36 STRINGS BASS SOLO (World Record)

Playing the only 36 Strings Bass Guitar in the World.
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  • Very impressive but can you tune it chromatically

    LegacyKetchup 4LegacyKetchup 4Vor 58 Minuten
  • 20 years later Davie will play 1503 strings

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  • Very impressive... but what can you do with 54 strings?

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  • Sei fantastico

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  • Upload a video with only the solo so i can loop it and play some games at this slapsome solo @Davie504

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  • Unbelieveble... is that your instrument ? That was epic

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  • Fakc

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  • The world record is 69 STRINGS BASS SOLO

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  • does it djent tho?

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  • lucky for those who have a neighbor Davie504.

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  • Where can I get the tabs for this

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  • Are you God?

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    • @Marc Del Rosario btw sorry I was feeling a bit depressed when I wrote that

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  • I'm waiting for this "69 lmao string bass omg", so make sure you slap like.

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  • Does size matters? Sometime it does!

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  • If the guitar was invented first than is the bass just a deeper sounding guitar? F in the chat

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  • What do you sound depressed?

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  • Damn bro!!!!! It's so awesome

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  • Wow, this was so diverse. The funky opener to the lighthearted second movement switching straight to heavy-hitting metal style and then cycling them (sort of). Great work!

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  • wtf is your fckn problem i even cant play with 2 strings man

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36 STRINGS BASS SOLO (World Record)