5 Pterosaurs Caught On Camera & Reported In Real Life

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  • People believing that pterosaurs are living fossils is like people believing that plesiosaurs are living fossils

    Joshua D'AltiliaJoshua D'AltiliaVor 2 Monate
  • They were the only flying reptiles just as bats are the only flying mammals

    Joshua D'AltiliaJoshua D'AltiliaVor 2 Monate
  • that looks like a Dinosaur! 5:40

    Silver ChanSilver ChanVor 3 Monate
  • Come to northern Illinois

    Tecumseh CristeroTecumseh CristeroVor 6 Monate
  • The Civil War picture can't be faked. How could Men during the Civil War know what a pterodactyl was to fake it?

    Tecumseh CristeroTecumseh CristeroVor 6 Monate
  • Who the fucks is an expert on canoes

    WhllperWhllperVor 7 Monate
  • Marine "Corps" is pronounced "core," for future reference

    John JayJohn JayVor 7 Monate
  • Asains would eat all these animals

    Junes FavoriteJunes FavoriteVor 7 Monate
  • Of course, after millions of years they survive 😮 i wish that i could see them flying around my house and i hope people not to kill them,

    My name is ErlinMy name is ErlinVor 8 Monate
  • Bg music name please!

    Sharath PawarSharath PawarVor 11 Monate
  • If it’s alive, it needs to die

    spcbell3246spcbell3246Vor year
  • I. Saw. A. Pterosaure. When. Me. And. My. Dad. Was. Going. To. Kfc. The. Pterosaure. Looked. Down. And. My. Dad. Saw. It. Too. And. Then. There. Was another. Pterosaure.

    Imran UllahImran UllahVor year
  • @Top5s do they offer this in the US?

    Onnie TylerOnnie TylerVor year
  • If these creatures still exist, I highly doubt they'd be in a temperate, daily changing climate like England. I could see them being in a more warmer & stable climate near the equator. Come on, it's a bit sus that the only report in Shropshire that day was from a mother in her garden & also, just happens to be, her son who was out playing. She even had to show him a picture of a pterodactyl. Most children in the U.K. know dinosaurs, including the pterodactyl.

    MrSiBrumMrSiBrumVor year
  • the pic is fake back then you needed to stay still for a long time to get no blur the pics have no blur people cant stand perfect still for a hour

    Ita LiIta LiVor year
  • Boise Idaho citizen here. It’s fake.

    DuskWorksDuskWorksVor year
  • That photo looks like bollocks tbh. The wings look like they're present in reality, but its head looks drawn on somehow.

    IDEKTIDEKTVor year
  • You had the best voice, that's why your channeled thrived so much, even if you did not have the best equipment.

    Fernando Vargas MejíaFernando Vargas MejíaVor year
  • I told my mother i seen one of these when i was around 9 years old. When i seen it i froze .... it was just standing .... it was maybe 3 feet tall .... not like how they describe in this video. It turned its haid towards me and started to fly. I RAN HOME (i was walking threw a field heading back to school because i had went home for lunch) i got home and was crying and told my mom their was a dinosaur in the field. Obviously i wasn't believed. Bur i still remember this moment so vividly. Looking back now the wing span was probably only anout 5 or 6 feet. But that long tale with i triangle on the end is what i kept telling my mom about. The whole body seemes to lool leathery as they said ... but in my case whatever it was, was a shade of red. This is the first time i have ever heard or seen about this creature since .... and now obviously i have a name that im surely going to spen countless hours googling smh Btw for anyone who interested this happened in Canada

    YouTube LIEDYouTube LIEDVor year
  • I just unsubscribed. If you enjoy this site you must have zero critical thinking skills...

    Crashburn 32Crashburn 32Vor year
    • Why?

      Linda T.Linda T.Vor year
  • If the still exist they wouldn't as diveresed as Cuba to New Guinea up to Africa or England. Put your pants up lads

    Valentin S.Valentin S.Vor year
  • The hunters with the bird is frm the short lived TV show "Freakylinks" EP 4

    Xani EvansXani EvansVor year
  • We have a new pokemon!

    Notorious_BlazeNotorious_BlazeVor year
  • You have done very well with this channel

    The Lusk LetterThe Lusk LetterVor year
  • Nothing on this channel is legit. It’s pure entertainment, so get your popcorn and prepare to call BS

    Carlos A.Carlos A.Vor year
  • The second one looks soooooo fake

    Epignosis 7Epignosis 7Vor year
  • They could be living on north sentinal island

    Damagedone56Damagedone56Vor year
  • The first video of the modern sighting is fake because I saw Billschannel about this video and he says is fake.

    PrestigePlayzPrestigePlayzVor year
  • i would love to enrol on a course on skill share. do they offer courses on music production. for example learning how to use ableton or fl studio to make dance or rap music etc? i would really be interested and i would be willing to pay ofcourse please get back to me love your channel by the way your all i watch i don't even watch movies anymore haha :)

    Pad ManPad ManVor year
  • Dude you have turned my world upside down

    The Tribal ElevatorThe Tribal ElevatorVor year
  • 2nd night in a row that your voice put my 4 year old to sleep. I think it's the soothing accent. Thank you, Top5s. You have given me the ability to sleep with toddlers in the house. 😊🤗

    Alamo BowieAlamo BowieVor year
  • But you are doing a very good job. You are making money showing fake shit. It's not your fault because the one who subscribe and the fools. They believe in fake shit

    3 MM Entertainment3 MM EntertainmentVor year
  • Area 51 might had the bird

  • Our ancestors called them "thunder birds".

    Willow PingreeWillow PingreeVor year
  • The picture at 4:42 looks a little fake. The bloke with his foot on the "beak" doesn't look right. And you would think all the other men in the photo would be holding up the wing or something. Doesn't come across as real at all.

    BeanoBeanoVor year
  • My uncle told me about this, its scary...

    Felecia ForemanFelecia ForemanVor year
  • Why have there been no Pterosaur fossils found above the KT boundary then? Doesn't add up at all. (And please can no one bring up Coelacanths, it is harder for them to fossilise and Coelacanth fossils have since been found above the boundary)

    Michael JamesMichael JamesVor year
  • Can the mothman actually be this creature???

    Banana BorealisBanana BorealisVor year
  • #4 looks so photoshopped wtf

    Mr. ManMr. ManVor year
  • BOTH photographs were made for the fox program. For the full story read here: skeptoid.com/episodes/4605 I love the cryptic stories, but it turns out, in this case, Whitcomb has an agenda. He is a young earther. He is trying to prove the earth is only 6000 years old for, uh, religious reasons. As much as I would love to believe these guys are still around, this guy and his stories are not going to get me there.

    MiZ SparkieMiZ SparkieVor year
  • civil war photo is a well known photoshopy, with identical wings (one wing flipped to make the other)

    Mr MachineMr MachineVor year
  • Maybe with number 1 was just Muslims trying to escape Guantanamo Bay.

    Christian BallChristian BallVor year
  • Kinda weird how inaccurate the ptertosaurs are here.They had fur and feathers.

    Le EntrailsLe EntrailsVor year
    • Pterosaurs*

      Le EntrailsLe EntrailsVor year
  • I think the evolved into albatross

    James BaileyJames BaileyVor year
    • James Bailey Pterosaurs and avian dinosaurs (birds) are two completely different groups. It was actually the dinosaurs(non avian) that evolved into birds :) Pterosaurs aren’t dinosaurs

      Peacemaker .45Peacemaker .45Vor year
  • It's normally being seen in the Philippines.

    Personal EmailPersonal EmailVor year
  • The ‘original’ photo looks more fake than the fake one , if that makes any sense 🤔

    Dan MchughDan MchughVor year
  • i seen diasur birds

    rgb osteenrgb osteenVor year
  • You even make skill share seem spooky😄 No offense though you have a unique voice😋

    Jeff BahatiJeff BahatiVor year
  • Video starts at 1.24

    Paul GalPaul GalVor year
  • Fake

    xXx Tommipickalommi xXxxXx Tommipickalommi xXxVor year
  • I dont believe in that. Take a photo

    Klaus BolvigKlaus BolvigVor year
    • Stange hm Maybe

      Klaus BolvigKlaus BolvigVor year
  • how is it ive not heard anyone call it by its dinosaur name ' pterodactyl' since i was a kid now its terrasaur wtf lol

    fur king elfur king elVor year
  • I'm sorry but, WHO THE HECK HIRED THE GUY WHO COMMENTATES THESE THINGS! If I wanted to listen to an uptight, badly miked, middle class drone, I would hang around outside schools with a high fail rate!!!

    Fi HandleyFi HandleyVor year
  • #4 That image is so fake, I cannot understand how it impresses anyone. It's so obviously faked.

    Textra1Textra1Vor year
  • Its funny how the sighting look like what that era thinks they looked like. Or that they look like the most stereo typical known animal.

    Greg GougeonGreg GougeonVor year
  • even skillshare sounds eerie

  • Pterosaurs don't flap their wings to take off they vault so your first sighting is wrong

    Greg GougeonGreg GougeonVor year
  • In fact with photoshopping techniques we can hardly believe what’s really happening

    Star Wick.VStar Wick.VVor year
  • My boy Ridley is too good in smash

    Go Suck My WillyGo Suck My WillyVor year
  • Pterosaur? More like pterroFYING saur

    Zero 40kZero 40kVor year
  • So that pic was taken around Vicksburg? I'm going to find out more, I live in Mississippi, and have a friend who works for the Civil War museum at the courthouse in Vicksburg. Weird I've not heard of this, as I'm a big history buff. I bet my bud knows about this.

    Vanessa WhiteheadVanessa WhiteheadVor year
  • Only the very rich can afford to travel to exotic lands and try to discover new beasts.... either that or possibly the army/navy/airforce

    Razzola PRazzola PVor year
  • Pterosaurs and Bigfoot are playing the most epic hide and seek game of all time.

    MrFraicheMrFraicheVor 2 years
  • It was taken as a publicity shot for the 2000 television series FreakyLinks, and featured Civil War reenactors standing over a prop pterodactyl that was used on the show. The photo was digitally altered to make it look old and beat up.

    Ken DebonoKen DebonoVor 2 years
  • Lol wtf

    JohnnyRingoJohnnyRingoVor 2 years
  • I saw 2 lickalotofpuss in a old lesbian porn movie 😋

    the real slim shadythe real slim shadyVor 2 years
  • That civil war soldier, "ptp" picture looks sooooo ridiculous...

    picklerickpicklerickVor 2 years
    • But it is from an american movie show. It's not real.

      Cri choCri choVor 2 years
  • Video starts at 1:23 thank me later

    L3vyyL3vyyVor 2 years

  • Damn cliff racers...

    WarioWillWarioWillVor 2 years
5 Pterosaurs Caught On Camera & Reported In Real Life