5 Disney Rides that were NEVER BUILT | Dateline Disney Ep. 14

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Today on Dateline Disney, we are taking a look at five Disney rides that were NEVER BUILT. From the monstrosity that was Candy Mountain, to the awe-inspiring Space Voyage, to the downright WEIRD Mickey's Madhouse, expect to hear about some brand-new concepts that almost made it to Disneyland.
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  • Good video! 💖

    Miojo GourmetMiojo GourmetVor year
  • Mickey Mouses mad house looks like a good concept ...just without the clowns

    Rudy MendozaRudy MendozaVor year
  • The Old Space Vovage Outside Model Looks Great Even Though They Changed It A Bit

    Its_PrimoIts_PrimoVor 2 years
  • I'm kind of glad Candy Mountain wasn't built, last thing I want to lose is a kidney.

    JJDoodlesJJDoodlesVor 2 years
  • They should bring back candy mountain and theme it around Sugar Rush from Wreck it Ralph

    DiscoYetiDiscoYetiVor 3 years
    • FlipsAhoy I completely agree. you should watch a video on Disneys Westcot project that never happened

      MeMyself MariahMeMyself MariahVor 3 years
  • I wish we got Indiana Jones And The Lost Expedition..

    RSD ProductionsRSD ProductionsVor 3 years
    • they should bring it to disneyworld so it can have a real indiana jones ride just minus the jungle cruise part

      That One Band KidThat One Band KidVor 3 years
    • No kidding

      MarpastudioMarpastudioVor 3 years
5 Disney Rides that were NEVER BUILT | Dateline Disney Ep. 14