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  • The music is sooooo goood

    Umi WaheedaUmi WaheedaVor 11 Tage
  • I had A birthday party three days ago

    Alyssa GarciaAlyssa GarciaVor 19 Tage
  • I love watching these videos, but I wish they would tell you what it is they are showing dipping them in/serving them with! It's a bunch of mystery sauces, like is that marinara sauce, is that ranch, what are these things I see them dipping the finished products in. It's a little frustrating.

    madamemayamadamemayaVor 26 Tage
  • Nobody: Comments: WhO wOulD waNt HoT Guac

    big fat chungusbig fat chungusVor Monat
  • Trying to make my sick feel better (idk why food would help) but seeing onions makes me feel less hungry sooo

    Kenzie CreatesKenzie CreatesVor Monat
  • *_Where is the "oh yes" at the end??_*

    AestheticalGamesAestheticalGamesVor Monat
  • Why did the Soundtrack sounded like a Ramadhan soundtrack weird but good👍

    mumtadz-A artmumtadz-A artVor Monat
  • The mozzarella onion rings seem like they would take a tremendously long time to prepare. Delicious, though.

    DayStormDayStormVor Monat
  • Very entertaining to watch but I wouldnt like any of these foods sgshgjhjk

    ellie noraellie noraVor Monat
  • Yeahhhh. Just add more cheese. Everything is better with cheese

    Ngo Thi LuyenNgo Thi LuyenVor Monat
  • So Impressive!

    Derrick JonesDerrick JonesVor Monat
  • My dog can't eat onions tho.

    laura nebularlaura nebularVor Monat
  • You almost lost me with fried guacamole ... 🤢

    greatboniwankergreatboniwankerVor Monat
  • I hate cutting onions they are good but they make me look like I’m crying so hard

  • An ogre is like an onion, it has many layers...

    Juan OxygenPLUGJuan OxygenPLUGVor Monat
  • okay but the background score bothered me

    Navya SriramNavya SriramVor Monat
  • Music?

    Meriem MastouriMeriem MastouriVor Monat
  • 😋😜

    brendastafford1976brendastafford1976Vor Monat
  • I love how they just think that food rings are normal... I get onion, donut and bagel but that's all of the normal stuff, they are selling it to us as if they didn't invent it

    SuavestHades80SuavestHades80Vor Monat
  • Is it too much to wonder what the mozzarella rings would taste like if stuffed with Burger or guacamole filling ...🤔

    SliverwalkerSliverwalkerVor Monat
  • Amazing 👍😋👍

    momdero cook 맘대로 쿡momdero cook 맘대로 쿡Vor Monat
  • Though of organizing a gathering for my birthday, looking for insight to cook amazing food

    Laughing FoodieLaughing FoodieVor Monat
  • The fact that ive seen literally all these recipes is annoying...

    Fouziya MajeedFouziya MajeedVor Monat
  • It should've Been 7 rings of food. (Arianator)

    ilovepizzasomuch_Yt _ilovepizzasomuch_Yt _Vor Monat
  • My question is where do y'all get your ideas from

    Necessary _BeeNecessary _BeeVor Monat
  • 1:42

    Oliver GalindoOliver GalindoVor Monat
  • Ya’ll are probably referring to 7 rings right XD “ 7 food RINGS”

    Shayla NgoShayla NgoVor Monat
  • Anyone else just into this music 🎶🎶🎧

    Bomi KomolafeBomi KomolafeVor Monat
  • Too much freaking cheese. Some people don't like that shit.

    The SenateThe SenateVor Monat
  • Guess I’m going on an “All Ring Diet”, where I only eat ring-shaped food! 🤷🏽‍♀️🙌🏾😋 #ThanksTasty!

    GoodOlAllisonHarvardGoodOlAllisonHarvardVor Monat
  • can you please make a video for kids who are picky cause most of the children are picky

    Luis GarciaLuis GarciaVor Monat
  • Recycled content! My favorite! :P

    MeercatzzMeercatzzVor Monat
  • this a recipe for disaster

    Lillian ZhuLillian ZhuVor Monat
  • pls try something indian also

    Nagarathna LakshmipathiNagarathna LakshmipathiVor Monat
  • I should buy this for my fiancée

    Muhammad JunaiduMuhammad JunaiduVor Monat
  • Love this Sims music

    _sam_beanie__sam_beanie_Vor Monat
  • what happened to the guacamole ring at the end?? we didn't get to see it...........

    LostGirl89LostGirl89Vor Monat
  • 4:49 wtf

    UnpleasedUnpleasedVor Monat
  • I’m new but I would like to ask this have you done a giant *ice cream cone*??

    Foxy Gacha life!Foxy Gacha life!Vor Monat
  • 4:47 ~ 4:49 A man's strong hands!

    Human BeingHuman BeingVor Monat
  • OMG! These are so mouthwatering indeed! Yummy yummy!

    Human BeingHuman BeingVor Monat
  • Why does this sound like wii resort music?

    countlxrdcountlxrdVor Monat
  • Saw this a lot of time

  • My favorite food is pizza

    Arcangel TamayoArcangel TamayoVor Monat
  • I’m very disappointed because they didn’t put 7 rings like the actual song but it’s ok

    David VenturaDavid VenturaVor Monat
  • Make a giant Popsicle.

    jaden rule1994jaden rule1994Vor Monat
  • What is it with these guys and onion

    Alice is not in wonderlandAlice is not in wonderlandVor Monat
  • Arabian song !! 😍😍😍

    sahraoui safasahraoui safaVor Monat
  • 💟💟💟💟💟💞💞💞💞💝💝💝

    shosho tvshosho tvVor Monat
  • I must do 3:22, it looks so perfect!

    Salziger AsterixSalziger AsterixVor Monat
  • Ran out of recipes?

    El AndruEl AndruVor Monat
  • de-visions.com/pass/UCR54b61XCpGzyQUf9aS-1Tw plz subscribe and suport me. Iam a biginer😔

    Jasus kitchenJasus kitchenVor Monat
  • Nah, I’m good. *cries while eating a loaf of bread*

    caiitlinxcaiitlinxVor Monat
  • What video editor are they using?

    F WayF WayVor Monat
  • Watching this at 3am was a bad idea, hungry asf 😫😫😂

    P arnucoP arnucoVor Monat
  • Song???

    AC3D PeacedAC3D PeacedVor Monat
  • Please make some veg recepies

    Vidisha AroraVidisha AroraVor Monat
  • Alot of these are re runs!! Just a video where all the previous videos have been thrown together!! 😭😭😭

    creepy crawlycreepy crawlyVor Monat
  • Ariana Grande: **Makes seven rings** Tasty: What a great idea

    Caleb BrownCaleb BrownVor Monat
    • Ha!

      gomathy Rgomathy RVor Monat
  • oh yuh

    Michael VanderhoffMichael VanderhoffVor Monat
  • I was 100th

    Maddie McglueMaddie McglueVor Monat
  • Me watching this knowing damn well im not gonna cook anything

    KoZ_0-HPKoZ_0-HPVor Monat
  • de-visions.com/detail/video-c_FZKPwVNOU.html - check out new Cinderella song.

    DISNEY queenDISNEY queenVor Monat
  • And now, with the 7 Chaos Emeralds.... F o o d

    LaevateinnLaevateinnVor Monat
  • Very nice

    Poonam smart kitchenPoonam smart kitchenVor Monat
  • fix yo ending

    SkinShot24SkinShot24Vor Monat
  • Idk if it's just me but the music was irritating af 😂

    Maddison PMaddison PVor Monat
    • I was thinking they were going to play "7 rings" - Ariana Grande, but I guess no

      Sigua TordéSigua TordéVor Monat
  • Very nice cooking 👍🏻🥰💕

  • Well done you have made it into my saved videos

    Yabloody WombatYabloody WombatVor Monat
  • make food without eggs

    • pls

7 Food Rings To Jazz Up Your Next Party • Tasty