my cam caps for sewing projects. I definitely want to find someone who has paper egg trays and try to make some of the roses which are so awesome. My friends use to call me MacGyver because I use to make cook things out of trash. I use to say, "anything to keep it out of the land fill". My mother was telling someone on Easter Sunday how she wants to find a little box to put her cancelled checks in and today the woman showed up at church with 2 hard looking envelopes but, they were actually boxes with Velcro closing. Inside were white envelopes and hard pieces of colored cardboard which were advertisements to CuriosityStream videos for on demand. My mother was ready to throw them into the church trash can and I said I will keep the envelopes as I make my own note cards to send to people and I said I will keep the CuriosityStream cards. My mom looked at me like I was nuts and I told her I like saving perfect pieces of cardboard because I can cover them in fabric and put little ribbon hangers on the back and hang them up. I found in my fabric stash the other day a print with individual coffee cups on them and I thought to myself I need to cut up a box at work and make little wall hangings for my kitchen that I am redoing. I am the inventory clerk at a car dealership in my town and when we receive AC Delco steering gears - at the end of each box are 2 very thick (1 inch thick ) 8X8 squares so the ends of the steering gear do not come thru the regular ends of the boxes and hurt people handling them. I take them out of the boxes when they are clean from the new part and I save them in my craft closet. They are great when doing craft sales to built up my displays to be higher then the other items with a nice piece of fabric over them. Instead of carrying heavy pieces of wood to craft sales I carry cardboard. Also, I use them as my canvas for taking larger scraps of fabric with nice flowers on them, or prints of a large shell, or a fish, or a boat and with my staple gun wrap the fabric around the sides. Then where there is room, I sign my name on the cardboard on the back and there is room with the staple gun to take a nice piece of ribbon and tack down the ribbon and make a hanger. The cardboard is so thick the staples do not go thru to the front. Also, some of you might not know that at most Home Depots there are scrap bins in the wood cutting areas. If a piece of wood is less than a foot long - it is free. I like to match up pieces of dental molding, corner molding, etc. I take my miter box and with the scraps of molding and wood glue I make my own photo frames. I stain my frames but, you can paint them also. I have glued them on to the front of the steering gear cardboard squares and they come out nice. Or gently with a utility knife cut wine corks down the middle and the flat side glue to the cardboard squares and put a hanger on the back and you have your own mini cork board. With very small tiny pieces of cardboard from the boxes we get with hardware in them, I cover them with scraps of fabric and use the mod podge (expensive - use Michaels coupons) that is dish washer safe and coat the fabric over the cardboard. Let it dry and then you have a nice coaster for your glass filled with an icy drink. Sorry this is so long - I am sure other DE-visions people will not read past a 3rd line but, hopefully the maker of this video will. I love recycling and even back in the 70s as a young girl, I would never pass up a paper clip on the sidewalk or on the floor of a bank, you can do cool things with a paper clip and I love the large ones so they come in handy without buying a box. Thanks for great ideas. It is 1am I better go to bed so I am at my job early to collect more steering gear ends. :) Sincerely, Rebekah - Alexandria, VA

  • Hola, hermosisimas creaciones, lo único que he hecho son las rosas y las apliqué a un espejo, le regalé a mi madre el día de su cumpleaños y quedó feliz. Gracias por tus ideas y creatividad. Felicitaciones. Recibe mis saludos y cariños desde Chile

    Edith VázquezEdith VázquezVor year
  • Pe bune?! Celelalte sunt interesate cat-decat! Dar prima nu e deloc!Măcar o puteai vopsii,si tu! NU!? Daca am dreptate dati-mi like

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  • use egg racks on the walls of the room to muffle the sound

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8 Creative Ideas With Egg Carton | Thaitrick