6 Different Ways To Curl Your Hair | Sam Villa

Redken Education Artistic Director Sam Villa demonstrates 6 different ways to curl hair using a curling iron and flat iron. These techniques start off easy then progress to a more difficult skill level, so whether you are a beginner or a curling iron expert...we’ve got a tutorial for you.
View complete step by step details for each of the 6 curls here www.samvilla.com/blog/6-different-ways-curl-your-hair/
Curls & Waves In This Video:
1. Flat Wrap - The flat wrap technique creates a wide yet tight wave. You'll use a curling iron for this technique.
2. Lazy Curl - This technique will produce a soft yet lazy curl. You'll use a curling iron for this technique.
3. Spiral Curl - A spring-type curl with added texture. You'll use a curling iron for this technique.
4. Red Carpet Waves - A combination of the flat wrap and spiral wrap. This is how you create gorgeous Hollywood Waves! You'll use a curling iron for this technique.
5. Push Waves with a Flat Iron (also called an S Wave) - This is a very organic and natural wave and requires the use of a flat iron.
6. Ribbon Curl with a Flat Iron - Use this method to create a slightly tighter curl or a loose curl (depending on your compression & speed).
Products Used In This Video:
Sam Villa Sleekr Flat Iron:
Sam Villa Large Styling & Detangling Comb:
Marcel Iron

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    • We did... it's our Textur Iron www.samvilla.com/shop/irons/texturizing

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6 Different Ways To Curl Your Hair | Sam Villa